Elizabeth Arden Eight hour cream : How do I use it?

Friday, 31 May 2013


Elizabeth Arden Eight hour cream is a cult product in the beauty industry. Raved by many, this multi purpose balm is a must have in everyone's beauty stash. After quite literally years of hearing about this wonder product, I got myself a tube to see what all the fuss was about.

First things first, it isn't a cream. The name of the product is rather misleading  I admit I was a little shocked to squeeze out the product and be faced with a thick orange balm! This wasn't a problem, it's just something I think people should be aware of. Balms require a little more work apposed to a cream when you use them!   There are now two versions of the Elizabeth Arden eight hour cream on the market. The original and the unscented. Now I personally wish I had the unscented version as I'm not that keen on the smell. The only way I can describe it, is that it smells like Farms! Yes that's my technical way of describing it. Others may say it has a herbal, natural scent to it.. no. I think it smells like a farm yard! If in doubt just go for the unscented version!

 How do I use Elizabeth Arden 8 hour cream? I hear you cry! Well it has many uses, the top use being that its a skin savioir....

Sore chapped lips? Use it as a lip balm.

Do you suffer with dry hands? Use this as a hand cream at night time - the smell would be too overpowering for me during the day.
Same goes for your feet, apply the balm to the required areas, pop on some socks and wake up to smoother feet! 

Need to give your Elbows and Knees some TLC. m
Ever wondered why this always pops up in the duty free booklet on a plane? It's because it is brilliant for sun burn. Slather a layer of 8 hour cream onto your burnt areas and it will help with the pain and swelling. Anything to make your sleep a little more comfortable. Sleeping with sunburn is the worst! 

If you're suffering with a cold, and you can feel your nose getting a little dry. Pop some on it. If you catch it early enough you may avoid ending up looking like Rudolf... if you weren't so quick. Don't worry still use it to reduce the redness and sooth your poor nose! 

Keep a tube/pot of it in with all your manicure tools. You can use it on your cuticles to keep them soft. 


A lot of make-up artists keep a tube of it in their kits, when it comes to back stage beauty at shows, the 8 hour cream works wonders...

If you are someone blessed with lovely thick brows, you can use the balm to tame them. 

Lightly dab some of the 8 hour cream along your cheek bones for a subtle colourless highlight. Perfect if you are looking to achieve a dewy look to your skin.

Use it on your eyelids for a editorial glossy look. 

Dab a little on your lips after using a lip stain to give a glossy finish.

In the summer and you've got your legs out. Use a little along your shins to elongate your legs. 

 There other uses for this little gem. With it's skin soothing properites, it's a perfect contender to sit nicely in your first aid kit or medicine cabinet..

Use it on small cuts and bruises to reduce the pain and speed up healing time. 

You can also use it on small bites to sooth and reduce the redness. 

After waxing, use the balm to sooth the skin. Same goes if you're suffering with shaving rash. Ouchie! 

To summerize, this tube of orange balm-y-ness is a nifty little product that can be used a number of ways! No wonder it's such a cult product in the beauty industry! I think my particular tube is going to last me ages as I only use it for small things, like my cuticles, as a intense lipbalm and sometimes on my face for that dewy look! If I ever run out I will definitley try out the unscented version though!

Have you tried Elizabeth Arden eight hour cream, what do you use it for?

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  1. I had the unscented version but it was stolen and I actually miss it as it was so good for treating so many things, I loved using it as an intensive lipbalm and when I had a cold it was a godsend, I think I'm going to have to buy it again :) x

  2. It's quite a nifty balm! I think that it smells like Earl Grey tea or just tea in general. I actually wrote an entire post on this if you would want to check it out!



  3. I absolutely adore this product, I recently did a post on this exact product. http://bit.ly/1aIWJYo

  4. This has reminded me that I need to get some more, it's such a great go to product for everything!

  5. i didn't even realise it had that many uses! such a handy product :)

    from helen at thelovecatsinc

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  6. I've been wanting to try the eight hour cream for ages! Really useful post :)

  7. I haven't tried this but I have heard tonnes of good reviews on it - I may have to buy it :)


  8. It's really good on sunburn. I went tenerife recently and my shoulders where quite badly burnt, so I put this on and it really soothed the pain xx


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