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Saturday, 16 March 2013


You all know I'm saving for a wedding, moving house and trying to condense my beauty collections down. However I still have that little voice at the back of my mind trying to tempt me to whip my debit card out and treat myself to some bits and bobs. Above are just a few products that have been on my mind for a while. I've done really well foundation wise with sticking with what I own and waiting till all tubes/bottles are finished before buying something new. However I feel I may cave when it comes to the Laura Mercier silk cream foundation. I cant go a day without reading a post or watching a video where this is mentioned, it just makes me want it more as its all up in my face all the time! Does anyone else feel like this? We do have a counter in my local town so I may go get matched up. I'm looking for a 'special' foundation that will be my wedding day makeup, Im not sure if this would be suitable or not but its worth a try. Or if anyone can suggest a foundation for my wedding day, please let me know in the comments.

I've also seen a fair few people mention the new Nars Eyeshadow palette. Now I am a fan of Nars, however I feel that 'The Happening' palette would be more suitable and value for money for me. It looks like the perfect travel palette, You've got your blush, your bronzer and 4 beautiful eyeshadows to choose from. Who wouldn't love that? In some reviews I've seen people moan that Orgasm and Laguna were included in this palette, however Im pretty pleased because I've always wanted to try them both. Perfect excuse to get it non?

My favourite Boots no7 highlighter is literally on  it's last legs, I keep dropping it so bits are smashing off - why I dont learn to be careful with products that are nearly finished I do not know! - When the Generation Q range from Illamasqua came out I had my eye on this highlighter, and yes its still in the back of my mind, and yes I have other highlighters in my collection already that I could use...but I'm Leanne and I am dying to make some beauty purchases! From the swatches I've seen it looks really pretty and well, I just want to own it! 

Finally we have a haircare item. I've heard Kate from Gh0stparties talk about the Phyto Range before and the Actif hair volumiser is something I really want to try. Spray in for instant volume? Yes please! Admittedly I already own a lot of hair products in my collection and it will be a fair while until I condense that lot down, but like I said. I want to get my beauty purchase fix! 

If you're someone who's being careful with their spending at the moment, do you get urges like these?
Just you wait, come next week I'll be tweeting saying 'Oops' and instragraming a picture of my goodies... Unless the Angel on my shoulder gets her way. ;-) 

Much Love,


  1. Ooooh that NARS palette is so nice, swooon!

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  2. That nars palette is on my wish list too, it's so pretty! Woudl love some laura mercier in my life as well

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  3. The highlighter looks so beautiful, I love their packaging too xx


  4. I am truly in love with the LM foundation..you should try it!x

  5. I really want to try the LM foundation too...it's next on my list! If you can get a sample, try Armani Luminous Silk foundation as a potential wedding foundation. It is so so gorgeous on the skin, gives a beautiful luminosity without looking greasy or shiny and photographs beautifully. I know a lot of brides have worn it and loved it xx

  6. That NARS palette looks stunning! There are so many NARS products on my wish list at the moment, when I visited Space NK I had a bit of a swatching sesh and I'm amazed that I just walked away with the Laguna Bronzer ;P x

  7. I can vouch for the fact that the Laura Mercier foundation is amazing - I only wear mine on special occasions though as expensive lol xx

  8. that palette is beautiful! x


  9. I feel exactly the same about the LM foundation! I should finish up other foundations I have before purchasing another one but I might cave in for the Silk Creme. The problem is: there's not even a counter in my city and I can only order it online - because of this I'm thinking twice before purchasing it actually.
    Illamasqua Aurora intrigues me a lot as well (but I'm trying not to buy more highlighters)

  10. I've just bought that Highlighter! it looks incredible! xx

    Gemma ♥ | Miss Makeup Magpie

  11. I really really REALLY want that NARS palette ahhh cries!


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