Like a Magpie : Models Own Freak Out Nail Polish

Friday, 4 January 2013


'Freak Out' - Models Own.

You know when you see something in a youtube video or featured in a blog post and you instantly want it? That was the case with this nail varnish. When the mirrorball collection first came out I wasnt too fussed, then 'freak Out' kept cropping up on blogs, in instagram photos and being mentioned on youtube. The more swatches I saw the more I wanted it.

I pointed it out to Tom a week or so before Christmas, well I showed him the empty space on the shelf where it should have been! It turns out from that day up until the 24th December he searched the multiple Boots stores in the town where he works and this particular one was always out of stock. so he couldnt get it for me for Christmas. Sadface! However the other day I was mooching about boots, as you do and it was in stock! So i managed to pick it up. Obviously Tom was a bit miffed as he had spent so long trying to find it and then I go into the first Boots I come across and there it is staring at me!

Models Own Freak out is full of glitter, You've got small purple circles, blue pentagons  some aqua shards (I guess) and also some aqua strips! - Don't you just love how I dissected the different glitter shapes there? Because its more a of a blue based glitter top coat, I have been wearing it over a variety of blue nail varnishes! Literally so glittery and garish on every nail but I LOVE IT!

Much Love