Beauty : Handbag Essentials.

Monday, 28 October 2013

I have a lot of handbags which are constantly on rotation. I like to switch up what I carry around with me every so often, but there are a couple of beauty bits that I stick to no matter what bag I'm carrying with me. 

Kirby grips/Bobby Pins. 
Whatever you prefer to call them. These are a firm staple in my handbag. Whether they are neatly stored on a bit of cardboard or floating around in the depths of my handbag, I will always have a few of these to hand. They are great for a quick hair style change - my go to styles are two plaits pinned at the back, or using a couple to tame a topknot! I'm sure you will all agree that bobby pins just vanish, so its best to have at least one set in your handbag..another in you make up bag... some more on your I need to go on? 

Lip Balm. 
Without fail I will always have a lipbalm in my handbag. No one wants dry lips. With the weather changing, and the heating being turned back on. Now is the time that your lips may start to suffer. Therefore it's best to have one to hand at all times! Just like the bobby pins I think its best to have multiple balms scattered all over the place! 

Anti Bacterial Hand Gel. 
I'm not germaphobic but it is nice to have anti bac in your bag. I don't often use public transport but its nice to have it just in case you do, you don't want to catch anything by grabbing the rail on the bus! I like to have the nice scented ones, so I pop over to Ebay and get myself some from Bath & Bodyworks! 

Perfume Samples 
 I always have some form of fragrance in my bag whether it be a body mist or perfume. Recently I have been mixing it up a bit and trying to use up the multiple perfume samples I have accumulated. It's great as I can try out a new scent on a daily basis. They don't take up as much room as my regular perfume bottles do. Plus I don't have to worry too much about them breaking in my bag!

Nail File 
I always have a nail file to hand. There's nothing worse than breaking/snagging a nail and not being able to file it down or back into shape! My current nail file of choice is the StyleFile* First seen on The Apprentice thanks to Tom Pellerau, I never really though having a curved nail file would make a differece but it really does! It's great at helping you keep your nails in a good shape. You also have choice between using the rough or smoother side of the file depending on how strong your nails are.

What are your Handbag beauty essentials? 

Much love, 


  1. I always make sure I have a nail file on hand too! Nothing worse than snapping a nail and having to leave it looking all haggard! x

    Gemma // DuggyDimples

  2. Great post, I love Burt's Bees! x

  3. I've tried to get perfume samples and shops are reluctant to give them to me. Is there anywhere you would recommend to try and get some xx

  4. I adore that Bulgari perfume sample, used all of mine up and I'm too poor for the full size now! Really must pick up some anti-bac gel - commuter life is awful hahah. xx

  5. The Stylefile is a such a fab little invention.
    I carry loads of perfume samples in my handbag too :)

  6. I love the Style File! It's amazing :) x

  7. Love all these essentials! I really need to invest in a style file they look so good :D



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