Outfit: Comfy Casuals & Converse

Monday, 1 April 2013


Top - Newlook
Jeans - Newlook
Converse - c/o Zalando
Handbag (Pippa) - Modalu
Necklace - H&M

Oh Hello! Long time no see! This is no April Fools, I am infact typing up this post to go on my blog! As you may have noticed, I have been a bit absent of late. Life just comes first some times, and this little bit on the internet needs to be put on hold from time to time! Within that time I did give my blog a little bit of a makeover, What do you all think?

 Did everyone have a good easter? I still have some Easter eggs to polish off, I love my chocolate from the fridge, anyone else? You get such a satisfying 'Snap' when eating it that way, anyone else like this? Other than putting myself into a Chocolate coma, I havent really done much this weekend. It's been pretty lazy. I was in fact meant to be moving into the new place with Tom but thats one big complication thanks to the estate agents and we are currently waiting to hear whats going on with that! So instead I've literally just chilled on the sofa, watching various TV Programs and movies. So productive! There are points where I think that was a waste of a long weekend but at the same time I think it was needed! This called for a pretty chilled outfit. I picked up this top in NewLook on Friday. At the time they were on offer for £7 each instead of £14.99 then with my added 25% off from my sister I got the two for £10.50. I love a good bargain! I wish I picked up more colours now!
Wearing Converse is that ultimate chilled out look, Ive wanted a pair for so long. Back the day I was a Vans Slip on fan - Yes I had the classic checked ones! But this light grey converse are a welcome addition to my wardrobe! Tom is slightly jelous and wants a pair himself, I may have to pick some up for him as it is his Birthday this month!

 I will be venturing outside today/tonight and not be a total hermit crab, as Tom and I are going to London to see the play 'Warhorse'. Im so excited, I bought the tickets for Tom as a Christmas present and now we can finally go! From what I have seen online the show looks to be a fab one! I think we are aiming to go a bit earlier to grab a bite to eat. Now I always see instagrams of amazing food when bloggers are in London so if anyone can suggest somewhere to go in the comments which is near the New London Theatre on Dury Lane, it would be appreciated!

Posts may still be a bit all over the place while I am still trying to organise my life/wedding/the move but I promise not to leave you all in the lurch again!

Enjoy the rest of your Easter Break!

Much love!