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Wednesday, 10 July 2013

 Floral case - Ebay 

I go through phases with my phone, sometimes I want a plain case, other times I want something outrageous  and then there's those moments when I just want something pretty. 

After a bit of browsing on good ol' ebay I found this floral case from one of my favourite sellers for ipad and phone cases. The best thing about searching for phone cases on ebay is the sheer variety avaliable and at such affordable prices. The above case cost me just over £5 which I don't think is too bad (it has free postage) The design is so pretty. Combining two of my favourite patterns; Cath kidston-esque florals and chevron patterns! I've already got my eye on the matching Ipad case, its currently sat in my basket. At £7.22 & free postage it's a no brainer that I would be drawn to it! I'm just waiting for some monopoly paypal money to go into my account and I may make the purchase!  This particular pattern also comes in  pink and is avaliable for many different phone models

I just thought I'd share this little find of mine as when I showed in an instagram selfie, I was asked where it was from! It's too pretty not to share! 

Much love,