How to : Save money when shopping online & in store.

Thursday, 18 April 2013


I dont know about you, but I favour making a cheeky purchase online rather than popping down to the shops. Not only is it quicker and easier, I can also make huge savings by shopping online, so of course I am going to favour it. Whether you're saving up for a big event in your life, or to treat yourself to a new designer handbag. You will probably be looking for opportunities where you cant save your pennies! I know I have. With my wedding this year I've been on a bit of a mission. I thought it would be a good idea to share some of my tips with you! I have thrown in some shopping in store tips too for good measure! 

Recently I have been obsessed with getting cashback for shopping online, not technically saving money but in a way you dont spend as much as you earn a small percentage back. There are numerous websites that offer cashback but my personal fave and the one I use is TopCashBack. Now I will start by saying you wont get cashback for everywhere you shop online. There are certain merchants that offer it. You simply have to type in the name and see if they offer a % back when you make a purchase. Sometimes you can get up to 10% cashback other times its a bit lower, it just depends on the retailer and if there's a special deal going on or not. All you have to do is go to the Topcashback website before you want to make a purchase, and click through to your chosen website via TCB. Your transaction will then be tracked and credit will go into your account once its all been completed. You dont instantly get the amount, it needs to pend, then be comfirmed before you can transfer it. I always go by the rule of 'Its not mine till its in my account' You never know what could happen. So far I have made back just under £200 from using TCB. I have my funds transfered into my paypal account but there are options to claim your cashback through Amazon or Love to shop vouchers. So it's whatever you would prefer really. The best thing is theres no minimum payout required. So even if you have a fiver in your account that is ready to be transfered you can just do it! I highly recommend it if you are someone who shops online a lot. You'll slowly (or quickly depending how frequently you shop) see the pennies adding up.

Possibly quite an obvious point to make but I thought I would throw it in anyway. If you're not in a rush for whatever you've purchased, why pay for delivery? Most retailers offer some form of free delivery option either to your chosen address or to your local store. I've found that most of the time the free delivery takes the exact same time as the standard £3.75 delivery most places offer. I cant remember the last time I actually paid for delivery online. Again if you are somone who shops online really regularly just think of how much that extra £3.75 (or sometimes even more) adds up to after youve just had a little online splurge!

Again another no-brainer, but I'm sure there are some people out there that completely forget about looking for a discount code when they want to purchase something online. If you are a regular reader of my blog then you will know that on the odd occassion I put together a post with all the discount codes I can find and share them with you. You can read Aprils post here. If you dont want to wait on me to add them each month - because I admit I dont do it every month. Simply whack in discount codes into good ol' google and hunt them down.


Im pretty sure you all have loyaltycards but hey, I thought I would throw it in here anyway. Like me, you probably have  a nice selection of loyalty cards in your purse. Do you use them each time you shop? I admit sometimes I forget! Think of those points you're missing out on! Loyalty cards are just as important when it comes to shopping online. If you have Nectar and Boots loyalty cards then you can gain points by shopping online. Points = Free money! If you dont want to earn cashback for your online purchase and would rather gain some points then head to Boots Treat Street or Nectar online before you make your purchase to gain some points on your account. I know with Nectar you can earn double or triple points from different retailers which is always something to look out for.

You're on facebook, You use twitter. Do you folllow your favourite brands on both? More often than not brands will use these two platforms to inform their fans of discount codes or offers they have going on. They also run competitions for their fans, so you could make a huge saving if you were to win a comp they are hosting! A lot of brands offer a percentage off your orders if you sign up to their newsletters which is the first reason why you should type your email address in the box. The second would be, that by signing up to the newsletter you will be in the know for any deals or discounts they have going on first!
I hope these tips have been helpful and you can apply them next time you do some online shopping! If you have any tips or tricks to save money online, then pop them in the comments! ;-)

Much Love,