Review : Love Lammie Travel Wash Bag.

Thursday, 24 January 2013


Love Lammie Travel Washbag - c/o Not on the Highstreet. 

Weddings are expensive, as most of you know I will be 'tying the knot' later this year, and in order to help us   have everything we want on our big day Tom and I moved out of our flat so our rent could go into the wedding fund each month, rather to a landlord! By doing so it means that Tom and I aren't living together at the moment but I do spend every weekend at his, therefore I need some thing to lug around my beauty essentials each week, Yes I could leave a selection of things at his, but what if I want to use said items during the week?! Oh dilemas!

This Travel wash bag is perfect for taking my beauty bits back and forth. As you can see from the photo's it can hold a lot of products - admittedly I cant fold it back up properly but what do you expect from a beauty blogger! There are 3 different compartments, two of which are see through, which I find the most handy when I'm packing everything into it. It means I don't duplicate items and know what I've already thrown in there. I attempt to take the bare minimum but I'l be honest I end up taking more than I actually need! I'm pretty sure we all do this! 
The 3rd compartment is where I usually throw in my toothbrush, hair brush, cotton wool. You know the real essentials. With this part full  up I cant actually close it, but if unlike me you don't have a crazy amount of products and you evenly distribute them in each compartment you probably could close this properly! It has a little elastic tie that hooks around a button to secure.  I haven't tried hanging this wash bag on the back of a door by that elastic, purely because I know how heavy it becomes with all my stuff in it and I wouldn't want to risk it, however if you only carry a few bits and bobs I would imagine you could hang it with ease. Sometimes you worry about spillages, however there's no need to fret if you use this wash bag. Its oil cloth, therefore it is easy to wipe away any foundation, mascara, eyeliner marks you may make! - Always a plus! Just grab a baby wipe and well.. wipe any mess away! :-) 

Love Lammie have 3 different patterns to chose from. The more understated polka dot ones, and then this one which screamed very Cath Kidston-esque when I saw it online. I actually spotted their smaller make-up bags in this print first, but realised that the travel wash bag was a much more practical choice considering my current living situation! At £20 + postage I feel that it is a very reasonable price for a travel wash bag of this size, the pattern is cute, and now I want to get some of the other items to have a matching collection! Currently have my eye on the hot water bottle! Perfect for these snowy days!  I do love Not on the Highstreet for finding gems like this from independent sellers. I often have a browse in the wedding category to see if there's anything I can purchase to add an extra magical touch to our day! 

Much Love,