Nails : Essie 'Cascade Cool'

Friday, 12 July 2013


It's always the same with Essie, there are the popular shades that everyone talks about, and then you have some hidden gems that deserve their spot in the limelight too. Cascade Cool is one of those gems.
It's not often I wear pink on my nails as sometimes I feel they can look a bit too barbie-esque, however this particular shade from Essie has become a firm favourite for these 'summer' months.
Cascade cool is a bubblegum pink with blue undertones, if I wear to pair this up to a lipstick I would say Topshop's Innocent, would be a good companion due to their similar shades. In the above photos, it only took two coats to get an opaque finish, which is a big plus in my books. I hate having to do a ridiculous amount of layers for good colour payoff! It's so tedious! Paired with a fast drying topcoat and I am a happy lady.

Essie polishes do set you back a bit at £7.99 which for some is a little steep. Luckily though, for those of us that are on a bit of a budget you can find Essie shades available from alternative retailers like Xtras for £3.99 a bottle which is a little more purse friendly! Heck you could even treat yourself to a couple of shades! I've got a couple other summery shades that are recent additions to my nail varnish collection which I will share with you soon!

Do you ever look out for shades that aren't as hyped about in the blogging world, just like Essie Cascade Cool? Or nab yourself a bargain from an alternative retailer?

Much love,