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Friday, 14 December 2012

Whether it be Sequins, studs or embellishments I'm sure you are all searching for the perfect party dress at the moment. I know I am. It's always a bit of a struggle for me because I am so fussy! I always worry that I will turn up in the same outfit as someone else at a social event! (Although I don't need to worry too much when it comes to my work Christmas do... there only 2 other females that work with me the rest are all male!)  

For as long as I can remember I have always wanted a full on, OTT sparkly sequin dress. (I still dont own one, I need to rectify this!) Some may think its tacky, I think that paired with the right accessories they can look classy! I love the different colours of sequins used on this one, the added bonus is that it has the beautiful cowl back detail which makes a change from a regular shift dress!  Id pair it with some killer heels, blazer and oversized clutch! 

When it is a social event, sometimes I like to go all out. Have a pamper and slap on some fake tan, though I will be honest, there are times when I'm lazy and can only be bothered to fake tan! *slaps wrist* That is why dresses like the sheer sleeve studded one are perfect for those situations, when we are feeling a little bit lazy! Its quicker and easier to just tan our legs! It gives you more time to P-A-R-T-Y! ha! I do like the sheer sleeves as its the perfect party dress for someone who isnt a fan of the top of their arms, in my case the tops of my arms are a really weird shape and I suffer a bit with keratosis pilaris, so if I am having a day when Im not the biggest fan of my arms, this would be the type of dress I would go for! 

Maybe you will be attending your other halves Christmas work do and you want to make a good impression and not show up looking like a discoball. That is why I have picked the embellished number. I actually think it could work really well as a dress to wear to a wedding reception too - as long as the colour isn't the same as the bridesmaids! A very classic, flattering shape, I love the little details from the tie around the waist to the different sized beads on the top half. 

Whatever style dress you choose for your Christmas party, just make sure you have a good night and aren't nursing to big a hangover the following morning! :-)

Much Love


  1. They're all pretty, but I love the sequin one the best. xo

  2. Love the first one you've chosen. Alas I'd never be able to pull off full on sequins but I can still oggle! xx

  3. I love the gold sequin dress it's lovely :P-)

  4. i LOVE the black one, its something id wear :) xo

  5. I love the blue dress so much, such a pretty colour & I like that the detail's there but it's subtle <3

  6. really lovely dresses <3


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