Outfit : Colbalt Blue

Friday, 30 August 2013


Firstly, how stunning is the colour of this dress. When it comes to looking for going out or occasion dresses, I usually go for the safe option and opt for black. Everything goes with black, its an easy colour to style up. Feeling brave I chose this dress by Little mistress* The colbalt blue is so striking. I actually love it! Keeping it simple I've teamed it with my trusty cream blazer from H&M and my newly purchased black wedges from Primark. (I actually dragged my Dad into Primark to find these - it was also his first steps into the shop and he couldn't believe the prices of some of the things, bless!) I do love chiffon dresses, as they feel so light and floaty, it's been perfect during those warmer evenings we've had in the past few weeks, not to mention the weather while on our honeymoon!

My favourite part of this dress has to be the rose shoulder detail. It makes the dress that little bit extra special compared to other empire line dresses available. The fabric is pleated at the bust, which adds a little bit of dimension. I have to admit though, the bust area of this dress is a little big on me, meaning it sticks out a bit wider on each side than it actually needs to be. Unfortunately some of us girls weren't blessed in the chest department, or I just need to lose a little weight so I can go down a dress size and it would fit my small chest properly!

Have you tried anything by Little Mistress?

Much Love,

You can never have too many Black handbags right? Well that is what I am telling myself after purchasing two black bags in the space of about a month and a half! If you follow me on instagram or Twitter, you will know that as a post wedding/ pre honeymoon treat, I bought the Michael Kors Selma tote bag at the airport. This gem set me back £275, the most I have ever spent on a handbag! Surprisingly I didn't flinch or feel any guilt when typing in my pin! It was a well deserved treat after saving for our wedding and paying everything off before our big day! I originally wanted the smaller version of this bag and mistakenly picked up the tote version instead. That being said though, I carry a lot of stuff with me and I am glad I got the bigger size. It also works out that I paid less for the bigger one than the smaller costs full price. Winner winner! 

The Michael Kors selma tote is a very smart, bag which is a classic style. Even Tom approves of it. With one large compartment & a couple of smaller pockets on the side, its the perfect handbag for me to lug my life around! I don't use it as a laptop bag, but I am pretty sure you could easily git a laptop in it. My i-pad fits in fine (but obviously that is a bit smaller!) The detachable strap is a godsend because, I will be honest this bag gets heavy! It's nice to give the crook of my arm a little rest now and again! If you aren't one to spend big bucks on handbags, then I would highly suggest the Zara office city bag as a good a alternative, with extra compartments for those of you that like to be super organised. Its a similar size and shape but just that bit more affordable! 

So you'd think after buying the MK at the airport I wouldn't be on the look out for another new handbag. I'll be honest, I wasn't actively searching! But the other night while having a browse online, I came cross this messenger bag with zips.. I don't have a smart black  bag in my collection so at £40 & with a little ebay money in my account,  I just had to buy it. I placed the order on Monday evening, selecting Standard delivery, by Wednesday I had it in my possession. Well done Zara! I was surprised to see that the inside was split into two compartments as that isn't clear online,  it was a lot more roomy than I expected!  I love the mix of fabrics used, it gives the bag a little bit more dimension. The zips on either side can be completely undone, so you can really fill out the bag if you wish., I think I will be keeping them zipped up slightly to achieve a celine-esque look! :-) 

Every season Zara seems to come up trumps with some pretty good handbags, and judging by my instagram last night, a lot of people like this bag. Could it be the new 'Blogger bag' ? 

Much Love, 

Avaliable via Ebay.

There a few things that our friends across the pond can purchase that fill me with great jealousy, being able to freely shop in Bath and Body Works is one of those things. Thankfully for me Toms sister lives in Muscat, Oman and often goes over to Dubai, where they do have Bath & Bodyworks. So when she came over in July to attend our wedding she surpised me with a little box of goodies,  included were these delicious anti bacteria gels.  Bath and Body works are great for their huge variety of scents available to buy. Even the most pickiest of people could go in there and find something they like. I guarantee  it! Like I said, unfortunately for us we don't have a store over here in the Uk. However we have the greatness that is EBAY!  

I thought I would put a little list of UK based sellers who stock Bath and Body Works items for you incase you fancied treating yourself! 

Anti Bacteria hand gel - Here
Signature Collection Shower Gel - Here
Signature Collection Body Lotion - Here
Signature Collection Fragrance Spritz - Here
Signature Collection Body Butter - Here 

I'll definitely be stocking up on some new hand gels and other bathroom necessities when I've used up my stash. The coconut and vanilla scented products are so yummy, I could seriously eat them! 

Have you tried anything from Bath and Body Works before? 

Much love, 

Recently I've noticed more makeup collection videos/posts popping up on both my bloglovin' dash and Youtube subscription. These are my favourite kind of posts and videos. Mainly because I am nosey & I like to see what people have, but I also like to get ideas of how to store different things.  I have a lot of beauty products, and even though we do have a 2 bed flat, we use the 2nd bedroom as a guest bedroom. So unlike a lucky few blogger friends of mine, I don't have a beauty/room dressing room. That being said I am very happy with my little set up in the corner in our bedroom. I don't have a dressing table but I do have the Malm 6 Chest of Drawers which do a perfect job of housing all my beauty supplies. 


Just like every other beauty blogger, I have the white flower pots from ikea to hold my makeup brushes and various other beauty tools. The two smaller glasses were actually candles from poundland in a previous life! They are the perfect size for my hairclips and perfume samples. The two drawers at the top which are significantly shallower than the others. One houses a lot of samples which I seriously need to start using so I can revive my 'Project Samples' posts. In the other I store some base & eye products.  The lids from old Glossyboxes are the perfect height to fit in to section off the drawers which is so handy! I also have an old drawer from my unit I purchased from WHSmiths many moons ago thown in there too! When it comes to my other make-up products, these all live in one of the deeper drawers. Again old beauty boxes have come to the rescue to help organise it all. You can get drawer inserts from Ikea too, however as I had a lot of beauty boxes just lying around I thought I would put them to good use! 


You wouldn't think it looking at the above photos, but I did try to organise my haircare and skincare products in these drawers, there are some beauty boxes hidden in there creating different sections. But because they are so deep, I can easily just throw everything into them with ease. I could spend time sorting them out but I'll be honest, it's just so much easier to have them in a jumbled mess and just fumble about each morning looking for the product I want. - This isn't me being sarcastic, I really think with this amount of products there is no point trying to make it pinterest worthy and all in a fancy order. Maybe with minimal products its possible but that isn't the case here!  The final drawer at the bottom just houses my hair appliances, so not very exciting, but it does the job! 

So there's a little peak at my beauty storage. Ikea is where all bloggers gravitate to for beauty storage it seems. With it being so affordable and always having some pretty nifty things there no wonder we choose it. I think everyone has the Alex drawers now? Is everyone over the clear acrylic drawers? Mine are shoved in the back of our wardrobe! haha. Ikea have brought out a new advert where they show how you can transform a small space with many of their storage solutions. I'll be honest, I got some ideas from it and want another Ikea trip to pick up some things! If you havent seen it yet, just click the video below and have a watch! 

What do you use for your beauty storage? If you've done a post or video, link it in the comments so I can be nosey! :-) 
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Much Love,


Now that our wedding has been and gone, it means our weekends aren't as hectic and we have time to do other things. So with no football matches to go to or any other plans, we swiftly arranged for Matt and Charli to come stay with us for the weekend. It was a rather chilled out affair, with takeaways, tv, call of duty and of course sky sports thrown in for the boys, however on the Saturday we decided to get out of the house and pop along to Salisbury.

We did intend to go see Stone Henge originally, however traffic was a bloody nightmare. It's so strange to think this landmark is actually relatively close to where we live yet we have never gone to see it. Okay so looking at some rocks in the ground may not be everyones cup of tea, but at least if it ever came up in conversation you could just say "Oh yeah, I've been there".  Not wanting to waste our Saturday sat in traffic we took a quick detour we made our way to Salisbury city to have a mooch around, check out the Cathedral and grab a cheeky starbucks.

It was a bit of a flying visit really, we nipped into starbucks and grabbed some refreshments - Chocolate Frapp for me please! Then walked through the streets along to the Cathedral.  What I loved about the town (well technically city) were all the store fronts. There was a mixture of modern and old fashion style shop fronts painted in an assortments of colours, I should have taken more pictures really, there's an excuse to go back there! If I'm going to start incorporating more Lifestyle posts on here I need to remember to take LOTS of photographs!

Charli from Charli blogs and Leanne from Leanne Marie Blog
Couple outside sailsbury cathedral.
Couple outside sailsbury cathedral

As the weather was nice, and it was the weekend, it was rather busy! At one point we literally had a sea of school students just heading straight for us! We had a look around the Cathedral, the boys decided that a paintball game would be awesome in a big Cathedral like that - Not going lie, I agreed that it would be fun!

Before we left we popped into a cupcake shop, followed by a fudge shop. The weekend was full of unhealthy treats. Just how I like it! Charli and I agreed that the woman in the Fudge shop was the fudge equivalent of a lush sales assistant.....She really wanted to sell the fudge to you! She did however do a good job as we came away with a bag full of different type fudges including Beer fudge!  I'm not the biggest fudge fan so I got some honeycomb, which I'm currently munching on as I type. Nom. We decided to head back after a quick visit, seeing as it was Saturday, there were important things that the boys needed to do....  get comfy and glue themselves to Sky Sports, followed by a good few games on Call of Duty - Charli and I even got involved and had a go!

The weekend went far too quickly and I'm already wondering when we can all meet up again soon. It's just nice being in eachothers company, you all know that Charli and I have built a close friendship over the past 3 years and now theres a bromance with Tom and Matt. Great for future coupley meets and maybe even a holiday together!

Much Love,

Payday Wishlist

Friday, 23 August 2013

The weather has been a bit mental in the past week. Some days its been hot, other days chucking it down. The temperature keeps fluctuating and it's got me thinking ahead for Autumn! Don't shoot me (I've even thought about Christmas presents aswel...too early?) All the shops are starting to get their A/W pieces in so I cant help but have a little browse, especially as today is payday! woo!  I love these cosy knits. I only have one chunky knit cardigan in my wardrobe and I feel that is something that needs to be rectified! All three of these jumpers would be perfect additions, especially the cute petticoat style one from Miss Selfridge. I usually gravitate to the darker colours late on in the year, however, to try and keep the 'summer' alive I've opted for light shades, that could work all year around! 

You'd think being 4ft 11, I'd be  all about the high heels, however comfort is key in my opinion and after dipping my toe in the converse world, I am now craving another pair! I've been eyeing up the 'dainty' style converse for a while now and I feel I might have to go for some girly colour combination. Don't get me wrong I do like my light grey ones, but something about the pastel styles is just drawing me in! Is this going to be the start of a new addiction? A pair of converse in every colour!? 

Finally, in typical 'Blogger' fashion, I am lusting after this small pouch from Whistles. I've seen this pop on on many 'whats in my handbag' posts and videos and the more it's thrown in my face the more I want it! I did also quite like the 'Stevie Double Clutch' however at £150 its a little out of my price range, and it bugs me that the strap isn't detachable! Being so short usually means that bags like this with nonadjustable or detachable staps end up half way down my legs! Not a good look! 

Anyone else get paid today? What are you lusting after? 

Much Love, 

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Some of you may remember this post I wrote. Yes I still have more lipsticks than the average Non Blogger 25 year old, and yes the majority of them are varying shades of peachy pink. However hidden among those peachy pinks is a brighter coral shade. A bolder lip colour which I wouldn't usually go for. That my friends is Illamasqua's lipstick in 'Scandal'  I actually picked this up a while ago on a visit to Cardiff. I had a little mini make over a the Illamasqua counter and this was the lip colour the MUA decided to use on me. At first I wasn't too keen on the brighter lip, I'm not one to experiment with lipstick shades, however once applied, I kinda liked it, so much so that I bought it there and then, no questions asked. 

Illamasqua Scandal is a matte lipstick, however unlike a few mattes I've tried in the past, this one isnt really drying at all. Obviously if your lips arent prepped and primed (see a how to post here) then you may suffer with a bit of an uneven finish, but that's the same for any lipstick really. The pigmentation is absolutely amazing, you really do not have to layer up when applying this lipstick. One swipe and your'e good to go. Like I said before I'm not someone who often makes such a statement with my lip colour, however I do think this could well be my 'go to lip' for future nights out. Make a statement with my makeup and go for a simple Little Black Dress, heels and oversized clutch and I would be good to go!   I have been trying to use it as a day time lipstick aswell by lightly dabbing it onto my lips lightly on top of a lipbalm. It just gives a nice wash of colour and isn't too in your face for the day in the office!

You may be thinking 'Leanne this lipstick isn't that bright' but for me it is and in reality on me this particular shade shows up a lot brighter than it's portrayed in the above photo. Unfortunately lighting issues meant I couldn't get a dead on perfect photo of the shade. Sorry! You'll just have to meet up with me in person! ;-)

Do you ever step out of your comfort zone and try something different?

*Collaborative Post*

Much love,
Kon Mari method clothes pile
dvd and cd piles
beauty product drawer
beauty products in drawer
This weekend was all about getting organised. Organised with my blog, organised around the home. Tom and I have decided we have far too much stuff and it was time to start the process of a bit of a declutter. I wouldn't say I am a hoarder but I definitely have a habit of keeping things that realistically I could live without! I thought the best place to start out little mission would be the wardrobe and our dvd/cd shelves. We actually have  a lot of duplicate Dvds, so it was about time we started to sort them out. Eventually once everything is sorted into piles we are going to sell some of it. We may not make much but it will be nice to gain a few extra pennies for either our house fund or to put away for a rainy day.

I do think next on my hit list will be my beauty products. I do have a fair bit - probably not as much as some other bloggers mind you! But I know I just need to start using things up and giving away/selling the products that just aren't being shown much love. You may remember a while ago I was making an effort not to buy any more products and finish what I already owned. I actually did pretty well and used up a lot of my stash. I admit, I've had a few naughty months where I've bought stuff so I think now its time to start again with this mini mission. Not only will I rediscover products I forgot I had - Mac Lightscapade I'm looking at you - but I'll hopefully save myself some money by not rushing out and buying a new body moisturiser when I actually 3 or 4 others stashed in my drawer already! It'll be nice to get back into the swing of my Project Samples series too, I miss doing that... I sure do have a nice selection of samples to get through too!

What did you get up to this weekend?

Much Love,

Maldives honeymoon boat trip newleyweds

 Tom and I on our Dolphin watching excursion in the Maldives

Well hello, Long time no blog,.I am properly back to blogging after a good few weeks off. Who can blame me taking some time off while I enjoyed getting married, going on an epic honeymoon and then having the continued excitement when we returned. It's safe to say that everything has calmed down now and I can get back to my 2nd love, my blog!

So, I'm now a married woman. (Mrs Dolan) and I'm also 25! As it was my birthday 2 days after we tied the knot! A few people have asked, and yes I will do a blog post on our day. I'm just waiting to get the professional photos back on a disc & then I shall pick a few to share with you guys. The same goes for our honeymoon. For those of you that don't know we had a week in Sri Lanka followed by a ridiculously chilled week in the Maldives. Again I will share some snippets from our adventures with you all in due course. For now I do want to just throw myself back into blogging. I had a bit of a think while I was on my little break and I know what direction I want to take and have some ideas for the sort of posts I would like to include on here. Sometimes I think it's nice to step back and evaluate your blog & decide where you want to go with it. It's definitely got me excited for future posts, as well as providing me with a bit of inspiration and motivation. 

I hope all is well with everyone, I cant wait to get stuck back in, replying to comments, reading blogs and being active on twitter. Weddings sure do take up a lot of your time! ;-) 

Much Love, 

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