Products I've recently hit pan on.

Wednesday, 13 February 2013


To all beauty bloggers, 'hitting pan' is a big deal to us. It proves that a) We haven't neglected certain products in our stashes, which lets be honest with the size of some of our collections its easily done and b) we've loved something so much that.. oh my god.. we are well on our way to completely using it up. Some bloggers are on spending bans, others (like myself) are switching their products in the makeup bag regularly to  ensure products don't get forgotten and to eventually finish up some items.

I thought I would do a little post on the products I have recently hit pan on, I wont lie, its a bit exciting when you are sat down in the mornings putting on your makeup, you look down to see that bit of silver shining back at you!

 A very recent product I have hit pan on, is the matte brown shade in the Soap & Glory Eyeshadow quad. After I finished my preferred shade in the HD foxy brow palette I searched for a good alternative, and this one did the trick. It's just a bog standard matte shade that matches my eyebrows, nothing more to say really! 
I own a lot of cheek products, so hitting pan on three made me quite happy! I hit pan on my highlighter first but then I did drop my beloved No 7 Highlighter which meant some of the remaining product broke away which upset me a bit. It is one of my favourite ones, so even though I am slowly using it all up I don't need little misshaps like that which means I finish it at a quicker rate! It's limited Edition so I wont be able to repurchase it when it is all gone! :-(

  I really never thought I would ever hit pan on a blusher, Topshop's Flush was the first blusher to show the silver pan. I'm a big fan of Topshop makeup products and have two other blushers in my collection (Head over heels and Neon Rose) They are really affordable and the longevity on my skin is amazing! It lasts all day! I'd own all the Topshop Cream Blushes if I could! The other blush is one I have had for a while, it is from GOSH, I don't actually know the name of it thanks to Superdrugs annoying packaging but I think it is called nectarine or something like that! I wouldn't say it was one of my favourite blushers but it has good pigmentation and its a beautiful coral shade.

I don't think I will be hitting pan on any makeup products for a while, but I'm pleased with these four items for now! Have you hit pan on anything recently? Let me know in the comments, or perhaps do a blog post similar to this!

Much Love,