Currently Loving : Mint Madness

Friday, 12 April 2013


I know Neon accents are the 'in' thing at the moment. But personally I cant say no to a bit of pastel. Theres just something so pretty and feminine about pastel shades. Whether you incorporate them into your wardrobe via clothes or accessories, its a great way to get yourself set up and in the mood for spring / summer.

Admittedly I do favour a good pop of colour from the accessories I am wearing over an item of clothing. However I have recently become a bit of a skater skirt fan, I can wear them to work, dress them up for an evening and you can get them in a variety of colours! I must own them all! This mint number from internationale would be perfect and it doesn't break the bank! I also love the classic style of this Olivia Burton watch, its just really girly! I do own a silver Michael Kors watch, but I'll be honest I don't wear it that  often, sometimes I just think it looks a bit big on my tiny wrists! I havent purchased a nail varnish in so long that of course I am lusting after this mint number from Topshop, while I'm there I may as well pick up the gold fleck jumper too right? I do love slightly fitted jumpers for the days where I want to look casual but put together, does that even make sense? Anyway, I really like the gold leaf detailing on the front and for once its at a fairly affordable price! :-) 

I feel the best way to accessorize with a pop of colour though, is with a handbag. The two above are both from a brand called Pieces which you can find on ASOS, Zalando and other 'department store-esque' websites. I love the tote bag, its big enough to carry all the useless rubbish I like to lug around with me on a daily basis, and its quite a simple design so wouldn't detract away from a super stylish outfit! I don't actually own many satchels as the ones I've seen always seem quite big, I do like this small mint one would be perfect for the spring/summer months for days when I don't want to carry too much around! - although those days are very rare! 

Much Love,