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Monday, 18 November 2013


For a while now I have wanted to make some additions to my make-up brush collection. I have a few of the Real Techniques brushes and a couple of eye brushes that have come from sets, but never really a 'full set'. After reading Hannahs blog post about some Ebay Dupes, I decided to have a look to see if I could get myself any makeup brush sets for an affordable price too.
I had a bit of a browse I came across two sets which I knew I had to purchase. One a face set extremely similar to the Sigma Kabuki and Precision sets but at a fraction of the price! The other a great 7 piece eyeshadow set with a fair few blending brushes that would keep me happy!

The 8 piece synthetic face set was such a bargain at just under £12 including postage! (£1.50 per brush!) As you can see the make up brushes do resemble a few of the popular ones from Sigma Brushes but for a fraction of the price. I do own the Sigma F80 Kabuki which is great at buffing in foundation so I thought it would be interesting to compare.  In this set you get 4 kabuki brushes and then 4 precision brushes. Use the brushes how you like, but I like to use the round and flat kabukis for foundation. The angled kabuki to apply cream blushers or to contour. Finally the tapered kabuki is great for under the eyes. The tapered end makes it easy to get into the little corners!

These particular Ebay brushes are very soft, and are not as dense as the sigma one I own. You do have to work a little harder to blend your foundation in, but this doesn't really bother me that much. None of these brushes have shed at all which is a big bonus for me. It's always a bit of a worry if you buy cheaper brushes on ebay, but these have been fine! I have a couple of bare minerals brushes that I don't even use anymore purely because I was covered in little brush hairs after every use! - Even after washing them multiple times! 

The precision brushes are 4 great brushes to have in your collection. The flat and tapered precision brushes are brilliant for concealer. They blend it in really well. I've been trying to get into the habit of contouring my face properly so the angled precision has been a great help when it comes to slimming my nose! I havent used the rounded precision brush much but apparently its good to apply a base to your eyes, so I'll be trying that out with a primer or cream base product soon. 


One of the main reasons for purchasing the 7 piece eye brush set was for the selection of blending brushes. I have a lot of brushes that pack the eyeshadow on the lid, but only a a couple of blending brushes, so it was about time I got myself one.. or a few. The main thing that caught my attention with this particular set were how similar some of the brushes looked compared to a few Mac favourites.
Now I wish I could rush out and buy the more expensive versions of these brushes but my bank balance just wont allow that. Instead I am happy with this little selection that only set me back just under £13 with postage. (approx £1.80 per brush)  If you are wondering why they are numbered in the above photograph, that isn't me trying to be cool, they actually do have numbers on their handles. They are from a brand called 'Emily' apparently. I've never heard of them before! I had a bit of a google and it appears that they are a brand that creates affordable makeup brushes! There isn't much information really!

The two eyeliner brushes are synthetic whereas all the others are wool. I thought I would let you know this in case you have a preference as to what your brushes are made of. I have really enjoyed using these to apply my eye make-up. Just like the face brushes I purchased they are really soft and not scratchy at all.  There hasn't been any shedding either, so far so good! Obviously over time with constant use the quality of them may suffer but for now I am pretty happy having a nice little collection of brushes that didn't break the bank at all!  They are shipped from China so you do have to wait a little bit for delivery, I think I waited just under 2 weeks for mine to arrive. Obviously it will vary depending on where you live! 

So what do you think? Will you be purchasing these brushes to add to your collection?

Buy the 8 piece face set here 
Buy the 7 piece eye set here

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