DIY : Washi Tape Keyboard!

Monday, 2 September 2013


There have been a couple of occasions where I have wanted to draft up a blog post but not been anywhere near my laptop. Luckily I've always had my ipad to hand in those situations! Using the blogger app I can easily whip up a draft post in no time, even when my ipad isn't connected to the internet which is a bit of a bonus! That being said I did find using the touch screen to type posts slightly annoying, so after having a little browse on-line I decided to purchase a Bluetooth keyboard from Ebay. It didn't cost much and I knew it wouldn't be something I would be using THAT often, but it's nice just have it there, for those blogging emergencies! 

I decided to go for a white version, knowing full well that I wanted to jazz it up a little when it arrived. I had some reels of washi tape just sitting in a drawer (a spontanious purchase when strolling around sainsburys!) and after seeing this particular DIY pop up on pinterest, I thought I would give it a go myself. 

All you need is your keyboard, be it a Bluetooth one like mine, or your actual keyboard on your laptop. A couple of different patterned washi tapes and a pair of scissors. As simple as that. Choose the keys you want to jazz up, take your washi tape and cut to size, and then stick in place! The most simple and easy DIY ever! 

Now my keyboard looks a little more fancy, and I didnt need that much skill to do it! Those are the best kinds of DIY's arent they! You can get Washi tape from ebay fairly cheap. This seller has a few of my favourites. 

Much love,