Rediscovering Beauty faves

Saturday, 1 December 2012


We are all guilty of it, just look at the makeup collection posts and videos we all create. We cant help buying more makeup than necessary! Another neutrals palette... pink lipstick...cheek highlighter. They are my downfall. I see something new and sparkly and 'need' it, even though I probably have something that does just the job stashed away among my collection. With that being said I have recently made more of an effort to dig around my products and rediscover some gems that had been forgotten in the back of a draw/in a box rather than rushing off to Boots to pick up the newest 'must have product' Lets pretend I didn't get the Kate moss 107 lipstick okay. These are just a couple of products which have slowly made their way back into my current makeup routine each morning. 

The Body Shop shimmer cubes (Palette 06) are the cutest, most perfect mini neutral eye shadows a girl could need. I got these ages ago for an Easter present from my Gran and they are still going strong. Admittedly the lightest shade (which for months was my go to 'sweep of colour' over the lid) has a considerably large dip in it. The others though, look as though they have hardly been touched. Each shadow has 4g worth of product which last you ages and for £16 isnt bad at all. You've got two lighter shades which are perfect for a day time look, then you can layer up the darker shadows for a more smokey night time eye. Very versatile! I think with it not being in a typical palette style packaging it is easy to forget about when shoved to the back of a draw. But this now sits proudly at the front of all my makeup ready to be used on a daily basis again! 

With it's gorgeous packaging you are probably wondering how I could forget this beautiful Yves Saint Laurent Rouge Volupte lipstick in Nude Beige, but it is easily done. I am a bit of a lipstick hoarder (Who remembers my buy less but wear more post?) With the amount I have its easy to forget about gems like this one. When I first bought this lipstick last year it was the only shade I wore for weeks... then another new lippy came along and this one went back in the draw.  This is much pinker than the name suggests however looks lovely with a simple winged eyeliner and contoured cheeks. I have been loving it for the days when I want simple face makeup but that little bit extra on the lips. 

You know I like my cheek highlighters. (My goal is to hit pan at some point on at least one of the fair few I have collected over the years!) The Nars Multiple in Copacabana was a purchase I desperately wanted because back in the day when I was addicted to Lorraine's (The Current Custom) videos and she always used this multiple! Just like the YSL lipstick, it was used a lot when I first had my hands on it, and then it got made redundant when something new and shiny came along. The great thing about the Nars multiple as as the name suggests you can use it for different areas of your face. (Cheeks, lips and eyes) Now I'm not Courtney Stodden so I don't favor a frosted lip, but I would use this across my lid for a slight shimmer paired with a dash of liner and lashings of mascara! Who doesnt love a product you can use more than one way! 

I hope you liked this post, its always nice to look over your collection of products and revisit/rediscover some beauty gems that you favoured in the past. If you decide to do a post similar to this, do let me know so I can have a read! 

Much Love


  1. oh ysl lipsticks are so lovely


  2. I love the look of the NARS multiples, and Copacabana is definitely the one I'd pick first xx

  3. I NEED that ysl lippie in maa life! And i know for a fact you whip out your plastic sky high see through heels on the weekend Leanne (of should i call you Courtney now?) ;-) x

  4. You need it for the packaging alone! SOOOOO PRETTY! You've busted me, Ive got some red and green glittery stripper heels just for the festive season! ;-) xx

  5. It's a lovely highlighter! Not too in your face! I would like to get the bronzer version too which I think could be quite good! xx

  6. They are, I want more so I can just line them all up and leave them to look pretty on my dresser! xx


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