The weather can't make it's mind up at the moment. One minute it's raining the next it's warm and the sun is shining. That being said, the appearance of the sun has made me really excited for the warmer months, especially seeing as my wedding and honeymoon is only few months away now. Ah exciting! Now is the time where I think about getting myself ready to expose a little more skin than my usual jeans and jumper reveals! Out come the skirts and vest tops...meaning I've got some work to do! :-)


Firstly, prep your skin. It's been in hiding all these months under trousers, tights and coats. The chances are it needs some TLC. Make sure you exfoliate using a scrub, Soap and Glory do some amazing scented ones, Breakfast scrub is my favourite, pair that with a moisturising body wash and body butter after you shower and bobs your uncle, your skin. Will be looking in tip top condition in no time!


Now I am partial to a bit of fake tan, however I personally find gradual tanners a lot easier to use. Slather them on after a shower/before bed and your done. They are basically moisturisers with added tanning properties, you have control over how dark you want to go and don't have to worry about it fading patchy (as long as you moisturise everywhere!) Once you achieve the colour desired you can switch back to your regular moisturiser for a few days before you need to top up again. My preferred gradual tanner of choice at the moment is the one from HeShi. I discovered this last summer when it popped up less than the RRP in TKmaxx. I instantly fell in love, it builds up to a beautiful sun kissed tan after just a few applications. It does have that slight fake tan smell but I've used others that were a lot worse! I currently have two tubes on the go and will definitely be repurchasing when they run out.


I know some people don't like talking hair removal but hey, it's something most of us do and it's just part of our beauty routines! Not that I'm a hairy Mary in the colder months, but I feel it becomes a more important step into your routine when you know your legs are gonna be out and there's a chance you'll be sunning yourself by the pool in a bikini! I use a range of methods, from creams, shaving and waxing. With it being my wedding in July, then off on our honeymoon a few days later waxing is a preferred method in the summer. The time for re growth is longer compared to using a razor or cream. I don't particularly want to be worrying about it when I'm sunning myself on a beach! The longer I can leave it between each time the better. If I was better organised and had the funds to spare I could have thought about laser hair removal at somewhere like Sk:n Clinic, then I wouldn't have to worry at all :-) Has anyone had laser hair removal before, I'm actually quite curious to know what it's like!

| FEET! | 

Another subject people aren't fond of discussing, but just like unwanted hair, we all have feet! Haha. Our feet are hidden away in boots and trainers all autumn winter, lets be honest they do get neglected! While we are still in this I between stage of whatever this weather is, I feel is the perfect time to get prepping. To start, once a week have a mini foot pamper session. Soak them in warm water with some soothing foot salts, grab a file and get rid of that hard skin (ew) then slather on the moisturiser. When you're in that routine start making small daily changes, before bed use a foot lotion Like S&G heel genius to keep your feet soft. For Christmas this year my mum got me the micro pedi. if you are someone who suffers with your feet you need it! It is amazing. You literally sand away hard skin from the bottoms of your feet. I know, I know it's gross but god, it makes such a difference. If you would like a review on the micro pedi then let me know in the comments.

These are just some little tips for you so you don't get caught short when the spring and summer actually arrives and your outfit choices mean a bit of flesh will be on show! If you have any tips yourself that you think would also be useful, do share them in the comments! Then we can all look beautiful together! :-)

Much Love, 

- Collaborative Post - 


After seeing some of my blogger friends instagramming photos from the Next Take Over event they recently attended, I found myself hopping across to their website to have a browse of some of their stock.
Now, I do like Next on the basis that you can have a flexible account, meaning the item is sent to you before parting with your cash. Giving you the chance to decide if you are happy with what you have ordered before fully committing  plus you can just return it to your local store, so no return fees occur. That's my kind of shopping! :-) Obviously if you want to keep it you pay your balance on your account, simples!

With that in mind I am extremely tempted to treat myself to both one pair of these cut out ballerina shoes. I'd seen similar ones in Topshop which I would have purchased, if their sizing fit me - Even their size 3's are too big for me! The combination of the pointed toe, small studs and cutout detailing that just draws me in. As the weather is getting a little warmer, I want to ditch my trusty boots for something a bit more spring like, and these fit the bill. I can just picture my outfit now... the fitted blazer, crisp white shirt, skinny jeans and these beauties on my feet, perfection!

You'll probably guess why the trapeze tote bag caught my eye, yes it has features similar to a certain designer handbag that I know a lot of people are lusting after. However what I like the most though was that it reminded me of a  leather tote bag Zara brought out a year or so ago, with the suede panels on each side. Something this bag also has with the addition of zip detailing - I like! I always hate it when you find a bag you like but then discover its from a past season and you can no longer purchase it! If I were to get this then I would be filling that void! - Because I really need more handbags right? It's a classic colour and design that would last you a long time, its hard to say no when youre as handbag obsessed as me! 

If you've seen my 'how to save money online' post then you will know that I am a big fan of Topcashback, Next is one of the retailers that work with TCB, so technically if I purchase through them I could get money back for my purchases.. justified? I think so.... 

Much Love, 


I dont know about you, but I favour making a cheeky purchase online rather than popping down to the shops. Not only is it quicker and easier, I can also make huge savings by shopping online, so of course I am going to favour it. Whether you're saving up for a big event in your life, or to treat yourself to a new designer handbag. You will probably be looking for opportunities where you cant save your pennies! I know I have. With my wedding this year I've been on a bit of a mission. I thought it would be a good idea to share some of my tips with you! I have thrown in some shopping in store tips too for good measure! 

Recently I have been obsessed with getting cashback for shopping online, not technically saving money but in a way you dont spend as much as you earn a small percentage back. There are numerous websites that offer cashback but my personal fave and the one I use is TopCashBack. Now I will start by saying you wont get cashback for everywhere you shop online. There are certain merchants that offer it. You simply have to type in the name and see if they offer a % back when you make a purchase. Sometimes you can get up to 10% cashback other times its a bit lower, it just depends on the retailer and if there's a special deal going on or not. All you have to do is go to the Topcashback website before you want to make a purchase, and click through to your chosen website via TCB. Your transaction will then be tracked and credit will go into your account once its all been completed. You dont instantly get the amount, it needs to pend, then be comfirmed before you can transfer it. I always go by the rule of 'Its not mine till its in my account' You never know what could happen. So far I have made back just under £200 from using TCB. I have my funds transfered into my paypal account but there are options to claim your cashback through Amazon or Love to shop vouchers. So it's whatever you would prefer really. The best thing is theres no minimum payout required. So even if you have a fiver in your account that is ready to be transfered you can just do it! I highly recommend it if you are someone who shops online a lot. You'll slowly (or quickly depending how frequently you shop) see the pennies adding up.

Possibly quite an obvious point to make but I thought I would throw it in anyway. If you're not in a rush for whatever you've purchased, why pay for delivery? Most retailers offer some form of free delivery option either to your chosen address or to your local store. I've found that most of the time the free delivery takes the exact same time as the standard £3.75 delivery most places offer. I cant remember the last time I actually paid for delivery online. Again if you are somone who shops online really regularly just think of how much that extra £3.75 (or sometimes even more) adds up to after youve just had a little online splurge!

Again another no-brainer, but I'm sure there are some people out there that completely forget about looking for a discount code when they want to purchase something online. If you are a regular reader of my blog then you will know that on the odd occassion I put together a post with all the discount codes I can find and share them with you. You can read Aprils post here. If you dont want to wait on me to add them each month - because I admit I dont do it every month. Simply whack in discount codes into good ol' google and hunt them down.


Im pretty sure you all have loyaltycards but hey, I thought I would throw it in here anyway. Like me, you probably have  a nice selection of loyalty cards in your purse. Do you use them each time you shop? I admit sometimes I forget! Think of those points you're missing out on! Loyalty cards are just as important when it comes to shopping online. If you have Nectar and Boots loyalty cards then you can gain points by shopping online. Points = Free money! If you dont want to earn cashback for your online purchase and would rather gain some points then head to Boots Treat Street or Nectar online before you make your purchase to gain some points on your account. I know with Nectar you can earn double or triple points from different retailers which is always something to look out for.

You're on facebook, You use twitter. Do you folllow your favourite brands on both? More often than not brands will use these two platforms to inform their fans of discount codes or offers they have going on. They also run competitions for their fans, so you could make a huge saving if you were to win a comp they are hosting! A lot of brands offer a percentage off your orders if you sign up to their newsletters which is the first reason why you should type your email address in the box. The second would be, that by signing up to the newsletter you will be in the know for any deals or discounts they have going on first!
I hope these tips have been helpful and you can apply them next time you do some online shopping! If you have any tips or tricks to save money online, then pop them in the comments! ;-)

Much Love,

Review : Caudalie Divine Oil

Tuesday, 16 April 2013

I've dabbled in a few of Caudalies products thanks to beauty boxes in the past. I always love it when I get a sample size of a product to try before fully committing to the full sized options, and parting with my hard earned cash. I got hold of this sample of the  Caudalie Divine Oil after spotting an offer on facebook. I'd heard so many good things about the product I couldn't wait to give it a go.
When I remember to, I reach for a moisturising lotion or body butter after showering to treat my skin, however I can be quite slack with it purely on the basis that I am impatient and hate waiting for it to all sink in. This is where my love for the Caudalie Divine Oil starts, as it is in oil it doesn't take long to apply in the first place thanks to the spray nozzle. You can disperse the product evenly and quickly onto your skin. Secondly it sinks/melts into your skin quickly, meaning I'm not waiting around waiting to get dressed and I can just spritz all over my body, towel dry my hair and then throw on my clothes straight away! Winner!

The scent isn't too overpowering in my opinion but I know everyone will be different.I love that it does last on my skin throughout the day though. I noticed an improvement in my skin after a few uses, it definitely felt a lot more moisturised and soft. This is sold as a multi-use oil, so you can also use it to treat the ends of your hair and your cuticles, however I haven't tried using those ways yet. I'm enjoying it far too much as a body oil!
Retailing at £25 from Look Fantastic it is rather steep for a multi-use oil, especially as there are others available on the highstreet which a little more budget friendly. For that reason I don't think I will be purchasing the full sized oil based on the fact I simply cannot afford to at the moment. Not to say I don't like it, I really do but I have my priorities where my money needs to go first. Maybe it will be one of my treat products that I can treat myself with, when it suits my bank balance a little better! :-)
Have you tried the Caudlie divine oil or maybe a highstreet alternative? Let me know in the comments. :-)

Much Love,


Stila Convertible Color Trio "Cool" 

I'm a blusher fiend. I love blushers! My collection isnt anywhere near as excesive as some, however I do own more blush products than the average non blogger person! Cream blushers are my weakness, I just get drawn into them. Stila are well known for their convertible color blushers. I first dabled in them last year when I got the shade Petunia. (Post here) Since then, I've always had it in the back of my mind that I would pick up a few other shades. When I was browsing Space NK I came across the Convetible color trios. I instantly added it to my lust list, telling myself I could maybe treat myself at the end of the month.... Fast forward a few days later and after having rubbish time over the Easter weekend so I went ahead and made a cheeky purchase. Treat buying at it's best, eh?

These convertible color trios are limited edition. Both palettes include 3 covertible colors, there's a 'cool' palette and a 'warm palette. I picked up the 'Cool' one.  Each contatins 2 favourite shades already avaliable from Stila, then an additional Limited Edition shade. In my case Cherry Blossom is a new shade, Lillium and Peony original shades. Cherry blossom is a blue toned pink, where as Lillum is more of a nude/coral shade and Peony are more of a pinky brown shade. You pretty much get the best of all worlds with this palette, you've got 3 different shades for a bargain price.  It comes in a sleek black palette, its quite small but makes it ideal for when you travel and want to take a few blushes with you. The large mirror inside is also ideal for when you are on the move.


I would have included photos of the blushers on my face, however I just couldnt get a good photo! So Im afraid arm swatches it had to be! On the left I heavy swatched each shade, as you can see they are really pigmented and admittedly a bit scary, however I then I took my real techniques stippling brush with less product and blended them,which really is what you would actually be doing on your face! What I like best about the Stila Convertible colors, and what is clear to see here, is that the blushers are buildable. So whether youre someone who prefers a very light flush of colour or you prefer to be a bit bolder with your cheeks, you can adapt the product to suit your needs.

These are convertible colors, so if you want you can use them as lip colours, however I personally just prefer to use them on my cheeks. The consistancy of the product is really creamy, they are so blendable! My tool of choice is the Real Techniques stippling brush as mentioned before. You can use your fingers to apply them, however I feel I have more control if I use a brush!

Stila_Convertible_color_trio_palette_limited_edition_review_size_comparisonI've included a photo compared to the regular sized covertible color you can purchase. As you can see the blushers in the trio are smaller. They are 7oz whereas the full sized convertible colors are 15oz, The palette retails for £23, the regular convertible colors are £16 each so personally for me I think you are getting a pretty decent deal for 3 small blushers. I think these would be a great idea if youre someone who has wanted to try the stila convertible colors but you cant decide which shade you want, or you had a couple in mind and conveniently they the two shades in one of the palettes!

You can purchase the Stila convertible color trios from Beauty Bay (Which is where I got mine from and chose the free delivery option. Winner!) or the Stila UK Website. They have popped up on SpaceNK but its hit and miss when they are in stock!

I'm not going to lie, I am so tempted to pick up the 'warm' shade palette. Not that I need anymore blushers but I have been so impressed with the shades in this palette and think they are great value for money. Who could resist?

Much Love.

Currently Loving : Mint Madness

Friday, 12 April 2013


I know Neon accents are the 'in' thing at the moment. But personally I cant say no to a bit of pastel. Theres just something so pretty and feminine about pastel shades. Whether you incorporate them into your wardrobe via clothes or accessories, its a great way to get yourself set up and in the mood for spring / summer.

Admittedly I do favour a good pop of colour from the accessories I am wearing over an item of clothing. However I have recently become a bit of a skater skirt fan, I can wear them to work, dress them up for an evening and you can get them in a variety of colours! I must own them all! This mint number from internationale would be perfect and it doesn't break the bank! I also love the classic style of this Olivia Burton watch, its just really girly! I do own a silver Michael Kors watch, but I'll be honest I don't wear it that  often, sometimes I just think it looks a bit big on my tiny wrists! I havent purchased a nail varnish in so long that of course I am lusting after this mint number from Topshop, while I'm there I may as well pick up the gold fleck jumper too right? I do love slightly fitted jumpers for the days where I want to look casual but put together, does that even make sense? Anyway, I really like the gold leaf detailing on the front and for once its at a fairly affordable price! :-) 

I feel the best way to accessorize with a pop of colour though, is with a handbag. The two above are both from a brand called Pieces which you can find on ASOS, Zalando and other 'department store-esque' websites. I love the tote bag, its big enough to carry all the useless rubbish I like to lug around with me on a daily basis, and its quite a simple design so wouldn't detract away from a super stylish outfit! I don't actually own many satchels as the ones I've seen always seem quite big, I do like this small mint one would be perfect for the spring/summer months for days when I don't want to carry too much around! - although those days are very rare! 

Much Love, 

Rediscovering Beauty Faves #4

Wednesday, 10 April 2013


Once again, I had a switch around the last month or so and rediscovered some old faves! I've gone from enjoying using my powder and mineral blushers to my cream blushers recently, I find it much easier to 'hit pan' on a cream blush than powder! I bought this Bobbi Brown cream blush in 'Fresh Melon' (that can also be used on your lips) on a trip to Cardiff last year. In fact Charli and I both purchased it, it sat in my makeup drawers for a while unloved, and now I ask myself why because it is such a beautiful shade! The peachy/apricot shade is great for an everyday blush, it gives a beautiful dewy finish that just looks so nice! You could apply this with your fingers, with it being a cream formula, however I prefer to use the Real Techniques stippling brush. I really think I Should purchase another one of these because i do use it A LOT, I particularly feel it works brilliantly with cream products!  

To go alongside my dewy cheeks, I've been favouring the Loreal Lumi Magique primer for a base underneath my foundation. I go through phases of wanting a matte/dewy/radiant looking skin. There are other Luminating primers I would like to try, however this one is a good affordable one to have in my makeup bag at the moment. It's gives me a subtle glow, which I like. I haven't tried any other luminating primers so I don't know how it compares. I should rectify that really shouldn't I! Any suggestions?

Finally my faithful Nars Pleasures of Paris palette came out of hiding. This particular palette is limited edition but I have noticed it appears on the Nars Website every so often. It isn't on there now, but in a month or two it may appear again. If you want to see the shades you can view them in this post.  Nepal and Abyssinia have been my go to shades for an everyday shimmer/peach eye look! I do think I should make more of an effort to use Violetta and Demon Row though, those two purple shades don't really get much attention! I do still want The happening palette. It would be a good way to introduce myself to the world of Nars blushers and bronzers with the extra added bonus of 4 new eye-shadows to play with. It's just a lot of money for a palette! Anyone want to buy it for me as a present?

Tonight I am off to the the AX Paris event which I am really excited about. It sounds as though its going to be an amazing event. Circus Performers on tables!? How fab! Really looking forward to seeing some familiar blogging ladies faces and meet some new ones! If you're going and see me do say hi! I've lost track of who is going, but judging by my twitter feed there are a lot of ladies I haven't had the chance to meet going so it should be good! :-) Just hope I can navigate my way around successfully and not miss my train home!

Much love,


My Mac Lipstick Collection.

Monday, 8 April 2013


WOAH, What is that 4 Mac lipsticks?.... and I call myself a beauty blogger? Shouldn't I own at least 10? I'm not someone who wears lipstick on a daily basis, I only really wear it when I remember. This is something I have touched base on before and is something I plan to rectify! However, I thought it would be a nice post to put together and share with you this small but perfectly formed selection of Mac Lipsticks in my collection. One lipstick is actually missing and that is 'Snob'. My first Mac lipstick purchase, I havent worn it in ages and I actually have no clue where it has dissapeared to so couldnt feature it in this post I am afraid!


Mac Angel | Frost

Mac Angel is a 'go to' colour for me. It was the second Mac Lipstick I purchased. I did buy it from a blog sale because I just couldnt justify the price. It is a Frost finish, which doesnt exactly mean you're walking around a la Courtney Stodden however there is a slight frosty/shimmery look to it. The colour payoff is great, this particular shade is a 'my lips but better' shade. I also bought Nars Turkish Delight to wear over the top as it is known to be Kim Kardashians Go-To shade. If I remember correctly that was the sole reason for getting this lippy! Out of all my Mac Lipsticks I would say this is one I reach for the most. For a cheaper alternative try Avons 'pout' lipstick. I'm unsure if it's still in the brochure but you can get it in Ebay.


Lazy Day | Lustre

Another blogsale purchase, You'd think this was my most used due to what is left of it, however because I bought it from a blog sale the amount of product left varies! This particular lipstick is from the 'To the beach' collection back in 2010. Mac Lazy day is a lustre finish, meaning it is slightly sheer with decent colour payoff, and gives a glossy finish to your lips, you dont need to add any lipgloss on top of this. You could say this was another 'my lips but better' shade but it is slightly more baby pink on me. It isnt part of the permanent line, hopefully they will release it again in a future collection as it is one of my faves. I have seen online that NYX Sky pink is a good duplicate for this lipstick and is fairly cheap to get on ebay.

Please Me | Matte

This is my one and only Matte lipstick from Mac. The colour payoff is brilliant, however I do prefer to lightly apply it to my lips on the days I do reach for it. You do have to ensure your lips are well prepped before using this lipstick as it can be quite drying due to the matte formula!  Please me is a darker shade of pink than I usually wear, so it is a shade I pick when I feeling a little braver. I know that sounds silly but im used to wearing paler shades. Apparently a cheaper alternative to this is Tea Rose from NYX which you can get on Ebay.


Cut a Caper | Lustre

This was my most recent Mac lipstick purchase. I admit I was sucked into the hype with this one. It came out in one of the more recent collections - I cant remember which - and so many people were desperate to get their hands on it. So naturally I got sucked into the hype and purchased it. This is the only Mac Lipstick I have ever paid full price for! It is a lustre finish, so as mentioned before it has great pigmentation and the overall look of the lipstick on your lips it quite glossy. Cut a caper is a gorgeous coral shade which will be worn a lot during the summer months!

As you can see, I do play it quite safe with my colour choices! In comaprison to Charlis post on her Mac lipstick collection, I definitely shy away from a bolder lip! I dont really have any intention of expanding my mac lipstick collection. I'm more of a blusher fan over lip products, however I would love to know what lipsticks you own from Mac, or if you have a post/video on your mac lipstick collection then do leave a link in the comments so I can have a nose!

Much Love
Carrying on with my mission to own a smaller, more manageable collection of beauty products, I recently decided to crack down on my lip products. If you are a long time follower you may remember this post, where I gave myself a talking to. I was on my best behavior for a month or so and then it all went downhill and my collection grew a little more. As I've said before 2013 is the year I make sensible choices with my beauty items and get it all down to a more realistic size for one person!

Previously I downsized my nail varnish collection. If you missed that post you can have a read of it here. However today its all about the lip products, here is how I managed to cut down my collection.

First I had a look through my lipgloss collection and threw away any that had been there for a long time. All makeup has an expiry date, and those Barry M lipglosses weren't smelling as sweet as they did when I first purchased! In the bin they went. In my opinion, if you cant remember how long you've owned said makeup product, you've probably owned it longer than its expiry date, and it should go! If in doubt, give it a quick sniff, if it doesn't smell right I would just chuck it! By doing this step I managed to get rid of a lot of lipglosses. My lipgloss collection wasn't that big to start with anyway - I'm not even a massive lipgloss fan! That meant my lipgloss collection was sorted!

Moving on and to tackle my lipstick collection, I created 3 separate piles.
One for my favourite lipsticks. The ones I do reach for when I remember to add lipstick into my morning makeup routine or chuck into my handbag! Obviously these particular lipsticks would be staying in my collection for sure!

A second pile for the lipsticks I never wear, Ones I bought on a whim, or shades that I just know don't suit me. With these lipsticks I opted to offer them to my mum, sisters and friends. No beauty lover will turn down free makeup items! My sister took the bulk of these lipsticks, she wears it more often then me!
Finally I created a pile of lipsticks that I do like, but I just don't reach for enough. These were automatically put in a separate container to sit near 'getting ready area' in an effort to use them more. If they are directly in front of me and I don't have to go searching for them, I will hopefully start to use them more!


Now, I havent put them all with their names facing upwards because of some OCD thing. It's sort of like an experiment. So I want to use these particular lipsticks more regularly in my routine but also attempt to condense down my collection.

Therefore my plan is that when I use one of these lipsticks, I will put it back into the container when Im done, the oppsite way around. Meaning they will be sat all snug in there with the lids exposed. If I remember to do this each time I use one of the lipsticks, it will get to the end of the month (or 2) and there will be a high possibility I will still be able to read some of the names of a couple of lipsticks.  This will mean that I didnt once touch that lipstick, therefore Its not getting used at all and I don't need it in my collection. I will then offer it to my sister, mum or a friend who will get more use out of it.  Make sense?

I think this is a tip you could possibly incorporate into other items of makeup in your collection. It depends just how ruthless you want to be! At present I still have more lipsticks than I really need, but I have managed to get rid of a few so far using the steps above and that's a mini achievement for me.

Let me know if you've done something similar or are planning to! After all  who really needs 50+ lipsticks in their lives?

Much Love

Top - Newlook
Jeans - Newlook
Converse - c/o Zalando
Handbag (Pippa) - Modalu
Necklace - H&M

Oh Hello! Long time no see! This is no April Fools, I am infact typing up this post to go on my blog! As you may have noticed, I have been a bit absent of late. Life just comes first some times, and this little bit on the internet needs to be put on hold from time to time! Within that time I did give my blog a little bit of a makeover, What do you all think?

 Did everyone have a good easter? I still have some Easter eggs to polish off, I love my chocolate from the fridge, anyone else? You get such a satisfying 'Snap' when eating it that way, anyone else like this? Other than putting myself into a Chocolate coma, I havent really done much this weekend. It's been pretty lazy. I was in fact meant to be moving into the new place with Tom but thats one big complication thanks to the estate agents and we are currently waiting to hear whats going on with that! So instead I've literally just chilled on the sofa, watching various TV Programs and movies. So productive! There are points where I think that was a waste of a long weekend but at the same time I think it was needed! This called for a pretty chilled outfit. I picked up this top in NewLook on Friday. At the time they were on offer for £7 each instead of £14.99 then with my added 25% off from my sister I got the two for £10.50. I love a good bargain! I wish I picked up more colours now!
Wearing Converse is that ultimate chilled out look, Ive wanted a pair for so long. Back the day I was a Vans Slip on fan - Yes I had the classic checked ones! But this light grey converse are a welcome addition to my wardrobe! Tom is slightly jelous and wants a pair himself, I may have to pick some up for him as it is his Birthday this month!

 I will be venturing outside today/tonight and not be a total hermit crab, as Tom and I are going to London to see the play 'Warhorse'. Im so excited, I bought the tickets for Tom as a Christmas present and now we can finally go! From what I have seen online the show looks to be a fab one! I think we are aiming to go a bit earlier to grab a bite to eat. Now I always see instagrams of amazing food when bloggers are in London so if anyone can suggest somewhere to go in the comments which is near the New London Theatre on Dury Lane, it would be appreciated!

Posts may still be a bit all over the place while I am still trying to organise my life/wedding/the move but I promise not to leave you all in the lurch again!

Enjoy the rest of your Easter Break!

Much love!