Getting Ready for Autumn.

Friday, 4 October 2013


It's October, now we can officially say it's autumn! Wayhey! I do like autumn, it's that inbetween stage, where summer has officially left us, but Christmas is just around the corner. Yes I'm excited about Christmas already! It's always the time when I re evaluate my wardrobe, dig out the jumpers, put away the summer shorts and buy a few new things to add in! 

It seems a bit of a thing for me to purchase a new coat each A/W I cant help myself. I have my coats from the past 2 years in my wardrobe that would be perfectly fine to use for another season, but I just cant help myself. I don't own a black coat, so I was on the hunt for one. A lot of people were talking about how Primark had come up with some brilliant coats this season so I decided to pop along and have a look. After trying on various different styles (and coming to the conclusion that wearing a parka just makes me look like I've got a sleeping bag wrapped around me) I opted for this fitted biker style one. Biker style coats seem to be the 'in' thing at the moment, they are everywhere. The main reason I was drawn to this particular one was the cut. It's a very flattering fitted shape, and I just love how it goes out like a skirt at the bottom. For £25 I couldn't leave it on the shelf! It had to be mine! 

Another item I always buy each A/W are new scarves and gloves. Every year I manage to loose my gloves in some way or another - I'm actually yet to purchase some new ones to keep my hands warm on my walk to work, however I have got myself a fancy new scarf. Usually I hop along to primark and pick up a snood of some sorts, however this year I wanted to be different. To treat myself. So that is why I went to accessorize and got myself the "Suzie Scarf".   I've been wanting to embrace the tartan trend somehow, and I felt this was the most appropriate way to do it without being too 'in your face'.  It's so warm and snuggly. I do want it to get a little colder so I can justify wearing it out! 

Finally, an item that will divide people I'm sure... The Classic Chestnut short UGG boot* Now I've never owned a pair of (real) UGG's before. I've always opted for the slightly cheaper brands (but not as cheap as Primarks own!)  because I never thought they would be worth the price they are. However wearing these in comparison to the pairs I've had before, it's no wonder these are so popular. The quality does effect the price, and I understand why people pay the price they do for the brand. They are SO comfortable, my feet are so snug and I know by the time it gets really cold I wont need to be doubling up my socks to keep my feet warm! Obviously not everyone likes this particular style, which is why UGG Australia have brought out other styles of boots and shoes. Some of which I don't think you would even know they were UGG unless you looked really closely! My particular favourites are the Esplanade boots and the Alloway Exotic flats in Cheetah!

Have you starting buying things for your A/W wardrobe? What have you got, let me know in the comments :-)

Much Love,