Rediscovering Beauty Faves #2

Wednesday, 2 January 2013


Continuing with my little quest to buy less makeup and use up what I have got, once again I delved into my collection and started using some old faves during the month of December. I have set myself a few little goals to completely finish a select number of makeup items during 2013. I know some people are doing complete spending bans for x amount of days. However I would rather just set myself this challenge to use up what I have, putting the label 'spending ban' on it may be a curse. I also want this to continue throughout the year, not just for a set period of days. Being someone who doesn't really finish anything cosmetics wise, this could be a bit of a challenge but It's something that I feel I need to do. Afterall I only have one face, do I really need 18 blushers? 

After using the body shop shimmer cubes during November, I decided to switch it up and give my Naked palette a bit of attention. I'll admit I havent really touched the darker shades in this palette but Naked and Buck have been my eyeshadows of choice for to day to day wear. A quick swash of colour over the lid and some eyeliner and I am done! For the days where I had time or wanted to make a bit more of an effort I used Sidecar or halfbaked over my Bourjois Intense shadow in Noir Fusain #10. By doing so I achieve a really dark smokey eye with that slight hint of shimmer. Honestly if you haven't tried those two shades from the Naked palette over a matte black, I suggest you do, stat.  To go alongside this smokey eye look, I found myself reaching for a pencil eyeliner to go along my waterline. This Inka pencil in Black Caviar  came from a beauty box, possibly Glossybox. It's a really intense black which lasts well on my waterline, and can be used along the top lash smudged a little which is something I do if I really want to go all out on the smokey eye!

After Charli informing me that she eventually hit pan on her beloved Bourjois chocolate bronzer, I decided to dig mine out and try and follow suit. At one point this was the only bronzer I owned, I now have about 5 others sitting side by side in my storage. Finishing at least one would be nice! I think a lot of people own this bronzer, if not I'm sure you would have swatched it. It's such an affordable cult product within the blogging community!

When my beloved Alien by Thierry Mugler ran out I dug out one of my very old favourites. This particular scent; Lacoste Touch of Pink, will be one I will purchase over and over again. It is the perfume I started wearing when Tom and I first got together, just smelling it brings back so many old memories, particularly in our first year or so of dating. Even Tom recognises it as a 'Leanne Scent' :-)

Much love