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Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Avaliable from The yankee candle website | Lily Flame website. 

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Gracing the background of many photographs, or flickering away on a vanity in a youtube video, there's no denying that us bloggers/vloggers are a big fan of candles. With such a variety of scents, we really are spoilt for choice. My favourites have to be Yankee Candles though. I always opt for the fresh scents as shown above! Clean Cotton being my absolute favourite! With it getting colder, I feel its more acceptable having candles burning around your home! It always felt a little alien to do it during summer, even though it meant that the flat was smelling lovely! 

Another brand I have been eyeing up recently though are the Lily Flame candles. I saw these featured a lot 'back in the day' when I first started blogging and ever since I've wanted to give them a try! I do admit though, they look too pretty to burn! I love the extra bits of wax on the surface of the candle sticking out.  The packaging for these particular candles are aesthetically pleasing, they would definitely be something I would happily give as a gift! Is it wrong to be thinking about gifts at this time of year... you know... for Christmas?! I want to be really organised this year so I'm constantly looking around for ideas to give members of my family. I know my sister is looking for a new watch, and as much as she would love to get a MK one I don't think my budget will stretch to that! I'd definitely be in the good books if I was able to pull that off! My other sister will be happy with some gig tickets of some sort and my mum something a bit special like Swarovski jewellery. It's always nice to treat your mum! I find shopping for my dad really hard, last year I got him a magazine subscription. I might do the same again this year! It seemed to go down well before! 

What are your favourite candles to burn, have you thought about christmas gifts yet? 

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  1. Clean Cotton is one of my absolute favourites too! It's so simple but so nice and not overpowering either. I do like the spicier and foody ones around Autumn too, I've got Black Cherry and Honey Spice at the moment :) xo

  2. I love Fluffy Towels, but did not know they did a Baby Powder one - my favourite scent ever! I know what I'm going to buying on Fridaaaaaay!

    Shelley xx

  3. Ha yes! I want to buy some more too! They are the best! x

  4. I've always stuck to the fresh scents. I might mix it up a bit this year and get something more wintery! x

  5. Cant go wrong with a yankee candle, i have clean cotton and laske sunset at the moment they smell lovely, oh and i totally know what you mean about burning candles in summer i tried just dont feel right ha x

  6. I love candles so much, basically any type and variety will impress me

  7. I love those little candles in the tins, they always smell gorgeous! I tend to use wax melts in my room - still have quite a few left from a purchase I made ages ago, can keep them in a bag in my drawers to make them smell nice too! x

    Sarah @ xx


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