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Monday, 9 September 2013


I think my sister and I have started a birthday tradition between the two of us. For her birthday I have got into the habit of gifting her something from Ted Baker, and now she is doing the same. For my birthday this year she bought me a pale pink Ted Baker ipad case. Previously I had been housing my ipad in a cheap blue case I bought from Ebay, but lets be honest, it wasn't the prettiest of cases, so I was happy to receive this as a gift from her!

 I have the newest (big) ipad, which is the larger sized version, it fits snuggly in the case without moving around too much. It's nice to know that my tablet will be nice and secure while I'm transporting it around. There is also a small pocket in the case which has come in handy too as Tom kindly bought me a kindle for my birthday. So for the time being it lives in there while I go on the hunt for a cute case of it's own. If any of you have a kindle and have managed to find a pretty case for it, then do let me know in the comments where I can buy one from!

If you are looking for a new case for your tablet I would highly recommend these. They are sturdy, keep your tablet secure. They can be wiped clean of any spillages due to being patent. Which is always a plus if you are out sunbathing in the garden with a drink catching up on blogs and you accidently have a spillage! I've seen a couple of these cases pop up in the summer sales so, it is probably best to shop around to see if you can get a good deal!

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