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Monday, 29 April 2013


The weather can't make it's mind up at the moment. One minute it's raining the next it's warm and the sun is shining. That being said, the appearance of the sun has made me really excited for the warmer months, especially seeing as my wedding and honeymoon is only few months away now. Ah exciting! Now is the time where I think about getting myself ready to expose a little more skin than my usual jeans and jumper reveals! Out come the skirts and vest tops...meaning I've got some work to do! :-)


Firstly, prep your skin. It's been in hiding all these months under trousers, tights and coats. The chances are it needs some TLC. Make sure you exfoliate using a scrub, Soap and Glory do some amazing scented ones, Breakfast scrub is my favourite, pair that with a moisturising body wash and body butter after you shower and bobs your uncle, your skin. Will be looking in tip top condition in no time!


Now I am partial to a bit of fake tan, however I personally find gradual tanners a lot easier to use. Slather them on after a shower/before bed and your done. They are basically moisturisers with added tanning properties, you have control over how dark you want to go and don't have to worry about it fading patchy (as long as you moisturise everywhere!) Once you achieve the colour desired you can switch back to your regular moisturiser for a few days before you need to top up again. My preferred gradual tanner of choice at the moment is the one from HeShi. I discovered this last summer when it popped up less than the RRP in TKmaxx. I instantly fell in love, it builds up to a beautiful sun kissed tan after just a few applications. It does have that slight fake tan smell but I've used others that were a lot worse! I currently have two tubes on the go and will definitely be repurchasing when they run out.


I know some people don't like talking hair removal but hey, it's something most of us do and it's just part of our beauty routines! Not that I'm a hairy Mary in the colder months, but I feel it becomes a more important step into your routine when you know your legs are gonna be out and there's a chance you'll be sunning yourself by the pool in a bikini! I use a range of methods, from creams, shaving and waxing. With it being my wedding in July, then off on our honeymoon a few days later waxing is a preferred method in the summer. The time for re growth is longer compared to using a razor or cream. I don't particularly want to be worrying about it when I'm sunning myself on a beach! The longer I can leave it between each time the better. If I was better organised and had the funds to spare I could have thought about laser hair removal at somewhere like Sk:n Clinic, then I wouldn't have to worry at all :-) Has anyone had laser hair removal before, I'm actually quite curious to know what it's like!

| FEET! | 

Another subject people aren't fond of discussing, but just like unwanted hair, we all have feet! Haha. Our feet are hidden away in boots and trainers all autumn winter, lets be honest they do get neglected! While we are still in this I between stage of whatever this weather is, I feel is the perfect time to get prepping. To start, once a week have a mini foot pamper session. Soak them in warm water with some soothing foot salts, grab a file and get rid of that hard skin (ew) then slather on the moisturiser. When you're in that routine start making small daily changes, before bed use a foot lotion Like S&G heel genius to keep your feet soft. For Christmas this year my mum got me the micro pedi. if you are someone who suffers with your feet you need it! It is amazing. You literally sand away hard skin from the bottoms of your feet. I know, I know it's gross but god, it makes such a difference. If you would like a review on the micro pedi then let me know in the comments.

These are just some little tips for you so you don't get caught short when the spring and summer actually arrives and your outfit choices mean a bit of flesh will be on show! If you have any tips yourself that you think would also be useful, do share them in the comments! Then we can all look beautiful together! :-)

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  1. I think i'm going to give that Heshi gradual tanner a go, since fake tanners aren't my cup of tea either. For feet i personally really like the fair trade foot lotion of Lush, which smells absolutely amazing.

  2. I'd love a full on review of the micro-pedi please :) I have a microplane at the moment - but I don't really have the muscles for all this manual labour ;) x

  3. This is the exact same routine as me, love getting into the summer feeling! xo

    Hannah xo| Glitter And Sparkle

  4. Great post. The only thing that I skip is the gradual taner, I'm pale but I don't mind.

    Miri xx

  5. I need that foot stuff ahaaa :P


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