Review : Stila Convertible Color Trio

Sunday, 14 April 2013


Stila Convertible Color Trio "Cool" 

I'm a blusher fiend. I love blushers! My collection isnt anywhere near as excesive as some, however I do own more blush products than the average non blogger person! Cream blushers are my weakness, I just get drawn into them. Stila are well known for their convertible color blushers. I first dabled in them last year when I got the shade Petunia. (Post here) Since then, I've always had it in the back of my mind that I would pick up a few other shades. When I was browsing Space NK I came across the Convetible color trios. I instantly added it to my lust list, telling myself I could maybe treat myself at the end of the month.... Fast forward a few days later and after having rubbish time over the Easter weekend so I went ahead and made a cheeky purchase. Treat buying at it's best, eh?

These convertible color trios are limited edition. Both palettes include 3 covertible colors, there's a 'cool' palette and a 'warm palette. I picked up the 'Cool' one.  Each contatins 2 favourite shades already avaliable from Stila, then an additional Limited Edition shade. In my case Cherry Blossom is a new shade, Lillium and Peony original shades. Cherry blossom is a blue toned pink, where as Lillum is more of a nude/coral shade and Peony are more of a pinky brown shade. You pretty much get the best of all worlds with this palette, you've got 3 different shades for a bargain price.  It comes in a sleek black palette, its quite small but makes it ideal for when you travel and want to take a few blushes with you. The large mirror inside is also ideal for when you are on the move.


I would have included photos of the blushers on my face, however I just couldnt get a good photo! So Im afraid arm swatches it had to be! On the left I heavy swatched each shade, as you can see they are really pigmented and admittedly a bit scary, however I then I took my real techniques stippling brush with less product and blended them,which really is what you would actually be doing on your face! What I like best about the Stila Convertible colors, and what is clear to see here, is that the blushers are buildable. So whether youre someone who prefers a very light flush of colour or you prefer to be a bit bolder with your cheeks, you can adapt the product to suit your needs.

These are convertible colors, so if you want you can use them as lip colours, however I personally just prefer to use them on my cheeks. The consistancy of the product is really creamy, they are so blendable! My tool of choice is the Real Techniques stippling brush as mentioned before. You can use your fingers to apply them, however I feel I have more control if I use a brush!

Stila_Convertible_color_trio_palette_limited_edition_review_size_comparisonI've included a photo compared to the regular sized covertible color you can purchase. As you can see the blushers in the trio are smaller. They are 7oz whereas the full sized convertible colors are 15oz, The palette retails for £23, the regular convertible colors are £16 each so personally for me I think you are getting a pretty decent deal for 3 small blushers. I think these would be a great idea if youre someone who has wanted to try the stila convertible colors but you cant decide which shade you want, or you had a couple in mind and conveniently they the two shades in one of the palettes!

You can purchase the Stila convertible color trios from Beauty Bay (Which is where I got mine from and chose the free delivery option. Winner!) or the Stila UK Website. They have popped up on SpaceNK but its hit and miss when they are in stock!

I'm not going to lie, I am so tempted to pick up the 'warm' shade palette. Not that I need anymore blushers but I have been so impressed with the shades in this palette and think they are great value for money. Who could resist?

Much Love.