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Wednesday, 28 August 2013


Avaliable via Ebay.

There a few things that our friends across the pond can purchase that fill me with great jealousy, being able to freely shop in Bath and Body Works is one of those things. Thankfully for me Toms sister lives in Muscat, Oman and often goes over to Dubai, where they do have Bath & Bodyworks. So when she came over in July to attend our wedding she surpised me with a little box of goodies,  included were these delicious anti bacteria gels.  Bath and Body works are great for their huge variety of scents available to buy. Even the most pickiest of people could go in there and find something they like. I guarantee  it! Like I said, unfortunately for us we don't have a store over here in the Uk. However we have the greatness that is EBAY!  

I thought I would put a little list of UK based sellers who stock Bath and Body Works items for you incase you fancied treating yourself! 

Anti Bacteria hand gel - Here
Signature Collection Shower Gel - Here
Signature Collection Body Lotion - Here
Signature Collection Fragrance Spritz - Here
Signature Collection Body Butter - Here 

I'll definitely be stocking up on some new hand gels and other bathroom necessities when I've used up my stash. The coconut and vanilla scented products are so yummy, I could seriously eat them! 

Have you tried anything from Bath and Body Works before? 

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  1. These would be SO perfect for work instead of clinical smelling NHS stuff!


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