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Monday, 16 September 2013


The weekend before last I hoped on a train and made my way to London to visit my friend Shelley (Read  her blog here) Shelly recently moved to London due to work and I was her first visitor! I love going to the zoo, however London Zoo was one I hadn't visited, so it was settled that we would go there for the day. 

After a train journey that lasted a bit longer than planned, Shelley met me at Paddington and we hopped on the tube along to Regents park. If you didn't know the zoo is located right in Regents park, so we took a leisurely stroll through the park until we got to the entrance. Commenting as we went on the amount of people out jogging and how they made us feel very unfit and lazy! There were even groups of people doing work outs with personal trainers! I thought that sort of thing only happened in films like in bridesmaids!

If you travel by train to London you are able to use their 2 for 1 offer on the local attractions. Do make sure you get a voucher before you get there though! We didn't and then had to franticly get it on our phones while we were stood at the ticket office! Luckily the girl working there (Zoe) was patient with us! It works out that you pay about £12 to get in, which isn't too bad at all. It took us a few hours to walk around the entire zoo, which surprised me because for some reason I thought the zoo was going to be really big. That being said there were a large range of animals for us to see, from big cats, monkeys, penguins, reptiles and fish.  Being that I freak out if a moth flies anywhere near me, I was keen to go into the butterfly house. Even though all these pretty butterflies were flying around I was still screeching like the loser I am terrified that one was going to fly into my face! A guy who was behind us decided it would be funny to tell me one of the larger butterflies was on my back!! Not cool man! Not cool!

My favourite part of the zoo has to be the meercats. They are just so darn cute! The photograph above is Theodore. He became my friend...well he didn't, but he was the one that caught my eye. He was a little chubbier than the other meercats and was just sat there watching the world go by while the others ran around in the enclosure. He was adorable and I will have to go back to say hello again!

It was nice to take a day out and do something fun with Shelley. We've already discussed me going to visit her again and take advantage of one of the other attractions which are part of the 2 for 1 deal. I do think the key is to try and get to the places at opening time or as close to. Then you can beat the heavy crowds and be done  by the early afternoon! :-)

Have you been to London Zoo before?

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