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Friday, 1 November 2013

I've got my coat, my scarf and my winter boots. Now all I need to do is stock up on some snug jumpers (Or sweatshirts to you folk across the pond) I'm always on the hunt for items that would be work appropriate, but also something that I can wear outside of the office. As I am constantly browsing online at clothes, recently Very has caught my eye. They've currently got some really great pieces online for A/W. One day maybe I'll have two separate wardrobes for work and play, but currently they have to overlap a bit! The grey heart print, and peplum style jumpers would be perfect for the office, I don't have a very strict policy on uniform at work, which has it's advantages! I don't have to stick to plain boring office wear! Always a plus!  Paired with black trousers or skirts these would be perfect. Once I've got Christmas out of the way - Yes I am already shopping for gifts - I plan to have a big wardrobe overhaul, & will hopefully create two 'wardrobes' one for work and one for play!

When it comes to the weekend - woohoo. I usually stick to more colourful pieces. I love how the cable knit jumper has been styled with the denim shirt, something I definitely will be doing in the near future.Sweatshirts are a winter must have - oh check me out getting all American on you, clearly watching too many Youtubers from the big USA.-  They are a key piece for layering!  I much prefer dressing in this season compared to summer! Combining dresses with knitwear and jackets, whacking on your primark cosy tights and your new boots. 

Which do you prefer dressing in S/S or in A/W?

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  1. I love the heart printed jumper - would look nice tucked into a high waisted skirt too :)

    Helen x

  2. 3 and 4 are my favourites! I love wearing comfy knitwear in Autumn/Winter.

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