New In : Mac Dazzlesphere Smoky Berry Pigments.

Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Mac Dazzlesphere Smoky Berry Pigment set. -CCO  (You may be able to find a set on Ebay)

L-R Pearl | Rose Light | Spicy Smoke | Roasted Chestnut 

Confession time... I spent some money on makeup! Do you know how I justified it......because we needed to spend X amount to qualify for free parking at the Swindon Outlet, terrible aren't I! I totally blame Tom.. There I was casually browsing the shelves of the CCO, looking at all the pretty bits of makeup but knowing deep down I wasn't meant to be buying anything when a little voice behind me chirps up and says 'You know we just need to spend £18 more and we get free parking....Just throwing that out there" What is he like! Well with that I picked up this gorgeous Dazzlesphere Smoky Berry pigment set and made a beeline for the till. 

 Since Mac's Cranberry eyeshadow was in the spotlight throughout the winter months it made me crave some berry tones in my collection, this cute little set just fits the bill. Apologies that there are only arm swatches but I wanted to show you just how gorgeous the colours are. Used on their own or combined they look absolutely stunning. I'm hoping to do a few 'face of the day's or something along those lines to show these off in the next few weeks or so.

Pigments can be messy, but what I love best about them is that you can decipher how dramatic you want your look to be depending on how much you use on your brush, and if you apply them wet or dry. Another plus with these is that I know that they will last ages, you only need to use the smallest amount for a good colour payoff! Definitely worth £18 I paid for the set. I know I will be using these shades alongside some of my eyeshadows I currently use on a daily basis to create a more intense look - Who doesn't wear dramatic makeup for work!? :-)

Do you shop in your local CCO to try and hunt down some beauty bargains?

Much Love,


  1. These are stunning!!! xx

  2. Oh my goodness, these are STUNNING! Can I ask, what is CCO? (i'm stupid haha). Can't wait to see some FOTD posts with you sporting them, especially the far right!xxx

  3. oh my these are gorgeous, rose light is a beaut!!.. I went to the CCO in swindon last year and walked out £50 poorer but with a ridiculous grin on my face ;) xx

  4. Oh wow the colours you picked are gorgeous, especially Rose Light and Roasted Chestnut ^^

  5. Wowzers, these pigments are seriously stunning. My eyes are fixated on Spicy Smoke!

  6. Oh I love that shop at Swindon, second only to the lindt shop ;) I picked up one of the tartan palettes last time I was there and wish I had nabbed one of these, too xx

  7. I love how you justify buying the makeup, I do that too haha

    Please come and check out my latest post if you have a few
    minutes spare :)



  8. Love them all so much! Especially the Rose Light, it's just absolutely incredible! :))


  9. I know I said on twitter but for anyone that reads this and doesnt know it's The Cosmetics Company Outlet. Brands within the Esteee Lauder group are sold there for discounted prices. They are usually found in designer outlets. There aren't that many in the UK though! x

  10. It's so easily done! Trust me there were other bits there I would have loved to buy but I had to be good with my money! x

  11. They are all gorgeous! Im going to have some fun creating different looks with these! x

  12. Oh yes you have to buy some chocolate when youre there too! Theres always multiple items I wish I could buy when I go but my bank balance wont allow it! x

  13. Ha well on this occassion I had a valid reason to buy it! :-) x

  14. oh wow those colours are so beautiful!!

  15. Pigments always scare me a bit because they are such a messy product, but I am in love with Pearl :)

  16. Such pretty colors! I love your blog by the way :) xx - Boho Vanity

  17. Your blog is really beautiful! Am now a firm follower :D

    Would love a follow back :D

  18. Those are some gorgeous colours - I really love the spice smoke and rose light!
    Btw, your blog is so pretty! :)


  19. These are so pretty. I bet these would make gorgeous pressed pigments

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  21. Oh my goodness! I AM IN LOVE.

    You're just like me, I used to think that pigments were too messy and picky at first but once i realised it makes it so easier to customise how intense you want it i had to buy some.

    Your blog is amazing by the way, I've just read a majority of your posts! I would really appreciate it if you followed back since I've just started here :) And I'm looking forward to more posts! haha


  22. Such a gorgeous collection of shades - I love the look of Rose Light and Roasted Chestnut :) x

    Sarah @ xx

  23. All of these shaded are just beautiful, but I don't use pigments enough to justify it! xx

  24. So gorgeous, pearl would make the most amazing highlight colour :-)

  25. Wow these are really nice and pigmented! Xx


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