Downsizing your Collection : Nail Varnish.

Wednesday, 9 January 2013


It became apparent on my rediscovering beauty faves post, that a lot of you are thinking along the same lines as me when it comes to our beauty collections. We are all guilty of it, buying too much and hoarding items that we really should just say bye to. I've made it clear that this year is all about using what I've got and not getting sucked in by advertising or blog hype, I do want to downsize my makeup collection, lotions & potions etc, so I thought I'd start of easy and dig out my HUGE collection of nail varnishes and get stuck in. 

At the time, I counted about 83 nail polishes in total. Now for me that is a lot! - To be honest there are probably some more lurking about the house, but I was focusing on the massive pile of them I had shoved in my room. Anyway.. There was a lot there, as I ex nail biter, I would never imagined I would ever own this many bottles of nail varnish, but I got over my bad habit and well...went a bit crazy clearly! 

My first plan of action, was to go through and just chuck the ones that were beyond repair. What I mean by that is, when your nail varnish starts to go a bit gloopey, you can usually save it (if you do it in time) by pouring a tiny little bit of nail varnish remover into the bottle and give it a shake. This usually restores it back to its original consistency and you can get a few more uses out of it. So I went through my stash and threw away the ones that were past this point.. there was no way of saving them.. They were goners!  By doing this step I managed to get rid of about 7 polishes.. not a lot, but that's 7 less than I originally had so I was onto a good start! 

The second plan of action... Look for colour dupes. We have all done it. Bought a nail varnish, got home and then the realistation sinks in that you didn't need to buy that shade because you already own others that are basically identical! Its okay. We all do it.  Any dupes I found I just put into a pile to palm off to my Sisters/Mum. By doing this I managed to clear out a good selection of nail varnishes.

Finally, this is where you have to be a bit ruthless, and ask your self 'Will I use this/Do I actually like it?'. Quite often I have bought shades because they were on offer so I just randomly picked any old colour that I thought I didn't have in my stash just because it was free, or on 3 for 2. This has led to some rather questionable shades! This is where I really went to town and got rid of a ton of nail varnishes! The pile for my Sisters/Mum dramatically grew.

 By following these three steps I took my collection down from  83 to 48. Now I admit, this is still a lot of nail varnishes, and by no means a minimal collection - which is something I would love to eventually achieve! But I feel pretty pleased with myself that I managed to get rid of 35 nail varnishes! Now if only I had the same approach to the rest of my beauty products and we will be laughing!

Is this something you would like to do or have maybe you're one step ahead and you've already done it? Hopefully this has spurred you in the right direction! 

Much Love