New Handbag additions: Michael Kors Selma and Zara Messenger Bag.

Thursday, 29 August 2013

You can never have too many Black handbags right? Well that is what I am telling myself after purchasing two black bags in the space of about a month and a half! If you follow me on instagram or Twitter, you will know that as a post wedding/ pre honeymoon treat, I bought the Michael Kors Selma tote bag at the airport. This gem set me back £275, the most I have ever spent on a handbag! Surprisingly I didn't flinch or feel any guilt when typing in my pin! It was a well deserved treat after saving for our wedding and paying everything off before our big day! I originally wanted the smaller version of this bag and mistakenly picked up the tote version instead. That being said though, I carry a lot of stuff with me and I am glad I got the bigger size. It also works out that I paid less for the bigger one than the smaller costs full price. Winner winner! 

The Michael Kors selma tote is a very smart, bag which is a classic style. Even Tom approves of it. With one large compartment & a couple of smaller pockets on the side, its the perfect handbag for me to lug my life around! I don't use it as a laptop bag, but I am pretty sure you could easily git a laptop in it. My i-pad fits in fine (but obviously that is a bit smaller!) The detachable strap is a godsend because, I will be honest this bag gets heavy! It's nice to give the crook of my arm a little rest now and again! If you aren't one to spend big bucks on handbags, then I would highly suggest the Zara office city bag as a good a alternative, with extra compartments for those of you that like to be super organised. Its a similar size and shape but just that bit more affordable! 

So you'd think after buying the MK at the airport I wouldn't be on the look out for another new handbag. I'll be honest, I wasn't actively searching! But the other night while having a browse online, I came cross this messenger bag with zips.. I don't have a smart black  bag in my collection so at £40 & with a little ebay money in my account,  I just had to buy it. I placed the order on Monday evening, selecting Standard delivery, by Wednesday I had it in my possession. Well done Zara! I was surprised to see that the inside was split into two compartments as that isn't clear online,  it was a lot more roomy than I expected!  I love the mix of fabrics used, it gives the bag a little bit more dimension. The zips on either side can be completely undone, so you can really fill out the bag if you wish., I think I will be keeping them zipped up slightly to achieve a celine-esque look! :-) 

Every season Zara seems to come up trumps with some pretty good handbags, and judging by my instagram last night, a lot of people like this bag. Could it be the new 'Blogger bag' ? 

Much Love,