Review : Primark Beauty, Natural Look false eyelashes.

Wednesday, 4 September 2013


I'm not a big lashes wearer. The only time I've really dabbled with them was for my Hen do & Wedding day, and that was because my sister (who wears them daily) was there to help me apply them. On both of these occassions I was complimented on my eyes, so I thought fake eyelashes may not be that bad at all. Still being a bit of a noob at applying I thought I would just go get some cheap pairs to try out for a while and then go onto other brands once I've mastered the skill.

This is why I headed to Primark, at £1 a pair you cant say no, they do these Natural look false eyelashes and also a more glamorous party lashes. Perfect for someone who needs to practice! There's no point going out and spending £5+ on eyelashes if you aren't sure you are going to get along with them. Now I admit I used a different glue to the one provided with the lashes (It was one from the eyelure ones I wore on our wedding day if anyone is interested!) However, the eyelashes themselves are okay quality. They are a bit flimsy I admit, but if you just want to add a little bit of length and volume to your lashes on a daily basis for work I think these would be perfect. For me the length is perfect. I see some people wearing false eyelashes and I just think they are too long & obvious. These for me are perfect for daily wear.

For now I'll stick with using these eyelashes until I perfect the skill of applying them! It's nice to dabble in falsies every so often to give your eyes a bit of a wow factor! 

Have you tried any of the lashes from Primark, or maybe you have a favourite brand you are loyal to?
(I'm tempted to buy these Bargainous eyelashes from ebay and give them a go!)
 Let me know in the comments! 

Much love.