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Wednesday, 23 October 2013

I've got profiles on many different platforms. All of which are good places to interact with me/the blog so I thought I would  put them all together in one blog post to share the various ways you can keep up to date with everything! 

In some cases there are some alternative way's to give feedback on my blog posts other than physically commenting on the post. I'll go through those as I come to to them!



Bloglovin - LINK!

I personally use Bloglovin to follow blogs. It's also a great place to find new blogs to follow. I'm always checking out the Popular posts, and searching through the up and coming lists in all categories!
The one thing I do like about Bloglovin' is how you can 'Like' a blog post. Sometimes I read posts on the go on my phone and dont have time to leave a comment. If this is the case I will 'like' the post so it shows the blog author that I enjoyed what they wrote! It's a quick and easy way to give them some feedback! I'm not sure if many people knew this was an option, so I thought I'd mention it. 


Twitter - LINK! 

I use twitter for a lot of things. Interacting with friends and readers of my blog.  Promoting blog links. Interacting with brands. Having a rant or sharing something I've seen online & liked.
I tweet a lot. You will find me constantly checking my twitter feed. If you want a question answered quickly regarding a blog post, or anything really. Sending me a tweet will be the quickiest way to get an answer from me!


Pinterest - LINK! 

Pinterest was created for all the procrastinators out there. A lot of the time I am meant to be doing something important, but instead you will find me on my phone or I Pad just pinning away! I have a selection of boards, from style inspiration, food, blog things and home decor. The possibilities are endless! Using Pinterest a good way to drive traffic to your blog, pinning images from your posts. Pinners may repin your images, and if people decide to check out the source of the image, you'll gain traffic to your blog! It's a great way to share other peoples images that you have liked on their blogs too! Share the love guys, share the love!

You may have noticed at the end of my blog posts there's a little 'Pin it' button. If you've liked my post and want to share it. Just click that and you will be taken straight to your boards on pinterest!


Instagram - LINK!

 I wouldn't say I am an Instagram addict, and I dont use it as much as some bloggers do, however it is a nice way to share things with my blog readers, whether it be what I am up to, days out, products or items I've purchased. It's just fun to use. I love using the filters to change the way the photographs look too. #nofilter haha Thats a rare one!


Facebook - LINK! 

I've recently tried to use my blog's facebook page a little more. :-)

Rather than  it just being a page of  links to my blog posts, I am trying to provide different content on that platform. I share photos that dont make it onto my twitter or instagram feeds. Link to products I've found online which I am lusting after. I also share the blog posts and videos of other bloggers/vloggers I am enjoying. Basically My blogs facebook page is a little place to see some behind the scenes action of what it takes for me to 'run' my blog, and a  place for me to share with everyone bits of the internet that have caught my eye!
Liking images & links as well as leaving comments on the facebook page is a great way to interact with me. Whether you just want to chat or ask a question about something in particular. Maybe you have suggestions for blog posts, or there's a product you've seen in one of my photos you'd like to see a review on. Just use the facebook wall to let me know and I can action your request!


So there you have it, a couple of different ways to keep up to date with Leanne-Marie.com and also ways you can have a stalk of my life! If you have done a post similar linking the different platforms you can be found. Dont hesitate to leave it in the comments! 

Much Love,

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  1. I think I already follow you everywhere, but I'll double check just in case! : )

    - Elodie x



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