Mac Dazzlesphere Smoky Berry Pigment set. -CCO  (You may be able to find a set on Ebay)

L-R Pearl | Rose Light | Spicy Smoke | Roasted Chestnut 

Confession time... I spent some money on makeup! Do you know how I justified it......because we needed to spend X amount to qualify for free parking at the Swindon Outlet, terrible aren't I! I totally blame Tom.. There I was casually browsing the shelves of the CCO, looking at all the pretty bits of makeup but knowing deep down I wasn't meant to be buying anything when a little voice behind me chirps up and says 'You know we just need to spend £18 more and we get free parking....Just throwing that out there" What is he like! Well with that I picked up this gorgeous Dazzlesphere Smoky Berry pigment set and made a beeline for the till. 

 Since Mac's Cranberry eyeshadow was in the spotlight throughout the winter months it made me crave some berry tones in my collection, this cute little set just fits the bill. Apologies that there are only arm swatches but I wanted to show you just how gorgeous the colours are. Used on their own or combined they look absolutely stunning. I'm hoping to do a few 'face of the day's or something along those lines to show these off in the next few weeks or so.

Pigments can be messy, but what I love best about them is that you can decipher how dramatic you want your look to be depending on how much you use on your brush, and if you apply them wet or dry. Another plus with these is that I know that they will last ages, you only need to use the smallest amount for a good colour payoff! Definitely worth £18 I paid for the set. I know I will be using these shades alongside some of my eyeshadows I currently use on a daily basis to create a more intense look - Who doesn't wear dramatic makeup for work!? :-)

Do you shop in your local CCO to try and hunt down some beauty bargains?

Much Love,

Love Lammie Travel Washbag - c/o Not on the Highstreet. 

Weddings are expensive, as most of you know I will be 'tying the knot' later this year, and in order to help us   have everything we want on our big day Tom and I moved out of our flat so our rent could go into the wedding fund each month, rather to a landlord! By doing so it means that Tom and I aren't living together at the moment but I do spend every weekend at his, therefore I need some thing to lug around my beauty essentials each week, Yes I could leave a selection of things at his, but what if I want to use said items during the week?! Oh dilemas!

This Travel wash bag is perfect for taking my beauty bits back and forth. As you can see from the photo's it can hold a lot of products - admittedly I cant fold it back up properly but what do you expect from a beauty blogger! There are 3 different compartments, two of which are see through, which I find the most handy when I'm packing everything into it. It means I don't duplicate items and know what I've already thrown in there. I attempt to take the bare minimum but I'l be honest I end up taking more than I actually need! I'm pretty sure we all do this! 
The 3rd compartment is where I usually throw in my toothbrush, hair brush, cotton wool. You know the real essentials. With this part full  up I cant actually close it, but if unlike me you don't have a crazy amount of products and you evenly distribute them in each compartment you probably could close this properly! It has a little elastic tie that hooks around a button to secure.  I haven't tried hanging this wash bag on the back of a door by that elastic, purely because I know how heavy it becomes with all my stuff in it and I wouldn't want to risk it, however if you only carry a few bits and bobs I would imagine you could hang it with ease. Sometimes you worry about spillages, however there's no need to fret if you use this wash bag. Its oil cloth, therefore it is easy to wipe away any foundation, mascara, eyeliner marks you may make! - Always a plus! Just grab a baby wipe and well.. wipe any mess away! :-) 

Love Lammie have 3 different patterns to chose from. The more understated polka dot ones, and then this one which screamed very Cath Kidston-esque when I saw it online. I actually spotted their smaller make-up bags in this print first, but realised that the travel wash bag was a much more practical choice considering my current living situation! At £20 + postage I feel that it is a very reasonable price for a travel wash bag of this size, the pattern is cute, and now I want to get some of the other items to have a matching collection! Currently have my eye on the hot water bottle! Perfect for these snowy days!  I do love Not on the Highstreet for finding gems like this from independent sellers. I often have a browse in the wedding category to see if there's anything I can purchase to add an extra magical touch to our day! 

Much Love,


Eco Tools 6 piece eye brush set - Ebay 

I know we all love our Real Techniques brushes, but sometimes its nice to mix things up a bit with another brand. Eco Tools have been on my radar for a while, Having used a couple of brushes in the past, and seriously lacking in the eye brush department, I decided to pick up the 6 piece travel eye brush set. Sometimes I prefer buying these sets. They are good value for money and the only difference to full size brushes is the handle length! I can work perfectly well with the shorter lengths!  Eco tool is stocked in boots, however I headed over to trusty Ebay to purchase mine.

This cute little set is perfect for travel, not only does it come with a mirror - I always forget to put a mirror in my bag! - the whole thing folds up to about the same size of my mobile phone (samsung galaxy S2), meaning it doesn't take up too much space in my travel makeup bag!  In regards to the brushes themselves, as you can see from the photos above you get a good selection of different brushes. If you are a bit of a newbie to make up, Eco tools have labeled each brush for you. You've got a couple there that are good for packing the shadow all over your lids, others I prefer to use for more precise areas like the outter 'V' or adding some shadow along the bottom lash line. My favourite has to be the brush labeled up as the 'Highlight' brush. This particular brush is great for blending, removing the harsh lines! They are all extremely soft and they do not shed! - I have a couple of brushes that shed so badly, I'm literally picking little hairs off my face all morning - I should really part ways with those ones!

Overall I am really pleased with this little set, for under £8 I think it's great value for money. The Ebay seller is realiable, and the despatch time was quick. If you don't need an eye brush set, they stock a lot of the other brushes, I use the angled eyeliner brush for my eyebrows if anyone wants another reccomendation!

Have you tried Eco Tools brushes before?

Much Love,

It became apparent on my rediscovering beauty faves post, that a lot of you are thinking along the same lines as me when it comes to our beauty collections. We are all guilty of it, buying too much and hoarding items that we really should just say bye to. I've made it clear that this year is all about using what I've got and not getting sucked in by advertising or blog hype, I do want to downsize my makeup collection, lotions & potions etc, so I thought I'd start of easy and dig out my HUGE collection of nail varnishes and get stuck in. 

At the time, I counted about 83 nail polishes in total. Now for me that is a lot! - To be honest there are probably some more lurking about the house, but I was focusing on the massive pile of them I had shoved in my room. Anyway.. There was a lot there, as I ex nail biter, I would never imagined I would ever own this many bottles of nail varnish, but I got over my bad habit and well...went a bit crazy clearly! 

My first plan of action, was to go through and just chuck the ones that were beyond repair. What I mean by that is, when your nail varnish starts to go a bit gloopey, you can usually save it (if you do it in time) by pouring a tiny little bit of nail varnish remover into the bottle and give it a shake. This usually restores it back to its original consistency and you can get a few more uses out of it. So I went through my stash and threw away the ones that were past this point.. there was no way of saving them.. They were goners!  By doing this step I managed to get rid of about 7 polishes.. not a lot, but that's 7 less than I originally had so I was onto a good start! 

The second plan of action... Look for colour dupes. We have all done it. Bought a nail varnish, got home and then the realistation sinks in that you didn't need to buy that shade because you already own others that are basically identical! Its okay. We all do it.  Any dupes I found I just put into a pile to palm off to my Sisters/Mum. By doing this I managed to clear out a good selection of nail varnishes.

Finally, this is where you have to be a bit ruthless, and ask your self 'Will I use this/Do I actually like it?'. Quite often I have bought shades because they were on offer so I just randomly picked any old colour that I thought I didn't have in my stash just because it was free, or on 3 for 2. This has led to some rather questionable shades! This is where I really went to town and got rid of a ton of nail varnishes! The pile for my Sisters/Mum dramatically grew.

 By following these three steps I took my collection down from  83 to 48. Now I admit, this is still a lot of nail varnishes, and by no means a minimal collection - which is something I would love to eventually achieve! But I feel pretty pleased with myself that I managed to get rid of 35 nail varnishes! Now if only I had the same approach to the rest of my beauty products and we will be laughing!

Is this something you would like to do or have maybe you're one step ahead and you've already done it? Hopefully this has spurred you in the right direction! 

Much Love


Current Haircare Favourites

Monday, 7 January 2013


Ever since I had my hair cut at the end of November (I think) I've tried to keep my hair in good condition. Using less heat and avoiding hair products which arent the best for your hair. This has meant that I have become a bit more picky with the products I use, as well as introducing new products into a routine. 

So like I said above, I wanted to use less heat on my hair, so I packed away my hair straighteners and curling wands and made a pact to only use my hairdryer when I really needed it! By doing this it meant that I would eventually cut down the amount of times I washed my hair each week. I used to wash my hair pretty much everyday. I can now go with washing my hair 2/3 times a week. The product that has helped me the most with this was Batiste dry shampoo. We all use it, I've used it for ages. But it is only until recently that its really becoming a favourite of mine, because I now use it so regularly. It makes my hair fresh and also provides volume, which is something I need after a couple of days without washing! I dont want flat hair!

On the days where I do wash my hair I use Sulphate/Paraben free shampoos. My current favourites are those from the Naked range. Styling wise I love the Tigi S Factor Body Booster. For a start it smells of strawberrys and cream, and the scent lasts in your hair which is divine, just like the shampoos I use, the products in the S Factor range are sulphate and paraben free, It provides just the right amount of volume to my locks without weighing it down. I first purchased this a few years ago when Zoe (Zoella) talked about the range in a blog post agggges ago! Another product which I use as an alternative to the body booster is John Masters Organics deep scalp folicle treatment and hair volumiser. I saw this on Celinas blog, her write up about it had me sold, and to be honest I do think it has improved the condition of my scalp and helped with my hair growth. My fringe that I had cut in is now too long to be called a fringe and the length overall seems to have grown a lot quicker than usual. Its a product that I will keep using!

Finally, of course I have to include a hair oil in this post. I have a nice little collection building up of hair oils (again another product I need to condense down and find one 'HG' product) but I thought I would treat myself to a little Moroccan Oil seeing as everyone under the sun harps on about it! I have to say I am really impressed, I use this on my wet hair and a tiny tiny bit on my inbetween washes days to ensure my ends are conditioned. This is something I have been using since I had my hair cut and I feel its helped keep the condition of my hair healthy and helped me avoid the dreaded split ends! I also really like the scent of this oil, which for some reason I didnt think I would. When I finish this bottle I think I will hold off repurchasing untill I have used up some of the others I have in my stash, but this could be a firm contender for my HG hair oil!

Much love,

'Freak Out' - Models Own.

You know when you see something in a youtube video or featured in a blog post and you instantly want it? That was the case with this nail varnish. When the mirrorball collection first came out I wasnt too fussed, then 'freak Out' kept cropping up on blogs, in instagram photos and being mentioned on youtube. The more swatches I saw the more I wanted it.

I pointed it out to Tom a week or so before Christmas, well I showed him the empty space on the shelf where it should have been! It turns out from that day up until the 24th December he searched the multiple Boots stores in the town where he works and this particular one was always out of stock. so he couldnt get it for me for Christmas. Sadface! However the other day I was mooching about boots, as you do and it was in stock! So i managed to pick it up. Obviously Tom was a bit miffed as he had spent so long trying to find it and then I go into the first Boots I come across and there it is staring at me!

Models Own Freak out is full of glitter, You've got small purple circles, blue pentagons  some aqua shards (I guess) and also some aqua strips! - Don't you just love how I dissected the different glitter shapes there? Because its more a of a blue based glitter top coat, I have been wearing it over a variety of blue nail varnishes! Literally so glittery and garish on every nail but I LOVE IT!

Much Love


Rediscovering Beauty Faves #2

Wednesday, 2 January 2013


Continuing with my little quest to buy less makeup and use up what I have got, once again I delved into my collection and started using some old faves during the month of December. I have set myself a few little goals to completely finish a select number of makeup items during 2013. I know some people are doing complete spending bans for x amount of days. However I would rather just set myself this challenge to use up what I have, putting the label 'spending ban' on it may be a curse. I also want this to continue throughout the year, not just for a set period of days. Being someone who doesn't really finish anything cosmetics wise, this could be a bit of a challenge but It's something that I feel I need to do. Afterall I only have one face, do I really need 18 blushers? 

After using the body shop shimmer cubes during November, I decided to switch it up and give my Naked palette a bit of attention. I'll admit I havent really touched the darker shades in this palette but Naked and Buck have been my eyeshadows of choice for to day to day wear. A quick swash of colour over the lid and some eyeliner and I am done! For the days where I had time or wanted to make a bit more of an effort I used Sidecar or halfbaked over my Bourjois Intense shadow in Noir Fusain #10. By doing so I achieve a really dark smokey eye with that slight hint of shimmer. Honestly if you haven't tried those two shades from the Naked palette over a matte black, I suggest you do, stat.  To go alongside this smokey eye look, I found myself reaching for a pencil eyeliner to go along my waterline. This Inka pencil in Black Caviar  came from a beauty box, possibly Glossybox. It's a really intense black which lasts well on my waterline, and can be used along the top lash smudged a little which is something I do if I really want to go all out on the smokey eye!

After Charli informing me that she eventually hit pan on her beloved Bourjois chocolate bronzer, I decided to dig mine out and try and follow suit. At one point this was the only bronzer I owned, I now have about 5 others sitting side by side in my storage. Finishing at least one would be nice! I think a lot of people own this bronzer, if not I'm sure you would have swatched it. It's such an affordable cult product within the blogging community!

When my beloved Alien by Thierry Mugler ran out I dug out one of my very old favourites. This particular scent; Lacoste Touch of Pink, will be one I will purchase over and over again. It is the perfume I started wearing when Tom and I first got together, just smelling it brings back so many old memories, particularly in our first year or so of dating. Even Tom recognises it as a 'Leanne Scent' :-)

Much love