Food : Rocky Road/ Fridge Cake Recipe

Monday, 23 September 2013


Probably the most simple recipe out there. Sometimes when I'm craving something sweet & I cant be bothered to properly bake I make Rocky Road/Fridge cake. It's so easy to make, hardly takes any time at all & the ingredients aren't expensive either! The steps are as follows :

1. Take your chocolate and melt it. I break up the chocolate and put it in a glass boil on top of a saucepan of boiling water. I put this on a low heat so the water doesn't over spill!

2. Grabbing your selection of biscuits, I opted for rich tea and choc chip cookies! (pop them in a sandwich bag so you don't make a mess) Then using a rolling pin and break them all up. They don't have to be in tiny little pieces! Just a nice mixture of sizes! 

3. Add them to your melted chocolate and also add your marshmallows! Some people like to ad nuts or raisins but I don't like either so left them out! Mix it all up and whack in a tin of some sorts, & pop into the fridge to set! 

4. After a few hours, the chocolate should have hardened and it will be ready for you to take out and cut up into individual portions!

Best served with a nice cold glass of milk! 

Much Love,