Saturday Spending #3

Saturday, 28 September 2013


It was payday yesterday, it wont be long till I've made a few cheeky purchases online. I cant help it, money burns a hole in my pocket! 
Not that I need a new coat at all, (I have two in my wardrobe plus numerous leather jackets). I cant help but lust after the biker style jackets that are around in the shops at the moment, most of the ones Ive seen are mainly black, so i like how this one is a little different from the grey.

I want to get a few new skater dresses for work. They are so easy to style and perfect to just throw on when youre in a rush each morning! I think theres a similar dress to this one in Primark, however it doesnt have the sheer panel at the bottom which i think is a nice little feature. I spotted the polar bear jumper on the dorothy perkins website and just couldnt resist featuring it. It's just so cute and not too in your face for a novelty jumper! 

What have you got your eye on recently? 

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