Review : 1D Our Moment Eau De Parfum

Wednesday, 6 November 2013


If you had said to me a couple of weeks ago I would have the 1D Our Moment perfume* in my possession I would have laughed at you. Not being a 1D fan, I didn't pay much attention to the release of their perfume when it was launched in August. However after attending the Debenhams press day and spritzing some of the perfume on myself. I can honestly say that I actually really like it! 

The first thing that struck me with Our Moment was the packaging was how pretty and girly it was. I would actually like the box it comes in if it didn't have the boys faces on if I am honest! The pale pink with grey roses is very pretty. The perfume bottle itself is clearly marketed for young girls. A Princess-esque style bottle with the crown and tulle lid. I admit, it's not the sort of perfume bottle a 25 year old would have on her dresser, however for their target market, I feel they have hit the nail on the head! 

As a fan of sweet smelling perfumes, this one does not disappoint. I'm not the best at describing scents and what notes are in them so I am going to have to refer to the press release for this part! - Hey I'm just being honest! The top notes are Pink grapefruit, wild berries and redcurrants. Followed by Jasmine petals, Fresh Freesia and Frangipani, it also has some undertones of warm musk which include Sheer woods and White Patchoili. The true test was spraying it and waiting for Tom to make a comment. As soon as I walked up to him he came out with 'Oh you smell really nice!' Safe to say he was shocked to hear that it was a One Direction fragrance I was wearing!

With Christmas on the horizon I can imagine there will be teenage girls across the country popping this on their gift lists. Like most of the other perfumes that are available there are a couple of different gift sets available to purchase. 

Even though this a celebrity endorsed fragrance, I do really like the scent and dare I say it... I could see myself purchasing a replacement when my gifted bottle runs out! Rather than purchasing it online and going in blind, I would say it is one of those perfumes you need to go and have a spritz of in store. Especially if you care about the scent and not whether its from a boy band! If you are anything like me and had it set in your mind that you wouldn't like it "because its One Direction" you'll probably be pleasantly surprised when you smell it! 

Have you tried 'Our Moment' from One direction?

Much Love,