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Monday, 11 February 2013


I admit, there are a fair share of lovey dovey Valentines themed blog posts floating around at the moment, don't worry this isn't a post declaring my love to Tom and banging on about V day! However it is a little post about capturing memories - (Gosh that sounds a bit deep doesn't it, I promise it isn't like that!) Some people make Valentines this big thing, by going out to dinner, take a break away somewhere 'Romantic', showering each other with gifts and such. Yes this is nice, however being in a long term relationship I don't get too phased about the 14th anymore. I'd rather receive a card or bunch of flowers on a day that isn't expected. Or even go on a trip away for a mini break with my man at some point in the year.

Some of you might be aware that a few years ago Tom and I went to New Zealand travelling, things didn't plan out as we hoped so we didn't stay as long as we intended, however we did get to spend an AMAZING 3 months there (both Islands) travelling around taking in the sights. Just soaking up everything New Zealand had to offer really! It made us realise that taking the time to go on trips away, whether it be on the other side of the world, in Europe or weekend trips within the UK is good for us. Something I feel everyone should take the time to try to do when in a relationship. It's great to discover new places and spend some time with the person you love.


For my birthday a year or so ago, the sneaky so and so; Tom, went through the hundreds of photographs we took while in NZ and put them all together in  a photo book (I think he got it from Vistaprint - Vistaprint also do things like personalised birthday cards, thank you cards, calendars etc)  He selected the photographs, adjusted the sizes, decided on the composition of each page. He put A LOT of work into it. It was a complete shock to me and couldn't believe how much time and thought he had put into this fantastic birthday gift for me! It was so nice to sit down and go through it with him. Laughing about some of the not so nice places we stayed, the activities we got up to (we were at the football match when NZ qualified for the World cup. That was amazing!)  Now if half of my belongings weren't packed away in the garage I would have some photos of said book, so sorry about that, but if anyone is interested I can take some when I dig it out when we move into our own place again! But as I am so lovely I put together the above collages of just a handful places we have visited!

 I guess what I am trying to say is remember to make the time to do some fun things in your life and document them. These moments don't have to be with our other half, they could be with friends or family. Just take the photos, keep the tickets, the reciepts and that funny beer mat you found in a random bar where you got stupidly drunk, and treasure those memories. It's always fun to look back on them and reminisce! Once the wedding is all sorted and the honeymoon has come to an end I want to sit down and go through our photos and create some more photobooks of our city breaks we've been on in the past year! The modern day version of the photo album!

Much Love,

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  1. cute post.No idea you were in New Zealand for 3 months! hahah! when did that happen?? Love getting away for mini breaks with the boyfriend x

  2. Such a true post. The memories you make are what you keep in your heart, so it's important to remember them! :) xx

  3. I am still thinking what am I gonna get for my bf!x

  4. Awww you two are absolutely adorable!

    A little bit Unique


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  5. You look great together ! Lovely post! Happy Valentines Day for you two!

  6. Hi! i just came across your blog and i thought i should let you know that i'm hooked!

    wow, travelling to a foreign land for 3 months? that surely took a lot of guts (& money!) to accomplish but i guess when you have a great company, nothing seems impossible ey?

    please please share with us the pictures of that lovely book of yours. i too, am so into handmade gifts but to have a boyfriend to do that, salute! ;)


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