Life : Date nights & Yummy Food

Friday, 8 November 2013


So last weekend was a bit of a good one for me, On the Friday evening Tom and I hopped on the train and headed to Reading. I was recently contacted asking if I would like to go along to Handmade Burger Co to try out some new items on the menu. Who would say no to that? If there were burgers to be eaten I knew I would have a happy husband! For those of you local to Reading, the restaurant is located along from The Oracle shopping centre on the Riverside. Right at the end in fact along from the cinema. We had a table booked for 8pm, which I was really pleased about at the que was out the door! Great first impressions though as this was a sign the food had to be good!

Tom was eager to try the new Sliders ; 3 mini beef or chicken burgers. Tom went for chicken which included, chilli, cheese & bacon and barbeque flavours. I admit they did look really yummy! I wouldn't even say they were 'mini' burgers either they were a decent size to fill you up! Being a fussy mare I went for the Peri Peri chicken skewers, which were so nice and not too spicy at all. These are more of a side dish, so you only get 3 bits of chicken, Thinking about it, I should have asked if they could chuck on a few extra as it was being classed as my main. That's one great thing about the place, if you are a pain in the bum when it comes to food ie, ME. You can tailor your dish to suit you, remove certain ingredients or add extras. Like if I wanted a burger Id go for literally the meat and bread & they would do that for you (in fact they did when i went back on the Sunday with Tabitha)  I'm a plain jane when it comes to burgers I am afraid!

I apologise if the above photo of a bowl of chips has now made you hungry but OH MY GOD you need to get your bum down to your local restaurant and try these out! They are so nice! The burgers do not come with chips, but the prices are so reasonable that we didn't have a problem with paying extra for them. The best way to describe these would be... Think chip shop chips but without the grease. They are nice and crunchy on the outside but soft and fluffy inside. nomnomnom I'm so hungry looking at that photo so I am sure you are too!

Another new addition to the menu are their handmade shakes & Malts. Both Tom and I opted for the Premium shakes. Tom went for butterscotch and I went for Oreo cookie. They both come in a large silver cup and a wide straw so you can get all the little bits of oreo out! - or you can opt for a spoon, whichever you prefer - We were informed later on from the manager Adam that there are 2 scoops of icecream in the milkshakes! - no wonder we were so full up!

In regards to the service at the Reading branch, I cannot fault it. Even though they were clearly having a very busy night, people queing at the door were not left waiting long for their tables nor their food, once their orders had been placed. All food arrived piping hot and the waiting staff were on constant alert if anyone needed anything. (I made a note to 'people watch with purpose' when we were there!)
I highly recommend this restaurant if you are looking for a new burger place to check out. There's a branch opening in a few weeks in Wembley, and others are soon to follow in the south. The company is slowly branching out across the UK so hopefully there is or will be one near you soon!

Have you been to Handmade Burger Co before?

Much Love,