My Mac Lipstick Collection.

Monday, 8 April 2013


WOAH, What is that 4 Mac lipsticks?.... and I call myself a beauty blogger? Shouldn't I own at least 10? I'm not someone who wears lipstick on a daily basis, I only really wear it when I remember. This is something I have touched base on before and is something I plan to rectify! However, I thought it would be a nice post to put together and share with you this small but perfectly formed selection of Mac Lipsticks in my collection. One lipstick is actually missing and that is 'Snob'. My first Mac lipstick purchase, I havent worn it in ages and I actually have no clue where it has dissapeared to so couldnt feature it in this post I am afraid!


Mac Angel | Frost

Mac Angel is a 'go to' colour for me. It was the second Mac Lipstick I purchased. I did buy it from a blog sale because I just couldnt justify the price. It is a Frost finish, which doesnt exactly mean you're walking around a la Courtney Stodden however there is a slight frosty/shimmery look to it. The colour payoff is great, this particular shade is a 'my lips but better' shade. I also bought Nars Turkish Delight to wear over the top as it is known to be Kim Kardashians Go-To shade. If I remember correctly that was the sole reason for getting this lippy! Out of all my Mac Lipsticks I would say this is one I reach for the most. For a cheaper alternative try Avons 'pout' lipstick. I'm unsure if it's still in the brochure but you can get it in Ebay.


Lazy Day | Lustre

Another blogsale purchase, You'd think this was my most used due to what is left of it, however because I bought it from a blog sale the amount of product left varies! This particular lipstick is from the 'To the beach' collection back in 2010. Mac Lazy day is a lustre finish, meaning it is slightly sheer with decent colour payoff, and gives a glossy finish to your lips, you dont need to add any lipgloss on top of this. You could say this was another 'my lips but better' shade but it is slightly more baby pink on me. It isnt part of the permanent line, hopefully they will release it again in a future collection as it is one of my faves. I have seen online that NYX Sky pink is a good duplicate for this lipstick and is fairly cheap to get on ebay.

Please Me | Matte

This is my one and only Matte lipstick from Mac. The colour payoff is brilliant, however I do prefer to lightly apply it to my lips on the days I do reach for it. You do have to ensure your lips are well prepped before using this lipstick as it can be quite drying due to the matte formula!  Please me is a darker shade of pink than I usually wear, so it is a shade I pick when I feeling a little braver. I know that sounds silly but im used to wearing paler shades. Apparently a cheaper alternative to this is Tea Rose from NYX which you can get on Ebay.


Cut a Caper | Lustre

This was my most recent Mac lipstick purchase. I admit I was sucked into the hype with this one. It came out in one of the more recent collections - I cant remember which - and so many people were desperate to get their hands on it. So naturally I got sucked into the hype and purchased it. This is the only Mac Lipstick I have ever paid full price for! It is a lustre finish, so as mentioned before it has great pigmentation and the overall look of the lipstick on your lips it quite glossy. Cut a caper is a gorgeous coral shade which will be worn a lot during the summer months!

As you can see, I do play it quite safe with my colour choices! In comaprison to Charlis post on her Mac lipstick collection, I definitely shy away from a bolder lip! I dont really have any intention of expanding my mac lipstick collection. I'm more of a blusher fan over lip products, however I would love to know what lipsticks you own from Mac, or if you have a post/video on your mac lipstick collection then do leave a link in the comments so I can have a nose!

Much Love