Elizabeth Arden Eight hour cream is a cult product in the beauty industry. Raved by many, this multi purpose balm is a must have in everyone's beauty stash. After quite literally years of hearing about this wonder product, I got myself a tube to see what all the fuss was about.

First things first, it isn't a cream. The name of the product is rather misleading  I admit I was a little shocked to squeeze out the product and be faced with a thick orange balm! This wasn't a problem, it's just something I think people should be aware of. Balms require a little more work apposed to a cream when you use them!   There are now two versions of the Elizabeth Arden eight hour cream on the market. The original and the unscented. Now I personally wish I had the unscented version as I'm not that keen on the smell. The only way I can describe it, is that it smells like Farms! Yes that's my technical way of describing it. Others may say it has a herbal, natural scent to it.. no. I think it smells like a farm yard! If in doubt just go for the unscented version!

 How do I use Elizabeth Arden 8 hour cream? I hear you cry! Well it has many uses, the top use being that its a skin savioir....

Sore chapped lips? Use it as a lip balm.

Do you suffer with dry hands? Use this as a hand cream at night time - the smell would be too overpowering for me during the day.
Same goes for your feet, apply the balm to the required areas, pop on some socks and wake up to smoother feet! 

Need to give your Elbows and Knees some TLC. m
Ever wondered why this always pops up in the duty free booklet on a plane? It's because it is brilliant for sun burn. Slather a layer of 8 hour cream onto your burnt areas and it will help with the pain and swelling. Anything to make your sleep a little more comfortable. Sleeping with sunburn is the worst! 

If you're suffering with a cold, and you can feel your nose getting a little dry. Pop some on it. If you catch it early enough you may avoid ending up looking like Rudolf... if you weren't so quick. Don't worry still use it to reduce the redness and sooth your poor nose! 

Keep a tube/pot of it in with all your manicure tools. You can use it on your cuticles to keep them soft. 


A lot of make-up artists keep a tube of it in their kits, when it comes to back stage beauty at shows, the 8 hour cream works wonders...

If you are someone blessed with lovely thick brows, you can use the balm to tame them. 

Lightly dab some of the 8 hour cream along your cheek bones for a subtle colourless highlight. Perfect if you are looking to achieve a dewy look to your skin.

Use it on your eyelids for a editorial glossy look. 

Dab a little on your lips after using a lip stain to give a glossy finish.

In the summer and you've got your legs out. Use a little along your shins to elongate your legs. 

 There other uses for this little gem. With it's skin soothing properites, it's a perfect contender to sit nicely in your first aid kit or medicine cabinet..

Use it on small cuts and bruises to reduce the pain and speed up healing time. 

You can also use it on small bites to sooth and reduce the redness. 

After waxing, use the balm to sooth the skin. Same goes if you're suffering with shaving rash. Ouchie! 

To summerize, this tube of orange balm-y-ness is a nifty little product that can be used a number of ways! No wonder it's such a cult product in the beauty industry! I think my particular tube is going to last me ages as I only use it for small things, like my cuticles, as a intense lipbalm and sometimes on my face for that dewy look! If I ever run out I will definitley try out the unscented version though!

Have you tried Elizabeth Arden eight hour cream, what do you use it for?

Much love,


Lotions and creams are great for moisturising the skin, however its just fact, that if you go for an oil, the chances are the process ends up being a little quicker. I previously tried out the Caudalie Divine oil, which I did like. however the pricetag was a bit steep for my current financial situation. So as always I went on the hunt to find a more budget friendly alternative. So say hello to The Body Shop Mango Beautifying oil*. At £9.00 its less hurtful to our bank balance, plus The body shop always have some form of discount code floating about, which is always a plus in my books.

This beautifying oil, is a bit of a multipurpose one, the body shop state that it can be used on the body, face and your hair. I however have just been using it on my body. I have specific oils for my face and hair so I didnt want to disturb my current routines. Saying that it works really well as a body oil. The first thing I noticed with this oil, is it's scent. The Mango scent is so lovely. I'd never tried anything from this range before, as I usually opt for a Coconut scent to remind me of holidays! For me personally the scent lasts a few hours before fading. I don't mind this as I'm not someone who layers the same scent when it comes to body oil/lotion and then perfume. So the fact the scent fades after some time is a plus for me. I know some people like to use products where the scent lasts all day, in which case this particular body oil wont be for you.

In regards to moisturising my skin, I did feel a difference after a few days of using it religiously. What I did love about the beautifying oil, was that it isn't greasy or sticky at all. I know some people can be put off by using oils on their skin because they feel it would be grease mania, but in this case it really isn't. It sinks in quickly and left my body (especially my legs after shaving) feeling really nice and nourished!

I think after testing a few dry oils on my skin, this one and the Cadualie one. I will be reaching for dry oils more through the warmer - I use this term loosely - months due to the ease of use and effect it has on my skin.

Have you tried any dry oils, send me your reccomendations!

Much love,
Kennet and Avon canal bridge thatcham
Avon and kennet canal thatcham
Avon and Kennet canal Thacham
Summer stroll along the canal
Leanne from Leanne Marie Blo

After a very busy Saturday, getting wedding things done in the day and attending a wedding reception Saturday evening, Sunday was definitley a day to chill.
The day got off to a good start with a visit from our friends Hannah and Alex. Hannah is one of my bridesmaids and had come over for a catch up and to try on her bridesmaid dress. I acutally ordered the girls dresses from Ebay - They came all the way from China and as anyone else would be I was a bit worried about the quality and fit but I can now breathe a sigh of relief as all 5 dresses fit each girl perfectly - apart from the length they all need to be hemmed shorter! I wont go into much more detail about them. I'm sure once the day has been an gone I'll write up a post or two sharing details as I know it could be helpful for anyone else getting married in the future.

We were a bit naughty and ordered Dominos for lunch/dinner so instead of continuing to sit on our bums in front of the TV we decided to go on a stroll along the canal after consuming pizza. We are pretty fortunate where we have moved to, as the canal is literally across the train track from us. There are a lot of fields behind our estate and on the opposite side of the canal. Some filled with live stock, so I did say hello to a few cows and sheep! It was nice to just take some time out and go for a stroll, armed with some bits of bread incase any ducks were about. We passed a fair few canal boats making their way up towards Newbury, as well as a few cute dogs splashing around in the shallows! It was just really nice to take an 45mins or so, away from everything and mooch around! It's funny sometimes you just dont realise what you have right outside your doorstep!
Today I am heading off out with Sarah to go on the hunt to find my perfect foundation for my wedding day!
Much love,

As beauty bloggers, I'm sure we all own a more products than we really need. The problem with running a blog and reading others, is that your stash builds up quickly due to impulse or 'hype' buying... You end up having multiple items and really are spoilt for choice when it comes down to 'making up' your face. You end up using more than enough  If you had to, would you be able to pick just 5 products to use as your 'daily makeup' for the spring summer. I set myself the challenge and here are the 5 products I picked.

With the weather improving, I've been favouring a lighter base recently, the Body Shop All in one BB Cream* has been my go to base in recent weeks, so it was only natural I would throw it in here for my 5 product face for spring/summer. I have it in the lightest shade which is a perfect match for my skintone. It evens out any discolouration I have and provides an okay coverage. I dont mind using BB creams when my skin is having a good day! However, I do sometimes need a little helping hand in the undereye area, therefore.. surprise surprise, the Collection lasting perfection concealer makes an appearance  A great, affordable widely available concealer to those in the UK! What is not to love!

When it comes to cheeks, I will of course reach for a cream product. I love cream blushers, If I could own every cream blush in the world, I would be a happy girly! I'm a big fan of the Stila Convertible colors. I think the pigmentation is brilliant, you can get a good range of different shades and they are a multipurpose product so you can pat a little bit on your lips too if you are without a lipstick/gloss.. or in my case, narrowing it down to just using 5 products on your face!

When it comes to Eyes/Eyebrows I of course will have my eyebrows filled in. That is where my trusty HD Eyebrow palette comes in. I use the lightest shade to fill in my brows. The good thing about this palette is you can use the matte shades as eyeshadow colours too - I don't ofte do this though and on a 5 product face I prefer to keep my lids bare and fuss free. I was lucky enough to get the Benefit They're Real mascara* when I attended the Cardiff blogger meet up. I'd wanted to try it for a while, so was happy to receive that. It really does wonders to your lashes, I will post a proper review soon for you all. I'm not one to have multiple mascaras on the go at once so of course this would be included. You are probably wondering where eyeliner comes into play as i feel a bit naked without it well.... Take a small angled brush and use your mascara as an eyeliner! A little cheeky tip for you there! ;-) It means you use less products, and is super handy for when you go on holiday/ to a festival and  you don't want to pack too much!

So there you have it. My 5 product face for spring and summer. I now challenge you to put together your own 5 product face post. Do you think you could do it?

Much Love,


Ever buy a lipstick, get home, apply it and wonder why it's not looking as amazing as you expected? Well maybe you haven't prepped well enough for the perfect pout! With a lot of lipsticks, matte formulas in particular, the overall finish of the lipstick will depend on how well you take care of your lips prior to application. Here are a couple of tips to help you achieve the perfect pout! 

There are two key things you need to bare in mind when keeping your lips in good condition. Exfoliate and moisturise. Do both of these regularly and your lipstick will always apply smoothly and look fab. 

You could use a store bought Lip scrub like Mint Julips from Lush. These retail at £5.25 and are available in other flavours, Bubblegum being a close favourite of mine. Simply scoop a little bit of the mixture out of the pot using your finger and generously apply it to your lips like you would a lip balm. The sugar gently exfoliates your lips, leaving them nice and smooth. A perk with using these lip scrubs from lush is that they taste nice so if you eat any then it will be okay.

If you'd rather try making a lip scrub of your own at home, you only need a few ingredients; 
1 tablespoon of Sugar 
1 tablespoon of Honey
 half a tablespoon of olive oil
 half a tablespoon of vaseline.
 A 'flavouring' of your choice. It could be lemon or something sweeter like vanilla extract. 
Mix all the ingredients together and store in a small container, it's as simple as that. If you already have everything in your kitchen cupboards you may as well give it a go!

Another cheap and simple way to exfoliate your lips is with a toothbrush and a little bit of vaseline. Apply a light layer of the vaseline to your lips, then taking a dry toothbrush, gently use it in circular motions over your lips to get rid of any dry or flakey skin.

After you've made your lips lovely and smooth by exfoliating them, its time to moisturise them using your favourite lip balm. My go to balm of choice recently has been this Figs & Rouge balm which I think came in one of the many beauty boxes I used to be subscribed to! I like using lip balms like this one that are a lot thicker in consistency, compared to Vaseline as I feel its really doing something to my lips. Vaseline is great as an extra step when exfoliating but I don't feel it really does much to moisturise my lips.

If you fit the above steps into your routine then I guarantee your lipstick will apply nicely and last a lot longer on your lips. You  wont be reapplying your fave mac limited edition lippy while slowly crying inside that your using up a lipstick you cant repurchase! ha!

Much love,

Since moving I've been sorting out all my beauty bits and pieces and realised I hadn't actually painted my nails in the longest time. I decided to dig out some old favourites and give my nails a treat! I actually own two bottles of the Barry M Berry Ice cream shade. Clearly I love it so much I needed a backup.

 It applies really well and is such a pretty lilac colour. Not happy with sporting a plain lilac manicure, I opted to add a bit of sparkle with models Own Freak out over the top. I just love all the different shaped glitter bits, who can say no to a bit of glitter eh? I don't know why, but I see the two polishes together and think of Hannah . It's a combination I could see her rocking!

This weekend I am going to have a sort out of all my polishes and dig out some of my more spring/summer shades and have them on display! I do have a fair few nail polishes still, but not as many as I used to thanks to my big clear out I did earlier in the year. If you want to know what I did then have a read of this post here. It's a bit hit and miss with the sun at the moment, for example yesterday it was dull and grey, and now as I type this is relatively warm and the sun is shining. I wish this weather would sort it out! My theory is that if I paint my nails with bright summery shades then maybe, just maybe the sun will stay out! :-)

Much Love ,


With my own wedding in 2 months and invites to two others within that time, I think it's safe to say that we are in Wedding season!  I love weddings, I really enjoy getting dressed up, the dancing, and obviously seeing the happy couple tie the knot! I do however always have a bit of a panic when it comes to what I am going to wear. There are so many things you have to consider - Not wearing  a cream or white dress, Avoiding the wedding party colour scheme. Also with more and more brides opting for highstreet bridesmaid dresses you can even run the risk of turning up looking like one of the bridesmaids these days!

Above is something I put together thinking about a wedding reception I am attending at the end of the month.   I love coral and nude/cream combinations. I think it looks so fresh! As you can see I am living in hope that the sun will be shining and I wont have to carry a brolly around with me! I've gone with what I would consider a simple but classic outfit, adding a little something extra around the waist. The metallic belt trend isn't something I have dabbled in too much, I'm not normally one for shiny things - unless it's some kind of sparkly nail varnish! However this belt just caught my attention. I love the gold, which I think works well with the dress and the arrow detailing is a bit different. It gives the outfit a focal point, and being that with most of us our waist is our smallest part we want the attention drawn to the area where we are the most slimmest!

We all know that I am partial to a bit of Nars, I'm yet to try any of their nail polishes though. When I saw this duo on ASOS I knew they would be the perfect shades to go with this look. You kinda get the best of both worlds. The coral shade is perfect for spring and summer. The darker shade will be perfect for the transition into Autumn & Winter later on in the year.

Now I just have to wait till payday so I can treat myself to a couple of bits. Thankfully it's before the date of the reception I'm going to so I'll probably be able to get something in time!

Are you attending any weddings this summer? Do you go through the dilemma of what to wear like me?

Much Love,

- Collaborative post  -

     Stacking mugs    |  Tea, Coffee & Sugar Canisters - 
Bath & Body Works Candle - From Dubai, but you can get them from Ebay
 Limited Edition Coke Bottles.
Tiny Trio of Cacti - Ikea. 
Brush holders IKEA | Flower hair clips - Crown & Glory |  Beauty Storage  - Ikea 
Bedding - Ikea | Lamp - Sainsburys | Basket 

Today I thought I would show you some snippets of our home. We recently moved, and the flat is no where near all sorted yet, but there are a few areas that are coming together nicely so I thought I would throw in a lifestyle post for a change and share some snippets with you.

Starting from the top, I went a bit mad in TKMaxx when first moved over a year ago, and bought a selection of duck egg blue bits and bobs for our kitchen. I love the vintage/shabby chic style of these canisters, not that I delve into them that often - I don't drink hot drinks! We have a utensil pot and biscuit tin to match, I had to get matching pieces. The stackable mugs are a bit garish, but I bought them on a whim waaaay back in the day when ASOS sold homewares! Anyone else remember that? I think they kinda go with the colour scheme though! Vanilla scents are my favourite, I've strategically placed numerous candles and reed diffusers around the flat to keep it smelling nice.

I felt we needed some plants in the flat, however I didn't want much responsibility, so I opted for these cute miniature cacti from Ikea. You get 3 in a set for £4.50, which I feel is a pretty good deal. Cacti don't need much attention, they stand there looking pretty and you hardly ever water them! Perfect for someone as forgetful as me!  When in Ikea I also purchased some new beauty storage. Tom was my saviour and put it all together for me, after I had a little moan that I couldn't do it! I got the Malm 6 drawer dresser as I felt it was the most suitable piece for my needs - however I cant actually see into the mirror without a step.. I am so short! In typical blogger style I picked up the white plant pots. While I was there another girl was popping a couple into her trolley. I then heard her say to her boyfriend ' I know these are plant pots, but im using them for my makeup storage' We then gave each other a knowing smile. Great minds... or it just shows the power of blogging!

Finally a snap of my bedside table. You cant get this specific bedding from Ikea anymore, but they do have a lot of lovely designs available at the moment. The basket is just full of some beauty bits and bobs that I am using on a daily basis. Of course my ipad is there, as I always watch Youtube videos when I wake up in the morning, and just before I sleep I catch up on blogs. It's a lot less bulky than a laptop that's for sure!

So there you go, a little insight to our lovely new home. I hope you liked this post. It was a little different to what I usually do, but I thought I would shake things up a bit. Do let me know in the comments if you'd like to see more lifestyle posts on here. They are a bit few and far between at the moment!

Much Love.


Sorting through my makeup for our move I came across this little gem which hadnt had the chance to be in the spotlight on the blog before . Let me introduce you to the NYX Soft Matte Lip cream in Istanbul. I'd heard a lot about these on youtube videos and blogs from across the pond so picked up this particular shade as I thought it would be a good 'everyday' colour to start off with. 

The packaging looks like a gloss, you apply it the same way as a gloss, however  the product its self has a creamy formula, when applied dries to a lovely matte finish to the lips. Application is smooth, it  isn't thick in consistency  it actually is very easy to work with. Sometimes the more creamy formulas can be a bit messy to apply, but there's no sign of that here!  Like most lip products you an alter the colour payoff depending on how much product you use. Bare in mind that these NYX Soft matte lip creams are very pigmented so a little goes a long way! Unlike other matte lip products they don't cling to any dry bits on your lips - well not for me anyway. If you are wary of using a matte product then you could always exfoliate your lips prior to application or start with a lip balm first.

It's a really weightless lip product, what I mean by that is that once it is dried on your lips you cant feel it at all - there's no stickiness that you sometimes get with a gloss, or heaviness you sometimes get with a lipstick. It's really light just like a lip tint. Saying this, the staying power of the product is relatively decent. I can get about 4/5 hours out of it before I feel i need to reapply another slick of it! - I will have to include this in a 'face of the day' style post soon, as my lips arent in perfect condition at the moment, so swatches had to be postponed for a later date! Sorry!

There are 11 different shades of the NYX Soft Matte Lip creams available from the UK website, retailing at £5.00 each. However I do currently have my eye on the Give a Little Love set, where you can pick up 3 of the lip creams in the shades 'Tokyo','Antwerp' & 'Addis Ababa' for £12. From the swatches I have seen online, its a good selection of wearable shades that would suit all occasions!

Have you tried the NYX  Soft Matte Lip creams before?

Much Love



After speaking to some of the girls who attended the Motel Press event a few weeks ago, they informed me  that Motel have stepped away from all the body con style items and introduced a few styles for us other ladies who aren't as confident about wearing such a tight outfit! I've picked just a few of the pieces that caught my eye. I do love loose dresses in these styles, I feel body con dresses are more of a night time outfit choice, where as the more skater style ones can be rocked in the day and out for a few drinks with the girls!
Monochrome is big this S/S so no wonder Motel have brought out a variety of pieces that fit the bill nicely. My favourite of the four has to be the Geometric triangle dress. I just want to throw it on and add a few bright accessories and head down the pub for a cheeky cider in the sun! (Edit : it's now drab and pub garden for me!) The polka dot drop waist dress is something I could see Lily wearing, its a great dress that you could easily just throw on and not have to think too much about. They are my kind of outfits. I like my sleep and anything that doesn't require too much prep in the mornings before work is a winner in my books!

Have you had a look at any of the new collection from Motel? There are some gems in there! Payday cant come soon enough! For those of you that are fortunate enough to have money in your bank account or some spare cash burning a hole in your pocket, I've added some extra discounts/ money back options you could use if you fancy treating your self. You can thank me when the postie drops a parcel at your door :-) 

Money back/online discount codes for Motel Rocks :

Sign up to Topcashback and get up to 8.08% cashback on your online order. 
Use the code VCMAYDAY20 for 20% off your order (valid till 125h May)
Use the code EXTRAMIDSALE for an extra 10% off sale items. (Valid till 1st June)

Much Love,

Once again I have been 'Shopping my stash' and rediscovering some old favourites. I do like doing this because I always discover things I forgot I owned (how bad is that!) My go to blush for this month has been the Sleek Blush by 3 in Lace. Unfortunately for me my local Superdrug doesnt stock the brand so Charli picked it up for me, I had put it to the back of my draw and forgotten about it! Woops! My fave blush of the trio recently has been 'crochet' which is a matte orange shade. They are very pigmented so I just lightly use it along my cheek bones for a flush of colour! 

I've been trying to use my eyeshadow palettes on rotation as I have a fair few and some can easily get neglected. Again I have been showing Nars some love by using the 'Modern Love' palette. Alhambra has been the shade I've been using the most. It's a lovely champagne shadow which is perfect for a quick wash across the lids, paired with a black liner. Keeping it simple! 

I go through phases with Soap & Glory. I can go months not using their products, then I just have a sudden urge to use them again. (Maybe it's because their products are always popping up on the blogs I read!) That being said I dug out my S&G Hand Food and started using it again. It's been sitting pride of place on my desk at work! I don't really need to say too much about it as it is such a cult product. 

Quite a small little selection of products to go with a short and sweet post! :-) 

Have you rediscovered any products you forgot about recently?

Much love

Gym Playlist #2

Friday, 3 May 2013


Nike Revolution Trainers | Radiopaq Headphones

With it being less than 3 months to my wedding I am trying to up my exercise routine. I admit It's a struggle and I do love unhealthy food far too much, but I just have to think about the big day and how I want to look in the honeymoon photos! That being said I thought I would share with you some songs that are currently on my workout playlist. I did a post similar to this before and it had a good response so I thought I would do a more up to date one for you all with some of the tracks currently on my playlist. ENJOY! 

Pitbull ft Christina Aguilera - Feel this Moment.

Nelly - Hey Porsche

David Guetta feat Ne Yo & Akon - Play Hard.

Taio Crus feat Flo Rida - Hangover.

Nelly Furtado - Big Hoops (remix)

Red Light - Get out of my head.

Scissor Sisters - Only the horses.

Herve - Together (remix)

Kid Massive & Alex Sayz ft Mark Le Sal - Bring us down.

I hope that's helpful for some of you. I know I prefer to switch up my gym playlist regularly so I don't get bored! I always whack it on shuffle too, so it isn't too predictable during each session!

What's on your playlist at the moment?

Much Love,


Weekend Away : Cardiff.

Wednesday, 1 May 2013


Charli & Leanne | Gemma & I.

Hopping on the train and heading to Wales has become a more of a regular thing the past year or so after building a friendship with a welshie! ;-) As always I was visiting the lovely Charli, hand delivering her bridesmaid dress to her ( FYI it fits!) and having a good old catch up, which is always better face to face than on the phone. My trip to Cardiff also fell on the weekend of the #CDFMeet which was held at The Brewery House in the city centre.

On the Saturday the two of us headed along to meet with some fellow bloggers, sip cocktails, eat pizza and just have a big old chat. the venue itself was lovely. While we were there, there was a guy doing an acoustic set with his guitar which was lovely to listen to, I'm such a fan of live music, especially raw stuff like that. As well as taking up the deal for two for one cocktails and pizzas we also had a demonstration front two ladies from lush, they showed us how they create their Catastrophe Cosmetic face mask and kindly gave each of us a sample to try, some girls took advantage of a hand/arm massage from them, personally I was too busy stuffing my face with pizza... Priorities right there! ;-) Following that we quickly hopped over to Crabtree & Evelyn to have a browse of their products and take part in a few demonstrations. I really like the India Hicks Island living range from there, but I resisted temptation and didn't purchase anything. After saying our goodbyes, Charli and I headed back home, grabbed a cheeky curry, had a photo taking session with Charli's new Robo hamsters and sat down for an evening watching The OC.... californiaaaaaa Californiaaaaa here we commmeeeee! :-D

As always a trip to see Miss James just wouldn't be complete without a little raid in Boots! I was restrained and only picked up some items I actually needed. It's so easy to spend a fortune in there when you're just throwing things into your basket... Or children's trolly in my case... . To top the weekend off, we headed to Sainsbury's to pick up supplies for slutty brownies, made a attempt at them (should have bought more cookie dough, we will learn from our mistake!) but even though the ratio of cookie dough to brownie was a bit off, they were delicious! I popped some in my bag to give to Tom as a thank you for picking me up at the station. After my 2.5hour journey home! Safe to say, I was asked to bake some more! Nomnomnomnom.

Much Love