Exercise & getting that confidence boost.

Friday, 11 October 2013


I go through phases with exercise. Sometimes I'm on it like a boss, doing the blogilates calendar, going to the gym (if I have a membership at the time) and making an effort to 'power walk' to and from work, and other times I'm just lazy and do nothing at all! I am one of these people that gets a bit paranoid when I do exercise. I worry way too much about what others think of me. It's one of my bad traits. I worry far too much. That being said, and as materialistic as it sounds, if I'm wearing something I like, I get a little confidence boost.

I recently joined a new gym. One that is around the corner from me so I have no excuses! It's always a little daunting walking into that sort of environment. With all the fitness enthusiasts decked out in the latest fitness gear, and little old me strolling in. Now I don't like to draw too much attention to myself when I'm in the gym, so the neon crop and vest tops are pushed to the side, however I dont mind a splash of neon here or there! 

 You may remember I bought some bright pink Nike trainers from their outlet store in Swindon earlier on in the year. Well I have a new addition now and they are the Nike Flex speed running trainers* These beat my bright pink ones, hands down in the comfort stakes. They are so comfortable and light, I really don't feel like I am wearing any trainers at all! It's such a bizarre sensation. If I'm feeling particularly 'on it' I also throw on my zaggora vivas and hot top. These are in a bright blue shade so I do actually wear another pair of black leggings over the top to cover them (if you have followed me for a while you will know about the er...sweat issue with having zaggoras in a light colour!) When I'm all kitted out like this, I feel a little more confident and ready for a good workout at the gym/blogilates session! I actually look like I should belong on the gym and not as out of place!

My Current playlist for the gym is actually just an album I downloaded from spotify. The Workout Mix 2013. I sometimes create my own playlists, but recently I just haven't had time to sit down and put one together! I always listen to fast paced, dance style music when working out. I feel it makes me work harder!

What do you wear to workout, are you like me and need that little boost of confidence when heading into a gym?

Much Love, 


  1. Oh they are lovely! Maybe if I get myself a nice new pair of trainers it will inspire me to get outside and go running again! I'll check out your playlist too! :)

    Shelley x x

  2. I definitely feel the same way re confidence at the gym, if I'm wearing a new 'gym look' I feel much more confident working out!

    Elizabeth x


  3. Yep I'm definitely the same.
    My gym workout is all kitted out in blacks and pinks which makes me feel much more confident, as lame as that sounds! Unfortunately I don't have a gym out here but I did an intense few weeks at the gym just before moving to Paris and immediately picked up walking to and from uni every day and attempting the six flights of stairs up and down to my apartment whenever I convince myself to skip the lift haha! So hopefully I'm getting somewhere with this weight loss/toning business!

    Thank you for this post :) it's so nice to know I'm not alone in this, haha! Just had a look at some of your other posts too and will definitely be giving you a follow now :D keep in touch!!

    www.lanouvellenoire.com xxx

  4. I saw your tweet about leaving a nice comment if you enjoy a post so here I am leaving one! I love this post because I've just got back into the gym and had to get some new gym kit to make sure I go and feel confident while I'm there! Lovely post and blog, following :) xxx


  5. I'm really funny about what I wear, I used to think I needed to sexualise myself a little being the only girl in a blokes gym ( well 1 of like 5) so I'd always want a padded sports bra and a bit of boob on show, but now I literally just wear whatevers comfy and practical- worrying about a boob falling out during a plank is NOT fun!

    LOVE your trainers though, I've got a soft spot for nikes- especially the flex's they're thick enough for classes ( bar spinning) but thin enough for weights.



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