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Friday, 1 February 2013

Available from Ebay

One of the first thoughts that ran through my head when I was gifted an I pad from my boss was "What case shall I get?" Such a hard dilema we face these days, personalising our gadgets! I'm constantly on the search for a new case for my phone - To be honest I'm surprised I haven't changed my ice cream drip one for something different by now!

 I currently have a faux leather case for my I pad, which I admit it does do the job and keep my I pad protected and doubles up as a handy stand, however I cant help but lust over the hard case covers. The downside to these are that they only protect the back of your tablet and you have to prop it up against something if you want to multitask and say.. do the washing up while watching the most recent epsiode of Africa. :-) How can I resist the cute designs though? Above are just a few that I have found while looking for something pretty, my dilemma now is that I cant decide what one I want! 

At £6.95 each (with the exception of the Aztec one which is a little bit more at £7.39) I guess you could say it would be okay to pick out more than one.. which is something I may do...if I could narrow it down! Having a browse on the Ebay sellers shop, I've noticed they do a variety of phone covers, some of which match these I pad cases... Do I dare go all out and have everything matching?

Which is your favourite? Help me decide! Are you like me and cant stick with the same case or cover for more than a few months?

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  1. Those look so cute! I especially like the "every cloud" one and the "aztec" one!


  2. Love all the cases, so cute, especially the cloud design! Such great prices too :) x

  3. Love the victorian!! Sadly I don't have an ipad, but if/when I do, I'll be keen on these.

  4. I really love the cloud case - so cute! xxx

  5. I love the galaxy triangles, way too cool! I bought a Google Nexus tablet recently which i love but I do wish there were cool covers for it like there are for ipads! xx

  6. Amazed that you've found some so pretty and so affordable - my last iPhone case cost a small fortune! Loving the aztec print one. Let us know which one(s) you opt for!

  7. gorgeous cases, i like how affordable they are-its really hard to find affordable ipad cases! its true that they wouldnt be that protective, but there too pretty!xx

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  8. There so cute x

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  9. I think either the every cloud or Aztec...My first thought on this is WOW your boss give you an Ipad!! I'm definitely in the wrong job1 x

  10. I love the Galaxy Triangles the most :) I really want an iPad in my life, mostly for the cute cases haha ;P x

    Sarah @ xx

  11. Love these and they are so much cheaper than some of the other cases around! Bargain!


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  12. Wow, I can't decide which one I love more :)

  13. Good cases. Are theseiPad covers at nominal rates? I want some good looking, quality specific economical cases and covers

  14. So hard to choose! But I think I like 3,4 or 5 haha

    Carissa xx
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