Review : Face Lace by Phyllis Cohen in Fleurty.

Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Face Lace 'Fleurty' £13.29

How I wish I could just tell you that I am a dab hand with a liquid liner pen to create this look.... but that would be a lie. This eleborate design on my face is actually Face lace by Phyllis Cohen. I had seen this product featured on the Daily Mail and demonstrated by the lovely sam of Pixiwoo in one of her videos. So when I got the email notifying me of the Masquerade theme for one of the nights on the hen weekend, I knew I had to incorprate face lace into my look. After browsing the site I settled with the style 'Fleurty' I loved the design, it isnt a mask but still gives the same sort of effect. Phyllis Cohen has actually designed a few face lace styles which are masks that go directly across your eyes, however I felt this may irritate me a little so opted for this style instead.

Delivery for these were really quick, which I was really pleased about as I only ordered them 4 days before I was due to go away on the hen weekend! They come in a cute sturdy box. To be honest this does seem a bit of a waste of packaging seeing as the designs come on a sheet of paper. However I guess it is a bit of a luxe product so I can understand why it turns up like this rather than in a little plastic wallet! Inside the box there are some clear instructions on how to apply the face lace correctly. To be honest its the easiest 'make up' I have ever applied, the only stuggle I had was making sure they were evenly placed! They are quite easy to peel off again if you dont fully press down on it when you are positioning the design on your face. You just have to be patient!

So how did they last? Well I will be honest with you, I struggled a little with the top designs peeling off slightly around the edges. Now bare in mind I was in a large house with the heating turned right up, plus a naked man had entered the room to pour my Rekorderlig and raspberry sours.. I was going to get a bit  hot & flustered! They were also placed over my eyebrow bone, being a contoured area I wasnt working with a flat surface, which may have caused the edges to peel away slightly. I wasnt too bothered as I think people were more interested in the Butlers bottom to be honest! I do think that those were the reasons behind it peeling away though, the designs which were placed on my cheeks didnt budge! They were on a flatter surface and well, I will be honest, I didnt get sweaty cheeks like my brow bone/forehead! I admit, for the price you pay for a one use design you wouldnt expect it to peel off. But like I said maybe if I hadnt got so warm they would have lasted better.

I would really recommend these if you have a fancy party to go to or some kind of fancy dress do. They are a one use product which you may not be keen on, but the reaction from my peers and overall look of the face lace I think it's totally worth it. You may be feeling a bit like 'Oh no its fine, I'll try something similar with my liquid liner'.. Just dont (unless you are some kind of amazing artist and have a brilliant eyeliner) The benefits of using face lace are that it is quick and easy to apply. Doesnt budge (aside from the slight peeling on the edges nothing moves at all) it doesnt smudge! No one wants to spend ages on a design and then look in a mirror halfway through the evening to find a big black smudge down their face! You also have the plus that you know that both sides will be completely symetrical as long as you line them up as evenly as you can! What's not to love?!

What do you think of Face Lace? Is it something you would buy to be a bit quirky and different at a party?

Much Love


  1. This looks great. Loved the review!

  2. Thanks! They are so fun to play about with! xx

  3. This stuff is awesome! i've only ever been to one masquarade party and LOVED it but took my mask off after about 5 minutes, so annoying!! This looks amazing though! Hopefully it won't be the last, I'll keep this beaut in mind <3 The peeling thing doesn't bother me too much, eyelash glue would do the job right? haha x


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