Bellapierre Cosmetics mineral blush 'Dessert Rose' - £29.99

This is the mineral blusher that I got in my Latest in Beauty 'Wedding prep' box. Like I said in that post showing you the contents of the beauty box; Bellapierre is a brand that I was introduced to through beauty boxes, and I am realy glad I was!

Bellapierre comestics are mineral products that are not tested on animals. Just like another well known mineral makeup brand, they produce a range of makeup products. Starter kits, induvidual items, Skincare items and more recently nail varnishes. I was really pleased to receive a full sized mineral blusher in my wedding prep box. Recently I have been steering away from my much loved powder compacts and have been giving loose powders a go along side my current cream blushers! Like I've said before I am on a mission to make the most of all of my makeup!
The Bellapierre blush in dessert rose is a gorgeous peachy shade that is great for a natural makeup look. To apply, you simply tip a little bit of product into the lid to use as a palette, then taking your blush brush, swirl it in the product, tap off any excess powder and then apply to your cheeks. You should always remember to close the little seal in the pot otherwise product will go everywhere causing you to make a little bit of a mess when opening it again! - I have done this way too many times!
I admit, for someone who was a big cream blusher fan, getting used to loose powder took a few attempts. Judging how much to use and making sure you didnt lose product with spillages, but overall I have really been enjoying using them! This particular blush is actually pretty pigmented so you really dont need a lot of product on your brush to create a healthy flush to your cheeks! I always find that starting off with a tiny amount of powder on your brush then slowly adding more if need be is the best way to go, no one wants to go out looking like a clown! I do like this blush and I know it would be fab in other colours, however for the time being I think I will just stick with the one. Maybe if I finish up a few more products I will treat myself to another shade, as I have been really impressed by this blush!
 Have you tried Bellapierre before? 

Much Love


Rediscovering Beauty Faves #3

Wednesday, 20 February 2013


As per usual I have been switching my makeup products around during the last month or so. Above are a few of my recent rediscoveries. I do enjoy switching up my makeup routine, I don't like getting stuck in a rut, using the same products or doing the same look all the time. It just gets boring. I have all these different products in my collection so I am going to make the most of them! (And use some up too hopefully!) 

First up we have the Bare Minerals all over face colour in 'Warmth' I got this in a starter kit Tom kindly gave me for my birthday last year (I highly recommend you try this out!) You may be thinking that using a loose powder bronzer may be messy..well in some ways you are right. If I forget to close it properly the next time I open it I am faced with a shed load of powder, because the sort of 'safety sheild' hasn't been closed meaning while its in my makeup bag the powder comes out into the lid. It's not a huge problem, just a pain in the bum really! You hardly need any product as it has brilliant pigmentation. A little goes a long way meaning this pot will last me ages!
Staying with face products, the next gem from my collection I have been using is the Topshop Cream Blush in Head over Heels. If you have seen my 'products I've hit pan on' post you will know I am a big fan of their blushers and Flush is slowly being used up! I figured I'd crack on with using one of the other shades instead, and give that one a rest! Head over heels is a beautiful coral shade that lasts the entire day on my cheeks, with no need to reapply! Winner! 

Moving onto my eyes, I have a lot of eye products so I'm really trying to switch these around a fair bit so I don't forget about products and try to finish them! The liquid liners I had been using were on their last legs so rather than going out and re purchasing, I decided to switch back to my trusty Topshop Gel liner in 'Ink'. It does take a little bit longer to do in the mornings and I'm still on a mission to create the perfect flick! If I'm honest, I think I should throw out this gel liner soon as I'm sure its coming up to its expiry date? - How long should you keep them for? If anyone knows let me know!  I've been enjoying simple make up recently so the Maybelline colour tattoo in 'on and on bronze' has been perfect. I am a big fan of cream shadows, purely because they are easy to use when in a rush in the mornings - lets me honest if we can have that extra 10 mins in bed we will! They also work really well as a base for powder eyeshadows.

Finally, I am really trying to make the effort to use some of my lipsticks. I have a rather large selection and I am on the case to downsize it just like I did with my nail varnishes (post here) Therefore I have been making the effort to try to use some of them on a more regular basis. My lipstick of choice recently has been this  Stila lipstick in the shade 'Chelsea' its gives a quite sheer coral  tint to the lips which is buildable. It's a great one to just have in my handbag and slick on when I've forgotten to pick up one of my more pigmented lipsticks. I bought this particular one in my local TKMAXX when they went through a phase of stocking stila makeup. Just as a heads up, I popped in there yesterday and noticed some Dainty Doll, Orly, Bourjois, Revlon & Jemma kidd products in there  - Unfortunately there was no LAA Foundation. :-( - So if you are after a bargain maybe it's worth going to have a look.

Have you rediscovered any products you've been neglecting recently?

Much Love,


Moustache Earings - Onetenzeroseven - C/O Not on the Highstreet.

Arent these little moustache earrings just adorable? I've got my ears pierced three times in each ear and often I just stick to simple studs in each hole, I'm more of a stud kinda girl over something a bit dangley! So when I saw these cute wooden earings on not on the highstreet I couldnt resist. It was a toss up between these and the tea cup ones, although I'm still tempted to get those too!

Onetenzeroseven is an online shop run by a girl called Sophie, each piece is designed and hand crafted by herself, you can tell a lot of love goes into what she does. I love the illustrated card the earings arrive on, its a nice little touch. When you order a piece from Sophie she packages it up in a little gift box so it feels like a little present when it comes in the post. Also handy if you are giving it as a gift as you dont need to do much but pop it in a pretty gift back and gift it to someone. I'm not the biggest fan of wrapping up presents! :-)

You can follow Sophies Blog here, or send her a hello tweet here.

Are you one for quirky bits of jewellery or do you play it safe with something simple?

Much Love,


Products I've recently hit pan on.

Wednesday, 13 February 2013


To all beauty bloggers, 'hitting pan' is a big deal to us. It proves that a) We haven't neglected certain products in our stashes, which lets be honest with the size of some of our collections its easily done and b) we've loved something so much that.. oh my god.. we are well on our way to completely using it up. Some bloggers are on spending bans, others (like myself) are switching their products in the makeup bag regularly to  ensure products don't get forgotten and to eventually finish up some items.

I thought I would do a little post on the products I have recently hit pan on, I wont lie, its a bit exciting when you are sat down in the mornings putting on your makeup, you look down to see that bit of silver shining back at you!

 A very recent product I have hit pan on, is the matte brown shade in the Soap & Glory Eyeshadow quad. After I finished my preferred shade in the HD foxy brow palette I searched for a good alternative, and this one did the trick. It's just a bog standard matte shade that matches my eyebrows, nothing more to say really! 
I own a lot of cheek products, so hitting pan on three made me quite happy! I hit pan on my highlighter first but then I did drop my beloved No 7 Highlighter which meant some of the remaining product broke away which upset me a bit. It is one of my favourite ones, so even though I am slowly using it all up I don't need little misshaps like that which means I finish it at a quicker rate! It's limited Edition so I wont be able to repurchase it when it is all gone! :-(

  I really never thought I would ever hit pan on a blusher, Topshop's Flush was the first blusher to show the silver pan. I'm a big fan of Topshop makeup products and have two other blushers in my collection (Head over heels and Neon Rose) They are really affordable and the longevity on my skin is amazing! It lasts all day! I'd own all the Topshop Cream Blushes if I could! The other blush is one I have had for a while, it is from GOSH, I don't actually know the name of it thanks to Superdrugs annoying packaging but I think it is called nectarine or something like that! I wouldn't say it was one of my favourite blushers but it has good pigmentation and its a beautiful coral shade.

I don't think I will be hitting pan on any makeup products for a while, but I'm pleased with these four items for now! Have you hit pan on anything recently? Let me know in the comments, or perhaps do a blog post similar to this!

Much Love,


I admit, there are a fair share of lovey dovey Valentines themed blog posts floating around at the moment, don't worry this isn't a post declaring my love to Tom and banging on about V day! However it is a little post about capturing memories - (Gosh that sounds a bit deep doesn't it, I promise it isn't like that!) Some people make Valentines this big thing, by going out to dinner, take a break away somewhere 'Romantic', showering each other with gifts and such. Yes this is nice, however being in a long term relationship I don't get too phased about the 14th anymore. I'd rather receive a card or bunch of flowers on a day that isn't expected. Or even go on a trip away for a mini break with my man at some point in the year.

Some of you might be aware that a few years ago Tom and I went to New Zealand travelling, things didn't plan out as we hoped so we didn't stay as long as we intended, however we did get to spend an AMAZING 3 months there (both Islands) travelling around taking in the sights. Just soaking up everything New Zealand had to offer really! It made us realise that taking the time to go on trips away, whether it be on the other side of the world, in Europe or weekend trips within the UK is good for us. Something I feel everyone should take the time to try to do when in a relationship. It's great to discover new places and spend some time with the person you love.


For my birthday a year or so ago, the sneaky so and so; Tom, went through the hundreds of photographs we took while in NZ and put them all together in  a photo book (I think he got it from Vistaprint - Vistaprint also do things like personalised birthday cards, thank you cards, calendars etc)  He selected the photographs, adjusted the sizes, decided on the composition of each page. He put A LOT of work into it. It was a complete shock to me and couldn't believe how much time and thought he had put into this fantastic birthday gift for me! It was so nice to sit down and go through it with him. Laughing about some of the not so nice places we stayed, the activities we got up to (we were at the football match when NZ qualified for the World cup. That was amazing!)  Now if half of my belongings weren't packed away in the garage I would have some photos of said book, so sorry about that, but if anyone is interested I can take some when I dig it out when we move into our own place again! But as I am so lovely I put together the above collages of just a handful places we have visited!

 I guess what I am trying to say is remember to make the time to do some fun things in your life and document them. These moments don't have to be with our other half, they could be with friends or family. Just take the photos, keep the tickets, the reciepts and that funny beer mat you found in a random bar where you got stupidly drunk, and treasure those memories. It's always fun to look back on them and reminisce! Once the wedding is all sorted and the honeymoon has come to an end I want to sit down and go through our photos and create some more photobooks of our city breaks we've been on in the past year! The modern day version of the photo album!

Much Love,

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Laurens Way Dream Rollers c/o Laurens Way.

Right I will start off by saying I am a complete Hair roller noob. I own some heated rollers, that I will be honest, live in their box under my bed & dont see much daylight. This is purely because I'm never too sure how to put them in my hair properly (I dont need that added fuss in the morning before work!) and with trying to get my hair in good condition for my wedding I'm not using heat that often on my hair. When I was offered a chance to try the Laurens Way Deam Rollers I thought, 'Why not'? In my head, rollers that dont have heat and you can sleep in must be easier to use than heated ones right?

The whole point behind these particular rollers is that you can put them into your hair before you go to bed, have a blissful nights sleep and then wake up in the morning with nice volumised hair. There is a foam insert inside the roller for comfort, meaning when you lie down they squash down a little, keeping the hair in place but letting you fall asleep with ease. I decided to give these a couple of goes. Being a complete noob, it took me a couple of goes before I got the placement of the rollers correct. They do say you don't need any clips to hold these rollers in but to be honest I did. I simply slid some kirby grips between the foam middle section and outside roller part to secure them in place. I know for sure that I didn't do this they wouldn't have stayed in place. Something I feel you should be aware of if you decide to purchase them. We all know how our kirby grips can just vanish off the face of the earth! So make sure you have a bundle close by to secure the rollers in.


Once in, the Laurens Way Dream Rollers felt okay. They didn't feel too loose, however I was yet to actually go asleep in them! This was what I was a bit worried about, Being someone who just brushes through their hair and hops into bed I wondered how comfortable I would be with these rollers surrounding my head! I was hoping for good things...

Unfortunately, I lasted an hour in bed. Now it could be because I am not used to having them in, or perhaps I should have only used a couple of rollers around my crown to provide some oomph but boy, they weren't comfortable. Yes, the rollers do squish down a bit when you lie down and rest your head on the pillow. But you can feel them (and my extra kirby grips to keep them in place) and it just meant I couldn't get to sleep and they gave me a bit of a headache. :-( Not what I wanted, so I had to take them out.
I tried them a few more times but the same thing happened. I couldn't fall asleep and ended up removing them. I was a bit dissapointed as I had read reviews from other bloggers stating they could go to sleep and wake up with beautiful locks. But I guess the dream rollers weren't for me. I didn't want them to go to waste though, If I couldn't sleep in them I at least wanted to try them as 'day time rollers' to see if they do work at volumising the hair without the heat. This they do do. Putting them in slightly damp hair and leaving them for a few hours provides plenty of volume which I do love! They do pull a bit when you remove them, but nothing too painful, what do you expect, your hair is attached to velcro! Of course it will tug a little, but they provided me with a bit of oomph in my hair which I was happy with!

I'm really gutted that I couldn't get these to work for me as sleep rollers, if anyone has any suggestions on what I can try, to possibly use them to their full potential overnight then please leave any tips in the comments. Overall I am glad I got the opportunity to try them, and on the plus side I have now found an alternative to using heated rollers on my hair. Which my locks are thankful for!

Have you tried Lauren's Way Dream Rollers? What did you think?

Much Love,



I've got to the stage where I'm not really making that much of an effort to finish skincare and haircare items at the moment. My main focus recently is on makeup. Realising I own far too much for my one face, 2013  will be the year I actually finish makeup items and at least attempt to downsize my collection. (I've already started by downsizing my nail varnish collection, You can read how I did this here) There I'm pretty darn pleased with myself that this post includes 4 make up items! More on that later though, first we'll talk about the skincare.

Another of my 'Goals' I set myself for 2013 was to moisturise more. Yes I am one of those girls that to be honest... just cannot be bothered with the faff of moisturising! With that being said, I have a LOAD of mositurisers begging to be finished, and with my new goal in place, I set to work trying to finish a lotion or two. In this case I used up my Bath & Bodyworks Sea Island Cotton body cream. Unfortunately, we cannot get B&BW products here (Unless you purchase bath and bodyworks stock from this Ebay seller)This had a lovely fresh scent that lasted all day, it didn't take too long to sink into my skin, maybe a little longer than I liked but overall it was a good moisturiser to use. I actually have another tube of it which I am cracking on with now! One tube of moisturiser down.... tons more to go!

Sadly I also recently finished my Caudalie SOS Thirst quenching serum. I sang its praises back in this review, so I truely am gutted that I finished it! Due to seriously cracking down on my spending at the moment I am not repurchasing it yet. Instead I have bought the Body Shop Vitamin E Moisture serum for a more affordable price (on sale for a fiver when I bought it) to see how it compares. I will be putting a review up on the blog once I've used it for a while.

Now onto the finished make-up items. I know there's nothing groundbreaking about finishing foundations but the fact that I finished these two makes me happy. I want to go back to only owning 2 foundations.. One for my normal skin tone and then another for when I decide to dabble in a bit of fake tan! Estee Lauder Double Wear is a big favourite of mine, the coverage is great the only downside is the SPF! Ghost face! Bourjois Healthy Mix has been a favourite foundation of mine for a while too. It doesnt feel heavy on the skin, gives good coverage and the shade 52 is a perfect match for my natural skin tone, I've repurchased many times!

Speaking of favourites (or staple products in my make up collection) Collection lasting perfection concealer and Loreal Voluminous mascara are two of my all time favourite products. Everyone raves about the concealer with good reason too, as I find it perfect for covering up all those inperfections, and keeps them covered all day! Loreal Voluminous makes my lashes look so long and full, I've used this particular one for years, even though I do love it I am looking to try out some other mascaras just to switch it up a bit. There are a lot of multiple items in my makeup collection, however when it comes down to mascara and concealer I only ever have one of each within my entire collection. I'm pretty chuffed to be able to say that! I know a lot of people have large stashes of both!

So there you have it, some of the products I finished up recently, If you've done an empties post link it in the comments and I'll come have a read!

To read my previous Empties post click here

Much Love
With a few makeup storage posts popping up on my dashboard it got me thinking about my own collection. I currently house my makeup items in 2 sets of acrylic drawers and my haircare/skincare in old glossyboxes. But I'm just bored, bored of the acrylic storage and the plain glossyboxes and am thinking about switching it all up for something different. You know I am in the process of downsizing my collection so with that I'd like to completely refresh the way I store it all! I've been looking online at Amara and I've discovered a few gems that I thought were worth sharing with you guys. 


Firstly, how quirky are these Pantone tins, I thought they would be a great solution for my skincare or haircare items. I would probably need more than one with my current collection, but with 'keeping things hidden' in mind I thought they would be a cute addition to my bathroom. Rather than having everything spilling out of Glossyboxes! I thought they were a bit different to your usual storage options. I think the bright colours would work really well against the white canvas of my bathroom interior.

After seeing Sarahs post on how she stores her everyday essentials I've been looking out for a cute cake stand that could possibly house all mine! Sometimes It's nice to have your most loved or everyday products close to hand so a stand like this would be perfect on your bedside table. This Pip Studio one comes in three different colours but this was the most neutral style of the 3. Pip Studio do a whole range of floral Cath Kidston-esque goodies so if that's the sort of thing you are into I suggest you check them out.

Finally we come to what I think are my favourite choice out of the three and that is the Stelton Stackable storage. Firstly, they give that minimalistic kind of feel that acrylic storage does, but its all hidden away. I love how you can purchase different sized pots and stack them whatever way you find suitable! I do think these are actually to use in your kitchen (which of course you could do) but if you like minimal, discreet storage I think these are a really good idea! I'm actually so tempted to purchase a couple once I downsize my collection a little bit, and hopefully get a dressing table! The smaller pots would be perfect to hold kirby grips, or earrings as well. So it could double up as storage for some jewellery items really! Something a bit different isn't it!

What do you use to house your makeup collection? Are you part of the Acrylic posse, or have you broken from the 'norm' and decided to choose something different? Let me know in the comments, and if you have done a post on your collection, Link me!

Much Love

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Available from Ebay

One of the first thoughts that ran through my head when I was gifted an I pad from my boss was "What case shall I get?" Such a hard dilema we face these days, personalising our gadgets! I'm constantly on the search for a new case for my phone - To be honest I'm surprised I haven't changed my ice cream drip one for something different by now!

 I currently have a faux leather case for my I pad, which I admit it does do the job and keep my I pad protected and doubles up as a handy stand, however I cant help but lust over the hard case covers. The downside to these are that they only protect the back of your tablet and you have to prop it up against something if you want to multitask and say.. do the washing up while watching the most recent epsiode of Africa. :-) How can I resist the cute designs though? Above are just a few that I have found while looking for something pretty, my dilemma now is that I cant decide what one I want! 

At £6.95 each (with the exception of the Aztec one which is a little bit more at £7.39) I guess you could say it would be okay to pick out more than one.. which is something I may do...if I could narrow it down! Having a browse on the Ebay sellers shop, I've noticed they do a variety of phone covers, some of which match these I pad cases... Do I dare go all out and have everything matching?

Which is your favourite? Help me decide! Are you like me and cant stick with the same case or cover for more than a few months?

Much love,