Recent Empty / Finished beauty Products #3

Friday, 8 March 2013


Yes I am on a mission to finish things! As I stated in Wednesday's post I've been focusing a lot more on trying to condense down my stash of beauty products. Once it is down to a reasonable size  - What I mean buy that is not owning multiples of certain products. So one of each thing.. I will then start with the 'One in, One out' rule. Sad I know, but I'm actually excited to have a smaller collection of products! Over time I have realised there is NO NEED to own lots and lots of products. I really cringe when I see videos on youtube now with huge beauty collections. I just think its a bit silly! No one needs that amount of makeup!  Anyways mini rant over... on to the products I have used up!

Starting with hair care. The standard dry shampoos featuring in these sorts of posts. We all use it and go through it fairly quickly. I'm not a huge fan of the original scent and actually favour the Tropical one! The XXL Volume does give volume but it does bug me that my hair feels horrible after using it! So I probably wont be buying it again! It feels as though I have had the Sammy Fat hairThickening spray for an absolute age - well in all honest I have had it a long time - I always used this when blowdrying my hair. It provided me with volume and a little more texture to my locks which I love. I would repurchase this however I have a drawer of haircare products that need to be used so I wont be buying it again in the near future. It is a good product though and I do recommend it if you want to add a bit of omph into your hair! It works really well if you use the Remington Keratin Therapy pro volume brush after!  I'm quite sad to feature the John Masters deep scalp follicle treatment in this post. It is pricey at £21 but I feel as though it really improved the condition of my hair and helped it grow. I noticed a lot of people commented on how nice my hair looked while I used this. There was also a lot less hair fall out when I washed my hair. Gross I know but I think we all suffer with it when running the conditioner through our locks and finding strands of hair left on the comb! If I wasn't being so careful with my money at the moment I would have snapped up another bottle as soon as this one ran out. Unfortunately my hair will have to wait, u!  

On to the other items. I bought the Naked Coco De Mer body wash on the recommendation of Sarah who loves this scent. I agree it is lovely! I love the Naked products because they aren't full off all the nasty chemicals so I know I'm treating my hair /body with kindness! Unfortunately this shower gel finished way quicker than intended as my two sisters decided to use it too! It's obviously a winner in the Amor household!
I was sad to say goodbye to my Urban decay All Nighter setting spray. (review here) This will be a repurchase next payday for sure. It is a must have in my eyes and works so well. If you haven't tried this before and want your make up to stay looking fresh all day, this is what you need!
Finally we have a makeup item. Now I don't have much to say about this Revlon photo ready airbrush foundation as I didn't get to use it for very long. Not sure if I had a dudd one or not but it seemed to run out very quickly. I had it in my stash untouched, so decided to give it a go. After about 3 weeks it stopped dispersing product - and i'm not one to go over board on the foundation, So i'm not sure why it didn't last very long! I cant get anymore out. From the times when I did use it though, i felt it was a good foundation, it covered any discolouration and lasted fairly well on my skin. Admittedly I wasn't a big fan of the feeling of the mousse. It just felt odd! I dont know if I would give this a go as there are other foundations I prefer!

That's it for my empties for the past month or so. I'm so glad to be getting through some of my full sized products. You don't realise untill you start condensing them down a little, just how much room they take up!

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