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Saturday, 24 August 2013


Now that our wedding has been and gone, it means our weekends aren't as hectic and we have time to do other things. So with no football matches to go to or any other plans, we swiftly arranged for Matt and Charli to come stay with us for the weekend. It was a rather chilled out affair, with takeaways, tv, call of duty and of course sky sports thrown in for the boys, however on the Saturday we decided to get out of the house and pop along to Salisbury.

We did intend to go see Stone Henge originally, however traffic was a bloody nightmare. It's so strange to think this landmark is actually relatively close to where we live yet we have never gone to see it. Okay so looking at some rocks in the ground may not be everyones cup of tea, but at least if it ever came up in conversation you could just say "Oh yeah, I've been there".  Not wanting to waste our Saturday sat in traffic we took a quick detour we made our way to Salisbury city to have a mooch around, check out the Cathedral and grab a cheeky starbucks.

It was a bit of a flying visit really, we nipped into starbucks and grabbed some refreshments - Chocolate Frapp for me please! Then walked through the streets along to the Cathedral.  What I loved about the town (well technically city) were all the store fronts. There was a mixture of modern and old fashion style shop fronts painted in an assortments of colours, I should have taken more pictures really, there's an excuse to go back there! If I'm going to start incorporating more Lifestyle posts on here I need to remember to take LOTS of photographs!

Charli from Charli blogs and Leanne from Leanne Marie Blog
Couple outside sailsbury cathedral.
Couple outside sailsbury cathedral

As the weather was nice, and it was the weekend, it was rather busy! At one point we literally had a sea of school students just heading straight for us! We had a look around the Cathedral, the boys decided that a paintball game would be awesome in a big Cathedral like that - Not going lie, I agreed that it would be fun!

Before we left we popped into a cupcake shop, followed by a fudge shop. The weekend was full of unhealthy treats. Just how I like it! Charli and I agreed that the woman in the Fudge shop was the fudge equivalent of a lush sales assistant.....She really wanted to sell the fudge to you! She did however do a good job as we came away with a bag full of different type fudges including Beer fudge!  I'm not the biggest fudge fan so I got some honeycomb, which I'm currently munching on as I type. Nom. We decided to head back after a quick visit, seeing as it was Saturday, there were important things that the boys needed to do....  get comfy and glue themselves to Sky Sports, followed by a good few games on Call of Duty - Charli and I even got involved and had a go!

The weekend went far too quickly and I'm already wondering when we can all meet up again soon. It's just nice being in eachothers company, you all know that Charli and I have built a close friendship over the past 3 years and now theres a bromance with Tom and Matt. Great for future coupley meets and maybe even a holiday together!

Much Love,


  1. gorgeous pictures look like ye had a great time! So craving a Starbucks now.. ahah!xx


  2. oh god honeycomb fudge sounds like an absolute DREAM.
    As does call of duty but shhh, don't want the world to know I'm a cod-er!


  3. I adore weekends where you have friends round to just chill :)

    Although I doubt I would have been any good at Call of Duty!

    Hmm maybe...

  4. beautiful town! would you like to follow eachother?



  5. It is so lovely to hear that the boys get along so well too.
    Salisbury looks lovely, I love a day out exploring new towns. x


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