Current Haircare Favourites

Monday, 7 January 2013


Ever since I had my hair cut at the end of November (I think) I've tried to keep my hair in good condition. Using less heat and avoiding hair products which arent the best for your hair. This has meant that I have become a bit more picky with the products I use, as well as introducing new products into a routine. 

So like I said above, I wanted to use less heat on my hair, so I packed away my hair straighteners and curling wands and made a pact to only use my hairdryer when I really needed it! By doing this it meant that I would eventually cut down the amount of times I washed my hair each week. I used to wash my hair pretty much everyday. I can now go with washing my hair 2/3 times a week. The product that has helped me the most with this was Batiste dry shampoo. We all use it, I've used it for ages. But it is only until recently that its really becoming a favourite of mine, because I now use it so regularly. It makes my hair fresh and also provides volume, which is something I need after a couple of days without washing! I dont want flat hair!

On the days where I do wash my hair I use Sulphate/Paraben free shampoos. My current favourites are those from the Naked range. Styling wise I love the Tigi S Factor Body Booster. For a start it smells of strawberrys and cream, and the scent lasts in your hair which is divine, just like the shampoos I use, the products in the S Factor range are sulphate and paraben free, It provides just the right amount of volume to my locks without weighing it down. I first purchased this a few years ago when Zoe (Zoella) talked about the range in a blog post agggges ago! Another product which I use as an alternative to the body booster is John Masters Organics deep scalp folicle treatment and hair volumiser. I saw this on Celinas blog, her write up about it had me sold, and to be honest I do think it has improved the condition of my scalp and helped with my hair growth. My fringe that I had cut in is now too long to be called a fringe and the length overall seems to have grown a lot quicker than usual. Its a product that I will keep using!

Finally, of course I have to include a hair oil in this post. I have a nice little collection building up of hair oils (again another product I need to condense down and find one 'HG' product) but I thought I would treat myself to a little Moroccan Oil seeing as everyone under the sun harps on about it! I have to say I am really impressed, I use this on my wet hair and a tiny tiny bit on my inbetween washes days to ensure my ends are conditioned. This is something I have been using since I had my hair cut and I feel its helped keep the condition of my hair healthy and helped me avoid the dreaded split ends! I also really like the scent of this oil, which for some reason I didnt think I would. When I finish this bottle I think I will hold off repurchasing untill I have used up some of the others I have in my stash, but this could be a firm contender for my HG hair oil!

Much love,