Wishlist : Beauty Edition

Saturday, 16 March 2013


You all know I'm saving for a wedding, moving house and trying to condense my beauty collections down. However I still have that little voice at the back of my mind trying to tempt me to whip my debit card out and treat myself to some bits and bobs. Above are just a few products that have been on my mind for a while. I've done really well foundation wise with sticking with what I own and waiting till all tubes/bottles are finished before buying something new. However I feel I may cave when it comes to the Laura Mercier silk cream foundation. I cant go a day without reading a post or watching a video where this is mentioned, it just makes me want it more as its all up in my face all the time! Does anyone else feel like this? We do have a counter in my local town so I may go get matched up. I'm looking for a 'special' foundation that will be my wedding day makeup, Im not sure if this would be suitable or not but its worth a try. Or if anyone can suggest a foundation for my wedding day, please let me know in the comments.

I've also seen a fair few people mention the new Nars Eyeshadow palette. Now I am a fan of Nars, however I feel that 'The Happening' palette would be more suitable and value for money for me. It looks like the perfect travel palette, You've got your blush, your bronzer and 4 beautiful eyeshadows to choose from. Who wouldn't love that? In some reviews I've seen people moan that Orgasm and Laguna were included in this palette, however Im pretty pleased because I've always wanted to try them both. Perfect excuse to get it non?

My favourite Boots no7 highlighter is literally on  it's last legs, I keep dropping it so bits are smashing off - why I dont learn to be careful with products that are nearly finished I do not know! - When the Generation Q range from Illamasqua came out I had my eye on this highlighter, and yes its still in the back of my mind, and yes I have other highlighters in my collection already that I could use...but I'm Leanne and I am dying to make some beauty purchases! From the swatches I've seen it looks really pretty and well, I just want to own it! 

Finally we have a haircare item. I've heard Kate from Gh0stparties talk about the Phyto Range before and the Actif hair volumiser is something I really want to try. Spray in for instant volume? Yes please! Admittedly I already own a lot of hair products in my collection and it will be a fair while until I condense that lot down, but like I said. I want to get my beauty purchase fix! 

If you're someone who's being careful with their spending at the moment, do you get urges like these?
Just you wait, come next week I'll be tweeting saying 'Oops' and instragraming a picture of my goodies... Unless the Angel on my shoulder gets her way. ;-) 

Much Love,


Like a lot of other bloggers, I first sampled the SOS thirst quenching serum thanks to Glossybox. I received a sample in one of the boxes, didn't use it straight away.. then I finally used it and fell in love. However, just like a few others, the price tag for the full sized bottle did make me wince a little. £29 was a lot of money (personally) to spend on a single moisturising serum. Fortunately I was lucky to win a bottle in a twitter competition, but as I neared the end of the bottle, I was worried how I would cope without this staple product in my regime! I hoped that there would be a similar product on the market which was a bit more purse friendly dupe of the Caudalie SOS Thirst Quenching Serum, so I went on a bit of a hunt. This is where the The Body Shop Vitamin E moisture Serum came in. I saw it for £11 and wondered how it would compare to the Caudalie one, at a fraction of the price I decided to pick it up and give it a go. I figured, what the hell its worth a try!

So firstly lets look at the two products side by side.  They both hold the same amount of product ; 30ml. Admittedly the Caudalie one looks more flash with its glass packaging compared to the plastic packaging of the TBS Serum. However I much prefer the way the product is dispersed from TBS packaging, If anyone owns Bourjois healthy mix you will know what I mean when I say, I can see how much product I have left because of the particular pump that is used. The Body shop serum has this pump. The indicator pump means I can see exactly how much product I have left, and I know I am getting every last drop of the serum. It's pressurised inside so every last drop is being forced up and out of the pump. Whereas the Cadualie Serum has a regular pump with a little tube going down into the bottle. So there's going to be that last few drops of the product you aren't going to reach. When you're paying £29 for a product you want to be able to get all of it out! In this instance, Vitamin E Serum wins.

When it comes to the actual product, Consistency wise the Caudalie one is a lot more watery. When i used it I would pump it into my palm and then use my palms to distribute it on my face. I did like how lightweight it felt and sank in very quickly. It didn't feel like Id really added anything to my skin because it was absorbed so fast, however I did feel quite refreshed and awake after it had been applied. The Vitamin E serum is slightly thicker in consistency  it has a sort of gel like texture. It does mean I can just pump a small amount onto my finger tip and blob (Technical term right there) small dots of it all over my face before massaging it into my skin. As it is slightly thicker, I feel it more on my skin and get that 'tacky' feeling while it sinks in. Unlike the Cadualie one, I didn't feel 'Fresh', it was more along the lines of 'I feel moisturised!'  I'm not particularly bothered about the rate it sinks into my skin or consistency  so there's not really a winner for me in this 'category' I think its just down to personal preference!

How did it work on my dry patches? If you've read previous posts where I have raved about the SOS Serum, you will know that it helped sort out the dry patches around my nose. In the short time where I didn't have any serums to use on my face those patches re appeared - oh joy. Although this was, in a way handy for me because I could see if the more purse friendly serum would help me out as well as the more pricer version had previously... Well the answer to that is. YES. It did the exact same job as the Cadualie SOS Thirst quenching serum. Within a couple of days my dry patches around my nose were gone and my skin was looking beautiful! All thanks to the new more purse friendly Body Shop Vitamin E Moisture Serum.

In conclusion.... You can go and spend £29 on a facial serum that is quite watery, has a pump that means you may not get the very last drop out of the bottle, sinks in quickly, leaves you feeling 'Fresh' and does clear up dry patches quickly.
You can go purchase a more purse friendly £11 facial serum that is a bit easier to apply to your face due to it's consistency, leaves you feeling moisturised, uses a pump that means you get every single bit of product out and clears up any dry patches quickly. 

I think its down to personal preference and what sort of budget you are on, but personally for me, I will be popping to The Body Shop to repurchase the Vitamin E Moisture serum rather than ordering the Caudalie one when my current tube runs out. It ticks all the boxes for me, and I'll be honest it does the exact same thing with some slight differences, who wouldnt go for the cheaper alternative! - Plus the body shop always have amazing cashback percentages on Top Cashback! Cha Ching! (Earning money when spending money!)

Much Love, 



Dress - c/o Lashes of London
Cardigan - H&M
Tights - Primark
Shoes - New Look
Bag  - c/o Marc B

Okay, so the title isn't strictly how the saying goes, but in this instance Sequins are my best friend. Look at this dress isn't it beautiful! Lashes of London are the place to go if you're looking for something a bit different or 'show stopping' for a night out with the girls or in my case, my sisters surprise 21st! 

I think I favour dresses in this sort of shape over the bodycon style. I'll admit I have never worn bodycon on the basis that I am simply just not toned enough (hopefully that will change soon if I keep up with my blogilates!) plus, who wants a dress that you cant eat in, you wear it in the fear of a huge food baby on show! It helps that is has an elasticated waist! I wanted to eat Birthday cake! The dress takes all the attention with its multi coloured sequins, so I just paired it with simple black accessories. 

My trusty Primark cosy tights - I need to stock up on these, and if you haven't bought any. You need to.  Black wedge shoes, I do favour a wedge over a towering high heel, I can walk better in wedges! If I could I would have wedged wedding shoes, however the ones I have seen are so tacky I wont be going down that route! The birthday party was at my parents house, but knowing my sister, as the big party animal she is,  I was prepared for the shouts of 'now into town' so I packed my 'night out' essentials into my Marc B Knightsbridge bag. And when I say 'Night out essentials' I really mean.. a pair of comfy shoes to change into! ha! The cardi is a staple evening out item, Im not the biggest fan of the tops of my arms. Mainly because they arent as toned as I would like, and I suffer with Keratosis Pilaris

Is it bad to be thinking about my honeymoon attire already? I mean it will be July so its not too far away. I can just see myself going out to dinner in this beautiful multicoloured pastel creation or prancing along the beach in this cute dip hem skirt. It will be my first holiday as  Mrs, so I need to look stylish dont I! Have you bought anything from Lashes of London?

Much Love,


Yes I am on a mission to finish things! As I stated in Wednesday's post I've been focusing a lot more on trying to condense down my stash of beauty products. Once it is down to a reasonable size  - What I mean buy that is not owning multiples of certain products. So one of each thing.. I will then start with the 'One in, One out' rule. Sad I know, but I'm actually excited to have a smaller collection of products! Over time I have realised there is NO NEED to own lots and lots of products. I really cringe when I see videos on youtube now with huge beauty collections. I just think its a bit silly! No one needs that amount of makeup!  Anyways mini rant over... on to the products I have used up!

Starting with hair care. The standard dry shampoos featuring in these sorts of posts. We all use it and go through it fairly quickly. I'm not a huge fan of the original scent and actually favour the Tropical one! The XXL Volume does give volume but it does bug me that my hair feels horrible after using it! So I probably wont be buying it again! It feels as though I have had the Sammy Fat hairThickening spray for an absolute age - well in all honest I have had it a long time - I always used this when blowdrying my hair. It provided me with volume and a little more texture to my locks which I love. I would repurchase this however I have a drawer of haircare products that need to be used so I wont be buying it again in the near future. It is a good product though and I do recommend it if you want to add a bit of omph into your hair! It works really well if you use the Remington Keratin Therapy pro volume brush after!  I'm quite sad to feature the John Masters deep scalp follicle treatment in this post. It is pricey at £21 but I feel as though it really improved the condition of my hair and helped it grow. I noticed a lot of people commented on how nice my hair looked while I used this. There was also a lot less hair fall out when I washed my hair. Gross I know but I think we all suffer with it when running the conditioner through our locks and finding strands of hair left on the comb! If I wasn't being so careful with my money at the moment I would have snapped up another bottle as soon as this one ran out. Unfortunately my hair will have to wait, u!  

On to the other items. I bought the Naked Coco De Mer body wash on the recommendation of Sarah who loves this scent. I agree it is lovely! I love the Naked products because they aren't full off all the nasty chemicals so I know I'm treating my hair /body with kindness! Unfortunately this shower gel finished way quicker than intended as my two sisters decided to use it too! It's obviously a winner in the Amor household!
I was sad to say goodbye to my Urban decay All Nighter setting spray. (review here) This will be a repurchase next payday for sure. It is a must have in my eyes and works so well. If you haven't tried this before and want your make up to stay looking fresh all day, this is what you need!
Finally we have a makeup item. Now I don't have much to say about this Revlon photo ready airbrush foundation as I didn't get to use it for very long. Not sure if I had a dudd one or not but it seemed to run out very quickly. I had it in my stash untouched, so decided to give it a go. After about 3 weeks it stopped dispersing product - and i'm not one to go over board on the foundation, So i'm not sure why it didn't last very long! I cant get anymore out. From the times when I did use it though, i felt it was a good foundation, it covered any discolouration and lasted fairly well on my skin. Admittedly I wasn't a big fan of the feeling of the mousse. It just felt odd! I dont know if I would give this a go as there are other foundations I prefer!

That's it for my empties for the past month or so. I'm so glad to be getting through some of my full sized products. You don't realise untill you start condensing them down a little, just how much room they take up!

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Much love,


Project Samples #5

Wednesday, 6 March 2013


Okay, Look at that box. That box FULL of samples. I haven't had a beauty box subscription for over a year now so why do I have so many left in that box? I'll be honest. I've been so wrapped up in trying to use up a lot of my full sized products (even more so now that Tom and I will be moving into a new place at the start of April) my Project samples challenge has taken a bit of a back seat! In a way, this is silly, as samples are small, you can use them up quickly. I mean some of the ones I have are sachets that can be used once and then they are finished! Why do I still have a box stashed full of them?! 

With that being said, I want to get back into the swing of using these samples up. Like I've said before its a great way to try out new items and are handy if you travelling. I'm not going away on any trips soon so I guess I will just have to trial them as and when over the next.... well however many weeks! In reality though,  it's another Glossybox full of stuff that I do not need to take with me into the new flat. I don't want to take clutter into the new place. It's bigger than the flat we rented previously. However I would like to avoid falling into the trap of 'We have more room so lets cram it with more stuff' attitude!

 I want to have a bit of a decluttering session in regards to all my personal possessions really. Clothing, Makeup, shoes... random stuff etc. I started this this morning and am gradually sorting things out into piles to either donate to charity, sell or throw away. I mentioned previously that I want to create a capsule wardrobe. To set myself on the right track I am taking this opportunity to clear out anything I may be holding onto which I really don't need! Hopefully in due course I will have a wardrobe full of few good quality items I can mix and match, a makeup collection which houses a sensible amount of products, (the same goes for other beauty items in the bathroom) A handbag collection which includes a good few staple good quality handbags (god that will be a toughy, you know I love my handbags) and fingers crossed... no glossyboxes stashed with beauty samples hiding anywhere! 

Has anyone used up a load of samples recently? Or maybe you have some decluttering tips for me? Let me know in the comments! 

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Much Love, 



Remington Keratin Therapy Pro Volume - c/o Remington.

Say hello to my new favourite styling tool! The Remington Keratin Therapy Pro Volume Brush styler. I've wanted one of these hair tools ever since I saw Julies everyday hair routine video. Who doesn't want an easy to use appliance that gives you that 'blow dried just out of the salon' look. Not only do you look nice and polished, you just achieve so much volume from a good blow dry. Unfortunately because I am so cack handed I really fail at blow drying my hair properly into a 'style' with a round brush and hairdryer. So the Remington Keratin Therapy pro volume is a welcome addition to my hair tool stash.

Okay so onto the facts... The barrel is pretty large as I expected, 45mm to be exact. As you can see in the images above the plastic bristles are mixed in sizes, ensuring that you have get a good hold on your locks when using the tool. The keratin ceramic plates have a number of pros about them, firstly by having the ceramic coating it means that they condition your hair while styling. You don't fry your hair as much as you would using other tools. I try not to use heat on my hair that often these days, however when I do sometimes I do get that feeling that I've just sucked the life out of my hair and instantly regret deciding to do something with it! It also has two heat settings 120 or 180. It's not too bad at heating up quickly once switched on, but then it isn't the fastest hair tool I've tried. One thing I do love about it - purely because in the mornings I'm still half asleep when leaving for work, and forget things - is that it has an automatic shut off after 60 mins. Result! I wont be burning down the new place, if I leave it on when I'm done in the mornings!

Whats the best way to use it? Well I simply spritz my hair with a heat protectant and section it, starting with the bottom of my hair. I then split that into 4 smaller sections. I find working with smaller sections of hair a lot easier. I did try bigger ones at first, however I found I got the hair stuck in the brush. This then led to me sitting there annoyed with myself that I'd gone in all guns blazing for a 'quick style' rather than taking my time and doing it right!
So once you have your sections, I take the brush and curl/wind the brush in the direction towards my face. This way I achieve more of a Kate Middleton look rather than Farrah Fawcett! You don't have to hold it in position for too long. My one tip would be to make sure the bottom bristles are away from the other bits of hair on your head or else when you unravel the brush you might get it stuck and then you will be a tangled mess! The added bonus of the bristles though is that you can sort of rest it on your head while it heats and you wont burn yourself, its like a barrier. Once I've gone through all the sections of my hair and finished with the Remington Keratin Therapy Pro Volume Styler, I shake my hair about, run my fingers through it. Mess it up a bit. This makes it look a little 'less done' which is the look I prefer.  Then spritz with hairspray!


As you can see above I achieved a lot of volume in my hair! By using this tool it really shows off the layers I have had cut in, it has given me some amazing volume therefore it is definitley doing what is says on the tin box. I guess you could stay this particular styler gives you the same sort of look as hair rollers however - in my opinion - is easier to use, The whole process takes me less than 10 minutes to complete the entire look, so its perfect for in the mornings or if Im going out on a spontanious meal in the evening and want to look like I've made a bit of an effort!

Now the best part. The pro volume styler isn't expensive AT ALL, it is currently on offer at Boots for £22.99. Even if there arent any deals about you can still pick it up for less than £30. Compared to some other tools on the market that is such a good price. What would stop you going and purchasing?

Much Love,