Rediscovering Beauty faves #6

Monday, 25 November 2013

It's not been long since I shared with my my current makeup favourites. The other week I decided to sit down and have a proper rummage through all my makeup and see if there were any gems hidden that I had forgotten about... The answer is yes, yes there were... I haven't put together a rediscovering beauty faves post for a while so I thought it was time for another. 

Recently I've been finding myself typing in the words 'contour/highlight' into the Youtube search bar a fair bit. With dreams of looking as chiseled as a Kardashian I've been looking for the best routine to follow and products to use. Cream bronze/contour shades are a favourite, so I've been using my Soleil tan de Chanel with a small angled brush to try and create some form of definition/cheek bones on my face. I will get there with practice, soon people will be asking if I am the 6th Kardashian sister...

I thought this was a limited edition paint pot, however I did spy it on a Mac counter in Guildford yesterday with Tabitha and Lizzie so you may still be able to buy it. Vintage selection is a very pretty champagne shimmer similar to bare study but slightly more peachy. I've heard that Benefits creaseless cream shadow in RSVP  is a good alternative too if you cant get hold of this. It's a great colour to just sweep on your eyes for quick everyday shimmer look. These dark mornings make it hard to wake up so anything that doesn't take forever to apply in the morning is a plus in my books! 

Bobbi Brown Sparkle Eyeshadow 'Mica' £22.00
I bought this a while back on impulse when I was with Charli. Thinking about it I couldn't believe I spent £22 on an eyeshadow that I havent touched for MONTHS. So I was determined to start using it more. It's described online as a heather grey/slightly taupe shade however I find the ligthest dusting of this adds just that extra bit of sparkle. I've recently been applying it on top of Vintage Selection and it just looks SO pretty! If I want the grey/taupe shade to come through, I pack it on my eyelids with just a eyeshadow primer on. Some would probably keep this as a 'night out' eyeshadow due to the sparkle nature of it, but I've had so many compliments when I've worn it, it's currently a firm staple in the daytime makeup bag!

Have you re discovered any products you forgot you had recently?

Much Love, 


  1. Beautiful photos as always, I hear Bobbi Brown is finally coming to my country so I'm super excited to try some of their things. x

    Živa from Nothin' Fancy. Really.

  2. Great photos, really good review xx

  3. Love the idea of this post! Rediscovering previously loved products is a great way of appreciating more of your stash. I recently bought the Chanel bronzer and it's so versatile and such a great product that really performs.

  4. Soleil Tan De Soleil is such a beauty - I feel like I NEED to ad it to my collection!

    lillies and lipbalm


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