Review : ECO Tools 6 Piece Eye Brush Set

Tuesday, 22 January 2013


Eco Tools 6 piece eye brush set - Ebay 

I know we all love our Real Techniques brushes, but sometimes its nice to mix things up a bit with another brand. Eco Tools have been on my radar for a while, Having used a couple of brushes in the past, and seriously lacking in the eye brush department, I decided to pick up the 6 piece travel eye brush set. Sometimes I prefer buying these sets. They are good value for money and the only difference to full size brushes is the handle length! I can work perfectly well with the shorter lengths!  Eco tool is stocked in boots, however I headed over to trusty Ebay to purchase mine.

This cute little set is perfect for travel, not only does it come with a mirror - I always forget to put a mirror in my bag! - the whole thing folds up to about the same size of my mobile phone (samsung galaxy S2), meaning it doesn't take up too much space in my travel makeup bag!  In regards to the brushes themselves, as you can see from the photos above you get a good selection of different brushes. If you are a bit of a newbie to make up, Eco tools have labeled each brush for you. You've got a couple there that are good for packing the shadow all over your lids, others I prefer to use for more precise areas like the outter 'V' or adding some shadow along the bottom lash line. My favourite has to be the brush labeled up as the 'Highlight' brush. This particular brush is great for blending, removing the harsh lines! They are all extremely soft and they do not shed! - I have a couple of brushes that shed so badly, I'm literally picking little hairs off my face all morning - I should really part ways with those ones!

Overall I am really pleased with this little set, for under £8 I think it's great value for money. The Ebay seller is realiable, and the despatch time was quick. If you don't need an eye brush set, they stock a lot of the other brushes, I use the angled eyeliner brush for my eyebrows if anyone wants another reccomendation!

Have you tried Eco Tools brushes before?

Much Love,