Rediscovering Beauty Faves #5

Monday, 6 May 2013


Once again I have been 'Shopping my stash' and rediscovering some old favourites. I do like doing this because I always discover things I forgot I owned (how bad is that!) My go to blush for this month has been the Sleek Blush by 3 in Lace. Unfortunately for me my local Superdrug doesnt stock the brand so Charli picked it up for me, I had put it to the back of my draw and forgotten about it! Woops! My fave blush of the trio recently has been 'crochet' which is a matte orange shade. They are very pigmented so I just lightly use it along my cheek bones for a flush of colour! 

I've been trying to use my eyeshadow palettes on rotation as I have a fair few and some can easily get neglected. Again I have been showing Nars some love by using the 'Modern Love' palette. Alhambra has been the shade I've been using the most. It's a lovely champagne shadow which is perfect for a quick wash across the lids, paired with a black liner. Keeping it simple! 

I go through phases with Soap & Glory. I can go months not using their products, then I just have a sudden urge to use them again. (Maybe it's because their products are always popping up on the blogs I read!) That being said I dug out my S&G Hand Food and started using it again. It's been sitting pride of place on my desk at work! I don't really need to say too much about it as it is such a cult product. 

Quite a small little selection of products to go with a short and sweet post! :-) 

Have you rediscovered any products you forgot about recently?

Much love


  1. Ooh hand food!

    I go through phases with eyeshadow.. I haven't used it for months and months so I'll have to think about picking it up again!

  2. I love the look of that Nars palette! The colours are gorgeous x

  3. The Nars palette shades are beautiful! Last month I rediscovered the Phytojoba shampoo and realised that I was three years without using it, don't know how I forgot about it! xx

  4. Ooh I really love the look of the blush palette, if I weren't on a blush ban I would totally get one! <3

  5. i love discovering old favourites :) That NARS palette is beautiful, i don't think i've ever come across it before. You really cant go wrong with soap and glory , everything smells so good!xx

  6. I love my sleek lace palette. I've recently got mine back out too. I love the look of that Nars palette. And randomly I got my soap and glory hand food back out M x


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